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Bible App by Olive Tree

Bible App by Olive Tree

HarperCollins Christian Publishing

Study the Holy Bible Offline for Free, No Ads. KJV, NIV, ESV Bibles included.

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92.5% Positive Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by M J

    Fantastic app for searching scripture. Lots of free downloads. The only suggestion I can make for developers is if there was a way to search through all versions of Bibles downloaded that would be a tremendous help. A lot of times when you hear a Bible verse you don't know what version was quoted, so when you go to look it up, it might not be in the particular version that you have opened, so you have to close that version and search each version individually until you find it.

  • Nothing else compares. Its the bible app you always wanted.

    by Madhattersam

    I’ve been using this app for several years now. I love the resources that tag to verses. I learn so much more with the commentaries and dictionaries I’ve purchased over the years. One new feature (or new to me) is the audio piece. Dear developer and who ever thought this up, THANK YOU!! I had been buying audio bibles by the book in iBooks ( way more expensive) because all audio bibles go by track numbers. -which drove me absolutely nuts! But you actually made it not only down to the book but to the verse! That was worth buying the complete audio bible all over again. Even in the iBooks, the smaller books were often lumped together so it was hard to simply listen to say Galatians. Best of all, I carry an entire library with me in my pocket where ever I go. I love to dig into the historical meaning of scripture. Especially when I don't understand something. This app lets me cross reference dozens of books in an instant and get a better understanding of it. This is great for those extra content study bibles like archeology study bible or thomspons chain reference. I dont have to worry about buying the right version of those now. I can point the study notes to what ever version I feel like reading. I still have a physical copy of the bible. But it collects dust now. This app is my go-to. Way to go for a superior app. Keep up the awesome work!

  • by Justin Gallagher

    There is no better bible app than this one. I am so impressed with the developers of this app. Not only is this the best bible app, but I believe this is the best overall reading app. The design makes complex processes simple and easy to do. The way advertisements are portrayed is not annoying or hampering of your experience. Downgrading from 5 stars to 4 stars because the audio software for audiobooks and bibles is horrible. App developers really need to do something different.

  • Whatever is excellent, whatever is note worthy...

    by Gralarry2

    I use this Bible application every day along with one of the commentaries to gain additional historical insight into the scripture. I find this to be exceedingly helpful in that I do not always understand the background of many passages of Scripture, particularly the old testament as that is what I am reading now. I am hoping to continue this practice throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament. Though there are some advantages to other biblical apps, this is the one I use daily. For that reason I would wholeheartedly recommend this app to anybody who wishes to gain more insight and knowledge of the Scriptures! In all of my reading, I have come to the conclusion that the word of God is truly able to change a man’s heart at a very deep level. I have yet to see anyone who reads the Scriptures and does not come away with being somewhat changed by them to the extent that they are studied. It is just one more proof to me of their divine origins! The human race has been greatly blessed because of the Scriptures and without them our society would have indeed been very dark and dismal. But they will not help you unless you read them. So try out this app and see if it doesn’t help you with that. May your Bible reading be blessed and you’re worthy prayers being answered!

  • by Michael Kwan

    I was happy to found out the link button to sync the main and split window, but then I noticed that the feature created another problem. It's that when I engage the link, it changes the split window book to the main window's book. It is not desirable because I wanted the split window's book to remain. I hope they will change this.

  • Intuitive Inspiration

    by TtypeFKB

    Having cultivated a relationship with Christ through a diligent search featuring rigid structure, I initially felt the usage of phone applications for study and revelation of God’s Word to be an abomination. Only after the concept of Grace so beautifully washed over my spirit to totally usurp the dominant reign of condemnation that I had struggled under for many years, was I able to let my tattered KJV rest and embrace the use of such applications. Spiritually conditioned to search deep and expect the best was certainly a regimen that would prove worthy in the endeavor to find the application of choice, as shadow boxing never seemed a fruitful choice for due diligence. But, I loved the applications’ titling and, well, the doggone icon just looked cool. So, it was the first I chose. All joking aside, I have looked at others, but find the intuitive ease of this application’s navigation system to be the featured component that has caused me to retain it as a loyal reader’s companion. The upgrades along the way have never disappointed me and I utilize the copy/paste functions over multiple operating platforms and myriad software programs, quickly enabling me to send my own revelations to others or pose pondering to my spiritual mentors. Thank you, Olive Tree, for continuing your great work spreading the Word of God to our technical world.

  • by Guy Chetrit

    Writing another review a year later and the app has improved thus increased from one to three stars. Had lots of issues and now less. Still buggy at times. Recently purchased the NIV Concordance, but it didn't work as well as I hoped in that it did not harness computing power into searches.

