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Brainly Homework Help & Solver

Brainly Homework Help & Solver

Brainly, Inc

Get homework answers & explanations for math, physics, history, SAT and more!

431K+ Reviews 10M+
  • 92% positive reviews
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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

8.3% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by A Google user



    by Goulddcs

    I like this app, I really do. But there is a major problem. I posted a question and for some reason it posted MULTIPLE TIMES! The question was worth a lot of points and because of this I lost a bunch of points and still have not got an answer to my question. Another thing is you can not delete the posts. Since it posted multiple times, I wanted to delete them. But I could not, because there is not a delete button. And when you answer a question there isn’t a delete button either, (or an edit button) so you can’t do anything if you made an mistake in your answer. One other problem is when people just answer your question for the free points. Other then that, it’s a pretty nice app. I hope they fix these issues soon, because they are extremely frustrating. 😡🤯

  • by parth dhami

    i am advising you wisely that pls use brainly app,when you require and when you are free from studies,jobs,exams,etceter... otherwise you will lose your invaluable time for this fuc*ing ass app during my board exams I uninstalled free fire, Instagram, Facebook, etc but this app wasted my time about 3-4 hours for this worst app and I didn't prepared well for my exams, so I please request you to don't download this app good for studies help but worst for time consuming

  • by Sera Daniel

    dear friends u can download this app , but you won't be able to answer any of the qns as the moderators will delete ur answers and As for the answers for your questions, don't expect any useful answers. u rarely get good answers.Whom have you appointed as the moderators? They are really frustrating. Deleting our answers which are correct and that which is not copied from any website and posting their own answers. Really fed up with this app. Earlier, there were no problems as such.

  • by sreelatha bethi


  • by A Google user

    it ok but it does not show you the work and my teacher gets mad and says where it the work and i have to do my stupid homework at recess

  • Awful

    by woops what

    One of the worst apps i have ever downloaded. It won’t let me put a password, meaning if I delete the app I’ll loose he acc forever and won’t be able to use the same name. I never get my questions answered and when I do it’s a person commenting nonsense. I’m homeschooled and I was excited for this app. It’s a waste of time, I help other people yet I can’t get any help myself, at least have the moderators answer questions that haven’t been answered for a very long time, instead of having them delete every post I post. I’ve lost lots of points and time from this app. Useless and awful. There is also a lot of lag. I’m using an iPad mini 4. I’m uninstalling it.

  • It’s ok

    by CarlosTheReviewer04

    This app is ok I would say there’s a 50% chance your question will get answered before 24 hours. However if you post a question with a picture some people will answer to please take another picture because it’s blurry just to get the points from the question. I reported this because my picture wasn’t blurry at all and instead of taking down that answer and taking the points back the whole question got deleted. Stuff like this needs to be fixed period.

  • bts

    by xxLadiesMan44xX

    This app is a bit wack. Not even a bit, a lot. It took away ALL my points for some reason, and I was back to 1 point. I posted a question, it probably posted it too many times. Not only did I keep losing points, my questions weren’t popping up. I was struggling so badly on a math problem and I couldn’t get any help. But hey, this app doesn’t really help at all right?

  • Great app, until I was suspended for nothing

    by hgeewqqqweerrrttyyuuiioopp

    Generated over 250 points with all personally written, helpful and lengthy responses until I was eventually cussed out by a user called User777 and was then (presumably) reported by said user and suspended because he didn’t like me for whatever reason. (I used Google Translate to translate his Romanian messages and discovered that he had been cursing me out and making comments about my mother and blowjobs).

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Moos Sick

    Some users are arrogant and some individuals delete my answers... the community of brainly is getting toxic. Lastly some people use this app to do their whole homework because of their laziness and some ask questions that needed common sense.

  • by A Google user

    Ridiculous app

  • by Tanuja Joshi

    it just deleting my answers without any valueable reason... I m fed up with this

  • need more answers........…......…......…........….........…

    by Donaldcalonge

    Need to give me more answers to the homework and school work...................………….............,............................,,....,....

  • Search engine within the app doesn’t work!

    by Ezzznok

    Fix it, request time out keeps showing up and search engine doesn’t show any results. I have to write the question on google and then it transfers me to the app.

  • Scammed

    by withlove21

    Paid for the Brainly plus subscription and I am not able to access that. It’s still saying I have the basic plan and I have tried contacting them several times but get no response! Do not trust this app! Don’t get scammed into paying $24 for the plus version! Contacting my credit card to get my money back today!!!

  • Still waiting

    by àyo

    It’s a very good app very useful the only thing is I paid 25 dollars for the premium and it says I have no account with them but yet they still sent me an email thanking me for the purchase and they haven’t emailed me back to help me what’s so ever

  • Error

    by Nigba69

    Why do I keep getting the Expected Status Code (200-299) Got 403?

  • Bad app

    by gixtixjcotigu

    I tried to take a picture of my question and the crops the question out I hate this app

  • Great App, But..

    by Hyp3JinxGaming

    Yeah, you can get answers off of it, but if one turns out wrong, you probably won’t be able to tell people because you’ll get a screen that says ‘answer is too old’ so you can’t warn others, which leads to a long chain of wrong answers, this needs to be fixed.

  • “Error 403”

    by Ted, Alg. 1; WOW. JUST WOW.

    App rarely opens & says i’ve encountered “Error 403”. It gives me the one option of tapping “TRY AGAIN” which just loads for half a second, does nothing, then returns to its initial “TRY AGAIN” state. This cycle infinitely repeats itself regardless of my internet connectivity. I NEED to see this fixed. It renders your (otherwise brilliant) app COMPLETELY USELESS.

  • Not useful

    by 💕Deisy💕

    I needed answers and i even gave answers but nobody helped me at all and failed my test thanks guys 🙄

  • Scam

    by jaenon19


  • Wrong

    by emmy0817

    This app only works half of the time I had to find a answer the answers are always wrong


    by ummmmm....,..,,.

    It’s a good app for answers! But when you have to add a pic or take one it freezes and won’t let me submit it! There’s nothing wrong with my device because I just got it a week ago.

  • Not all answers are right!

    by Cbuttons237

    These kids are using this to get answers and it is at most 30% right! So if these kids are depending on this app beware!

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Brainly Homework Help & Solver

Brainly Homework Help & Solver

4.7 431K+ Reviews