BitLife - Life Simulator

BitLife - Life Simulator

Candywriter, LLC

A super fun life simulator where YOU control what happens with your choices!

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A super fun life simulator where YOU control what happens with your choices!
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  • Just one little detail the game needs from my point of view Mar 31, 2020

    By pepppppapig;-;oinnkkkk
    This won’t take long to read I was just playing the new update and everything which is totally amazing. And this is one of my favorite games! But every once in awhile I say I wish you could do this or I wish it had this. And I never think to come and say it on here. But what I’m getting at is I think there should be more things with your children. Not many, but these are your children we are talking about. And I think that like if you don’t want to just get rid of your child and them just disappear in the game (for what happens when you put them up for adoption) the game should have like a choice for like giving the other parent full custody (if your not with them) or even grandparents. It might be stupid and small just to put on here but it’s just small stuff like this that I would like to see more improvements on. For example how you can design your own scenario, I think you should let us add our own scenarios in our own game. And even add the scenarios more throughout your life. Also with custom people, now with god mode you can design your people and stuff, you should make it where you just design what they look like so when you create your custom people they appear in your game you don’t have to recreate their looks every time. If you read this I hope you take into consideration of my thoughts, they may be stupid but I tried to help. And I may have lied this looks longer than I thought it was gonna be😂
  • Jul 3, 2020

    By Dylan Brown
    This is a 5 star game! It's a more ambitious version of Alter Ego a classic text based game from the 80's. My only issue is the bugs. I'm sure they will be fixed but I paid to be a "bitizen" and it doesn't recognize it. Also paid for God mode it works in some instances but it doesn't allow me to start a new life with the character I've created, the button is there but it doesn't work. Once these issues are fixed this app is truly a 5 star gem.
  • What I think the game needs Oct 9, 2019

    By Rames James
    For the game I suggest that we get to be able to play sports professionally and also I like what u did with instagram so I think we should expand that idea and create a Snapchat a Facebook stuff like that and there should also be a setting for when u click the add button instead of a year going by it could be like a day or a week a month even several months and when u click month or day u should get to decide the number of days weeks months or years that have passed plus I also think that there should be a phone so we can text our classmates about the homework or hit up our friends to hang out and even text our crushes to ask them out and also I think that their should be more jobs and instead of having them all in one place we should have them into different fields like sports,medical,political, scientific, or even mechanical I also think that there should be places that u should be able to hang out with your friends and go on dates with your crushes I also think that u should be able to get ur ears pierced and instead of only being able to see the head of the character u should be able to see the whole body and u should also be able to buy clothes for ur self and once u buy them u can customize them on your character and there should be a little tab where u can see ur character and customize him/her But over all this game is very fun and I can’t wait to see the updates that u guys have In store for us😁
  • Jul 2, 2020

    By Mya
    A great game overall, but I do have two major problems. I, and many users, cant use the top left menu button so I cant save my life before the game crashes check my achievements/heirlooms. The second problem is that I cant seem to create a custom life. I create the character and I click the button- the sound is made, but the life doesnt start. One last thing. I would really love it if dark mode was free since I am quite of a night owl, though if you cant do that, then I understand. Thank you!
  • Only Getting Better Oct 20, 2019