  • A Tremendous Resource

    by I'm but a Stranger Here

    I am a minister who serves several Churches and The BibleStudy App by Olive Tree is one of my 2 primary sources of bible study. So many resources can be packed into this App, from different Bible translations, to commentaries, to maps, to dictionaries( do wish Webster’s 1828 was available). I use it on my laptop and on my iPad so I can take my entire scriptural library with me wherever I go. The only negative is the high cost of some of the resources, so Whenever I want to add a particular resource I wait until the resource goes on sale. The support staff has been great to assist me in straightening out a few minor glitches (3-mostly caused by me). The staff that assisted me was wonderful. Once after paying $40(I wanted it badly)for one of the resources, it did not show up on my purchased list on line. I wanted to download it to a tablet I was using at the time. A phone call to a customer rep solved the problem. Although I didn’t retain a receipt for my purchase, he added it to my purchased list so I could download it to my new device. Where else in this world would anybody accept the fact you weren’t trying to get over on them, and accept your word for it? I’m sold, and thank God for this resource. I use it everyday.

  • by Astrid Arnold

    Easy to use. Syncs perfectly from Amazon Kindle and Samsung. Notes embedded in each book from a scroll down menu well thought out for study. One edition would like to see included would be Text to Speech, looking forward to this new feature. Many thanks for a brilliant app.

  • Zodhiates word study bibles

    by fan2go

    I have been using this resource for 15 years. When I starting traveling more, I added the Bibles to my phone. When I changed phone formats, I lost the downloads and was never able to recover them in a way that was easy for me. I just lost them. I have just rebought and loaded them. They are worth every dollar! I use them in church and Bible studies. I can check facts and research words immediately without flipping pages and causing disturbances. If someone uses a Greek or Hebrew reference, I can check right away to see if their translations are contextual to the scripture. So often, particularly in Hebrew, there are typically several choices of a word definition. I studied and speak Hebrew, although I'm not an expert. I know that many that use concordances in their study and teachings have no knowledge of the language, and I'm Berean about checking their work. I don't disdain scholarship by any means, though it's a good exercise for me to check their choices. The app from Zodhiates makes it easy. I trust his scholarship and resources from long use. He makes me a better student if the Word.

  • by Mike Morris

    SEARCH RANGE PROBLEM "Search Options, Set a Search Range, Whole Bible,, 'back arrow' returns "HEB" on my Samsung Android phone but no problem on my Samsung Android Tab 10. Olivetree Support made the effort to resolve this issue and solved the problem. Thanks Olivetree! Back to 5 stars 👊.

  • Bible Study app

    by iaboG

    I have read through the Bible now for over 25 years. I have used this program for over 5 years. I get concerned about every update. I accidentally updated on my phone a couple of years ago, but every update has been a challenge to get used to. This last one I don’t like not seeing the projected end date. I still have the older version on my iPad. The only reason I continue using the app and trying to adjust to the changes is because I’m committed to reading God’s Word every morning. Part 2 I have discovered another thing I miss. On the older version, when I select reading plans it shows My Plans and has a list of all the times I have completed a plan. I am finishing my 6th year of reading Life Journal in this app. Before that I was using the Victory Bible Reading Plan from Omega Ministries for over 20 years. I do like the ability to have a Bible app on my iPad and iPhone that has a good through the Bible in a year plan. This has been a plus for me. I haven’t found any Bible apps that have a Bible reading plan that I like as well as Life Journal. I have other Bible apps, but this is the one I use the most. I have just struggled with some of the changes that are made.

  • by Xhevahir Mazari

    I find this to be one of the best Bible apps available. There's an endless amount of resources offered and a lot of them are free. It's beautifully laid out, comprehensive and always works perfectly.

  • Useful in so many ways

    by Northport Dad

    I really like this app. I like having my notes, bookmarks, etc available on all my devices. I also enjoy having a split screen where each "pane" tracks the other so the commentary for whatever I'm reading is always just on the other side of the screen. Very useful and very simple to use. I’ve been slowly adding to my library of resources over the last few years. I’ve tended toward those items that work with the resource guide. I don’t have to wonder whether a particular resource I’ve purchased has information relevant to the scripture I’m studying. The resource guide tells me. It’s like having a reference librarian constantly pointing out where useful information can be found in the books I own. This greatly speeds up and deepens my preparation to teach small group lessons. I was hesitant about moving away from a physical Bible but I’m so glad I found this app. Now my biggest worry isn’t “Where did I leave my Bible?” Instead, it’s “Does my iPad have enough charge to make it through Sunday School and church?“

  • by Bradford Ewing

    This is the most complete and comprehensive Biblical reference tool I have ever used in my life -- an arsernal of information! I am thankful for being lead to this invaluable resource!

