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The Bible Memory App -

The Bible Memory App -

Millennial Apps - Scripture Typer Bible Memory

Memorize Bible verses in seconds. Discover how powerful your memory really is!

5K+ Reviews 100K+
  • 91% positive reviews
  • Editor's Choice
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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

5% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Drake Barnhill

    I absolutely love this app but... the new update has a few issues. 1. My max review frequency setting is stuck at 11 months. I cannot switch it to annually. 2. When I review a passage, verses that are reviewed correctly do not increase in review frequency. If I review an individual verse it will work (for the most part). If you guys fixed this soon, it would be greatly appreciatand d. I love this app so much. It has strengthened my faith in Christ so intensely. God bless.

  • by Richard Chung

    This used to be a wonderful app that i could pull out anytime and anywhere regardless of my internet connection. Now, im forced to wait for the app to sync every single time i open it. It wont load my verses till i do, and i have to turn my data on to let it do it. Otherwise, it just keeps "synching", and im left with a blank white screen. Come on guys! i used to love this app. But it's becoming painful.

  • by Amanda Johnson

    I've been using Scripture Typer for several years, and I love it, but there are some serious issues with the latest update. The max review frequency has been reverted to the original once a month from what I had set it to. All of my verses are locked at whatever frequency they were before the update saying "review frequency is maxed out" at 4 days, or 2 weeks, or whatever it is, and when I try to change it, the frequency gets set back to a higher frequency. Whenever I try to open the preferences tab in the settings, the whole app crashes, so I haven't been able to update my own preferences.

  • by LaVonne Ruter

    Don't download the most recent update. I absolutely loved this app until they updated it. I want to go back to the previous version, please. I wonder if they tested it before they releas. I have a Pixel 2 and I use it exclusively on my phone. Here are a few issues I'm seeing. It seems like every time they release an update, something about the review wording changes. They changed the wording again, which isn't a big deal but there is a typo and now the reviews don't advance. The max review frequency is stuck. You have to manually advance them and then it doesn't recognize that you've already reviewed a verse. You can't use the combine all verses feature because it doesn't track that you've reviewed a verse. If you do, you will need to do it again as an individual verse. I use this feature a lot so that I can get the flow of a passage. I hope the fixes come soon!

  • Not a Free App

    by BrandiMarie88

    Please don’t categorize yourself as a “free” app when it is not a free app. The only scripture version that is available for free is the King James, and while I have nothing against KJV, it is one of the most difficult versions to read and memorize. In order to access other versions you will need to pay $10 for each version. I was very excited about this app and looking forward to it, began to organize my folders and realized it was not saving the scriptures I was adding because they were ESV. Two stars because while this app my have exciting features, I don’t appreciate deceitfully claiming to be free when it really isn’t. Disappointed.

  • Their is NOTHING available!👎🏻

    by Biley mraden

    I gave the app only one star because their is nothing they allow you to do unless you “go pro” which is very disappointing. Their is a lot of options for you to choose from if you go pro! The only option that is supposed to help you is screen recording, which I already know how to do on the iPhone so that was no use for me... soo basically the only thing this app has to offer without going pro is creating folders which you can also do in your notes. To save you some trouble I would listen to what I’m saying and NOT get the app! ;)

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by alex m

    Very dissapointed that you charge people for using versions other than KJV. Had to delete this after finding this out.

  • by Esmond Er

    very good app but super buggy. not matter how i try to add a verse to my collection. it just doesnt add

  • by Renee Johnson

    Too pricey for the limited offerings. There are other free apps with more.

  • by Kim Briggs

    It keeps crashing. Removing it. i really liked it when it was working.

  • by Morgan c

    i had this app a few years ago and i just dowmloaded it again. after 30 minutes of painstakingly deleting each of my old verses so I could learn some new ones and then repeatedly trying to get the new ones, i just quit.i deleted it. im so disapointed.

  • Spent $ for nothing

    by TheGreatEGG

    Bought the pro version with ESV and for some reason I can’t read the ESV? I really love this app for bible memory and I had it on my old phone but when I used my old account, I had to buy everything again, and I’m willing to do that but at least let me read the versions I buy

  • Very good app, but not for my cellphone

    by Yevgeniy Tarasenkov

    It takes some memory, and when I opening it it’s not showing Bible, unless tags and everything else. I tried to open bible, it’s not showing any verses. I’m disappointed

  • Too expensive

    by lovesodeep592

    Some people can’t afford the version of the Bible they need. Would be better if you didn’t have to pay to use a certain version. Not everyone is rich.

