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Boom Boom Football

Boom Boom Football

Hothead Games

Get in the game and lead your team to victory with Boom Boom Football!

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65% Positive Reviews

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  • Awesome Football Game

    by Young Kim

    The game used to be very unbalanced. Probablity was not on your side. After the update, that changed. Probablity is WAY better and the game WAY more fun. I still think it could use further tweaking though. I also think the rewards in this game are a WAY better than most cell phone games too. Only reason it didn't have 5 stars is because I still loose a bit too many favorable match ups.

  • Great game, needs improvements

    by Will

    I love the game, but there are some thing I'd really like to see such as: -Ability to trade with friends. -Fix tickets glitch (when you earn tickets through the daily tasks, it doesn't give you anything if you alread y have 10/10, should be like 15/10). -There has to be more boom bowls. The game really used to get me playing everyday but now that all the bowls are done, there's not much to do.

  • A New Personal Favorite

    by Tustp 420

    This game is GREAT. it has a cool soundtrack, something I'm not used to in a mobile game. As a foot ball game, the system is easy to pick up, decent players are easy to come by with a little work, and it has a competitive feel. I get a little rush when i hit that field goal in over time. Also, and I think, most Importantly, its a game that's win-able, for free. Definitely a must play 10/5 stars.

  • Help me pls

    by Thirsty Fatso

    I really love this game but everytime add pops up and when it ends, it takes sometime (like 1min)to be back ingame, its like all black screen but the sound is on. After sometime its all cool no problems, but it stops. Like i get ready to play next game and it stopes, which is counted as loss. Plssss help mee

  • Love the improvements but...

    by Just Logan

    I have loved it but it is getting boring, I have bought player packs soooo many times but only have gotten one platinum and a couple golds. And once you finish the bowl games there is not much to do, all you can do once you have played the bowl is wait for tickets so you can play in the event and I have waited for so long and barley moved any in the positions, so plz add more campionships to play.😊

  • Very good game

    by Allan Johnston

    But 1 major problem,my tablet keeps saying sync error and then I lose games and I didn't even get to play them...its taking away my score, a few games every now and then...please fix your issues with your server..nobody wants to spend hard earned money on a game that keeps taking away from you

  • CRASH!!!!

    by Apple Valley Taxi

    Needs to stop crashing in the middle of game. Playing a 10 game contest and am 0-3 because the game crashes and I get a loss. Does this sound like fun? Don't think I'll play the other 7. Glad I didn't spend any money for this.

  • Game review

    by Shane Moctee

    Keeps on crashing every now and there. The game play is redundant, same actions and cinematic. Getting gold is tedious unless you agree to pay up. Upgrading players is tough. Gets boring over time.

  • Game needs improvement

    by SplashTechFromYT

    i like the game very much its challenging and had a good graphics but sometimes it unfortunately stop/force close and disconnect even in high signal wifi. It really ruin my play. Plz fix those bugs and server errors 😁

  • by Marty Coffman

    I think the coward who created this app or whoever I communicated with is a cheater on some power trip. You build your team, make them stronger only to lose more often by having to face teams u have NO CHANCE to beat. At least that's how he has treated my team. Get a team, just don't speak your mind or you're targeted.

  • by Avion Craig

    This has to have a little bit more to it than catching the ball and kicking field goals. I like it if u controlled the person , I would give five but fix that first I gave 4 for support

  • Ok game, but poor customer service

    by Ronald Donehue

    This is a decent game. It's fun and challenging and not too hard, but don't waste your time trying to get any assistance from the developers if you have any issues with the game. The game has an option to earn gold by downloading other apps, joining clubs etc.. I downloaded a game and was supposed to receive 300 in gold. I never received it so I attempted to contact the developer and I've not heard back from anyone yet. I guess you get what got pay for, and this is a free app.

  • Kinda lame....

    by Bruce Whipple

    I love the game, it awsome but I can't login to Facebook to save my game and I have good cards that I'd like to save and I keep losing gold for some odd reason. Will rate 5 star if I can login to Facebook, help please.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Jordan Williamson


  • by Terrance Islar

    Awesome Game probly needs a new update

  • by A Google user

    wow suuuuuuuuuuuuper game in the world👌

  • by A Google user

    great game when I'm bored

  • by A Google user


  • by A Google user

    it is cool

  • by A Google user

    awesome game

  • by Tim, Sammi, Staci Kerber


  • by A Google user

    because its soo easy

  • by A Google user

    i love this game

  • by A Google user

    cool ass game 😀😀😀🙂😙😏🤗☺😉😏😊☺😉😉😉 random emojis

  • by A Google user


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Boom Boom Football

Boom Boom Football

4.1 26K+ Reviews

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