  • Not as good as before

    by thankfullyredeemed77

    I like the many resources you can have in one place with this. They made a major change to the appearance of the app, maybe one year ago though. I liked the old look a lot more. Now I have to hide the tool bar when I'm reading, otherwise the appearance is too jarring and distracting from my reading. The study window where you can read another translation, or dictionary is more cumbersome now. It used to have a cute little tab that blended in nicely when not in use, and could be easily pulled up when needed. I don't know if it was visible with the tool bar hidden, because I never used to hide the tool bar. I now have to display the tool bar to make the study window "plus" sign visible, which also has study window written out over a not so nice green color. The tool bar has a shopping cart in the middle now, which sits right at the top of your screen. I can only surmise that the makers of the app are moo concerned with us buying things than us enjoying our Bible reading experience. One good change is easier access to a Bible reading plan with a button on the tool bar.

  • by Kathleen Wynn

    Great. Easy to use. Lots of information at your fingertips. Easy to compare verses in different Bible versions.

  • Great Bible App

    by WenAllen

    Olive Tree is my everyday Bible. I've been using it for several years now and it is the best. The available Bible versions includes most every version I've ever encountered. The app options are complete. The text display is excellent. The notes and highlighting features are well designed and I use them frequently. In addition to all of that the daily reading guides include the reading guide I've been using for many years and consider to be the best - Robert Murray McCheyne's reading guide. Olive Tree is my go to Bible and I would recommend it to anyone. It has everything you need in an electronic Bible and has served my purposes better than any other I have used. An update: to make the app even better, Olive Tree developed a new WordPress sharing interface that is superb! It allows one to seamlessly update their WordPress site with notes created in the Olive Tree app. Very cool and so easy to use! It has allowed me to easily archive my Bible notes on my WordPress site for the benefit of my friends and family. Olive Tree is the best Bible app around in my humble opinion. :)

  • by Enwieme Meghan

    It's really a good Bible study app but every time i update I have issues opening. I will have to uninstall and install again. Please this should be looked into. Regards

  • Olive Tree Bible App makes studying God’s Word so easy.

    by Historylovr

    I love this app! It is a blessing to me to have so many research tools at my fingertips: books on the various regional cultures of Bible times, fascinating maps & chronologies, the people, the Archaeological info, and the Bible translations to compare/study. I am in Bible study heaven. We are so blessed to have this technology available to read, learn about, and study our Lord’s precious Word. I do have a good sized collection of actual physical books, maps, dictionaries, commentaries, Bible Translations, Strong’s, Handbooks, etc., but using the Olive Tree app makes reading and studying so easy due to instant search results, ability to change fonts and text size, and the app automatically brings up relevant info from my Library related to the Bible text I am reading. The Olive Tree Store makes it easy to purchase Bibles, books, maps, etc. that works seamlessly with the Olive Tree App. The app works well on both my iPad and MacBook...great app & I highly recommend it. I have been using the app for 4 years.

  • by Lavrth T

    Very useful and handy! Thank you Olive tree! Especially I love that I'm able to jump between hyperlinks and read every passage from every book OT or NT. I'm using ESV and as parallel text NT Byzantine in Greek. Cause I'm Greek and I really enjoy that. If in the future put these hyperlinks in the NT greek text using OT Septuagint in Greek, that will be awesome!!! The best Bible App so far for me.

  • Robust, Flexible, Details that Make a Difference

    by Marshal P

    I did a lot of research and landed on Olive Tree’s app years ago and was very happy with the choice. As I’ve seen other Bible apps offer new features, I’ve tried them, but I keep coming back to this app as my ‘go-to’ app. It sounds minor, but I love the fact that I can highlight portions (or even individual words) of a verse rather than being forces to highlight the entire verse. That makes a difference to me, when I want to capture a moment of insight or inspiration. I also appreciate that Olive Tree keeps evolving and adding new features. Their recent update to the Plans section is visually more engaging and I look forward to using it more. Food for Thought for Olive Tree: One thing I’d love to see explored/expanded is more community/sharing aspects to allow users to more easily share their study insights to a more focused audience/community (ie, not social media) and even jointly do a reading plan together. But the many strengths of the app outweigh this ‘nice to have’ in my view.

  • by Jen apps

    Edit: The mobile app crashes on startup after the first use. I have sent an email to support. I'm still enjoying the desktop version 6, although I've encountered a few bugs to do with the reading schedules and navigation in the app is a bit confusing. Version 7 fails to install. I'm waiting hopefully for the next update 😄 This app promises to be my favorite Bible study resource, once its working properly.