  • Frustrating

    by karenbea

    I paid for an upgrade but can’t figure out how to use it? I want to memorize in a different translation but don’t know how to make the change. When I go to combine the verses I have memorized, the app shuts off. I have set up an email account but it says I haven’t. I’m frustrated!

  • Charges after 50 verses

    by fawnanel

    Very frustrated to find that I must pay now that I have marked 50 verses. I didn’t see anywhere in the description that I can only save 50 verses and then I have to pay. Seems slightly deceitful, and for a Christian app, that is not what I would expect.

  • Usable but not enjoyable

    by bussellboy01

    Does everything you need it to do but looks and feels awful. When I found there was a dark mode I was hopeful until I toggled it and was greeted with a beige screen. I rarely ever review and I’ve had so much trouble I’m reviewing now hoping you’ll fix something. I have no idea how to set due dates or use most features that are hinted at but inaccessible. Please clean your UI

  • Too much money to spend

    by klwood

    This app only allows you to use the KJV of the Bible unless you pay way too much money for other versions.

  • Family Purchases Not Shared

    by MedievalMethod

    Unfortunately if you upgrade to pro, that is not shared via family sharing. So get ready to spend $10 for each child. Pretty stratospheric pricing.

  • Biblia en espanol?

    by VergilDMC

    Baje la aplicacion y todo la aplicacion se puede comprender en espanol. Pero la biblia solo la baja en ingles.

  • 9.99 is misleading

    by Cme32112

    I too thought the $9.99 would give me access to all the versions. Very misleading.

  • How to?

    by Enjoyablelistener

    I can’t locate the “How to Play” section. I know it’s a memory game but do you have to correct or continue the sentence or phrase? Please advise..thank you.

  • app crashes

    by 684sarah

    This app is helpful and has so much potential for me to grow in memorizing scripture. However, when I put it on the “type everything” setting it crashes. I’ve tried it like 5+ times and still the same scenario 😭

  • Crashes after last update :(

    by Jkwsioixfalls

    I tried to do my daily review and the app crashes every time I try to start typing my verses. Looks like your team has some work to do! Also, I’ve noticed that my iPad and phone do not sync properly. Even before this last update that was the case :(

  • Disappointed

    by tb95148

    The one time fee of 9.99 is very misleading. I tried to get a refund and they say it doesn’t qualify. When I bought the pro, I was understanding that the pro gave me access to all the translations but when I click on read the Bible I still only have kjv as free and the rest I have to pay another 9.99 for. Disappointed and have reached out to whoever I need to but it looks like I am out the 10.75.

  • App Turns off when combing verses needing review in

    by Bitcoin Cash

    App Turns off when selecting “combine verses needing review”. Please address this glitch. Nice app otherwise.

  • Scripture memory

    by Webbites

    How can I get my memory verses in KJV instead of whatever other versions it is using? I selected KJV for my preference, but my Scripture verses come up in some other version.

  • Money

    by helloimarandom2yearold

    I’m amazed on how Much this can help me memorize verses but I’m highly disappointed that you need to pay for the full experience of memorizing. We shouldn’t limit God through money, that’s why I’m highly disappointed this app requires Money for the full thing.

  • Frustrated

    by bevlawson

    I purchased the Pro upgrade and I have not been able to login.Message says I have an account but won’t accept my password. I’ve requested a change for password but no email has been sent so I can complete this change. I think I have sent more than 10 requests and I’ve even sent emails through the contact us link - no response. My Pro account ha been paid for but I can’t access it - help

  • Disappointed

    by nopenneyinloafers

    Purchased Memory Pro.??And after numerous times of reset, still unable to access

  • Free version has nothing

    by McKenzie sister

    I wanted to try this app out but you cannot do anything without paying. No flash cards, no access to any other Bible translations beside KJV, nothing

  • Don’t like it

    by gryidhxjdi

    It only lets you do kjv but you have to pay to do other versions

  • Great idea. Terrible execution

    by Grandma's iPhone4-999

    Downloaded up to help my grandson with scripture memorization for church group. Great idea, but cannot set up functionality such as custom sort. Cannot find any Help documents nor does sending email seem to work. Very frustrating app to use.

  • 👍👍

    by Cam3757456

    Thank you for the clarification; I misunderstood the ability of this app.

  • Doesn’t work

    by jcm0505

    I tried this app and it seems to get stuck when I add a verse. I can’t seem to get off the first step. I see all the great reviews but it doesn’t work for me and my iPad.

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The Bible Memory App -

The Bible Memory App -

4.7 5K+ Reviews

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