  • Look No Further

    by collin edge 07

    I seldom write reviews. Probably less than ten total. I have been a user of Olive Tree Bible Software since the days of the Palm OS Treo. Over the years I have tried many other Bible software solutions as well; on my PC (before the best decision ever: Mac OS X), on my Mac, and on my iOS devices. Some of them were online solutions and some were device based. None of which compared to both the ease of use and depth of capability of the Bible app by Olive Tree. — From the total TechHead to the occasional user; the Bible app offers something for all. — I seamlessly use the software on my MacBook, iPhone, & iPad. It allows me to bookmark areas important to me, make notes for future reference and offers what seems to be an immeasurable number of Bible versions, Maps, Study Guides, Reference Material & Reading Plans. There are many items for purchase and well worth the price. — Olive Tree provides consistent and relevant updates to their software as well as reference material. And their Customer Service is on par with some of the best in the world.

  • by Callahan Johnson

    I use this app with the 2015 NIV Zondervan Study Bible (Editor: D.A. Carson) and it is phenomenal. Being able to read the exact same text on my phone as is in my physical bible is incredibly helpful. Also the fact that the same footnotes are there and that all the references are links makes this an incredibly useful tool. That being said, I've noticed when I've left the app open, if I try to launch it the next day it will sometimes refuse to launch the footnotes which requires relaunching to fix

  • Great app, but...

    by LiveInFaith

    I have used Olive Tree for years and it is awesome! I have found the “Resource Guide” functionality amazing and the ability to access thousands of titles and references is great. But users should be aware of a couple issues: If you build a large library of titles and reference works (many purchased), you will not be able to “share” these titles across accounts, even to another family member. The app says it supports “Family Sharing” but that does NOT apply to sharing a title, book or study reference with a different Olive Tree Bible account, such as a spouse. Yes, you can have multiple devices so why not just log into the same account? Well, unfortunately, all personal notes and highlights you create are likewise “tied” to one Olive Tree account. So, if your spouse wants his/her own notes or highlights, they have to create a separate account...and lose access to all the library resources you have accumulated. Great app, but be aware that these are two big issues.

  • by Taiwo Peter

    The app is great, but finds it difficult to sign in and syncronize and it crashes. Improve on this. Well done! Shalom

  • Wonderful Study Tool

    by Frankla10

    I have been using Olive Tree for a number of years and continue to appreciate more and more the ease of use and functionality it provides. I love the fact that my notes and highlights are maintained across all the various Bibles I’ve purchased. Additionally the Resource Guide provides a rich collection of references that are tied directly to the section of scripture being studied and changes dynamically as you progress through a chapter. The only change I would suggest is a better note-taking interface. Depending on how you initiate the note section it can come up with a very small window to actually type notes in. It also doesn’t support bulleted lists, different type face changes (bold, underline, etc) or tab functionality as far as I can tell. That is a minor inconvenience compared to the rich functionality and huge resource library that is available. My spiritual study has grown in so many ways thanks to this app.

  • by John Mattson

    Just noticed that for "Highlight" settings that the option to "Delete" (remove) existing highlight in no longer available. WHY?

  • Great Feature Set

    by Eclexian

    I've been using this app for several years, now. Mostly I stay with it because it has a great set of features, like no other. Highlighting down to the word level, inserting notes anywhere, a split view option and a good collection of supported gestures that make it easy to navigate quickly anywhere all combine to make a really useful study tool. The reliability issues the app has had in the past have seemed quite well cleaned up. It has been several years, now, since any real problems have prevented my using it. While I’m glad for this, I’m very disappointed that this latest release has taken away the ability to search within an open resource, such as a second translation in “parallel view.” I used this frequently, and now will have to constantly switch between OT and another app to do this. Why would they take that functionality away? I sure hope they reconsider this serious deficiency.

  • by Tom Huntford

    Very easy to use and a lot of good resources. I wish they would produce a single text of the Septuagint and the Greek New Testament 2 lexicon in trees throughout. Also if they would produce a searchable version of the church fathers, that is much needed these days when so many people are appealing to the church fathers without very good knowledge what they actually taught. Otherwise though, thanks olive tree. May God bless you and continue to use you to spread his word throughout the Earth!

  • Works well

    by Stahlbrenner

    I wanted the notes from the Stuttgarter Erklärungsbibel on my iPad and iPhone. I chose the New King James Version as the free download I was allowed. I like how the app. synchronizes the two in parallel windows. I also like that I was able to set a preference so my German notes scroll continuously in vertical fashion rather than from one page to the next page. That makes following a long German sentence easier. There are a couple of things I am still learning about getting around in the app. I do have other Bible programs on my devices and I always need to stop and remember which one I am using now or I can become very confused about how to navigate. I like the list of previous passages so I can get back to where I started. It took a while to find that menu. (It slides out from the left side of the frame.) Olive Tree regularly wants to sell me something more, but I wanted only this one set of excellent notes for my favorite German study Bible.

  • by Paul Barreras

    I like your Bible but when it comes to sharing versus the first thing when I copy and paste it doesn't give me the address of the scripture I have to write it down and then put it in myself plus kind of difficult for sharing the scriptures. I know on my other Bible apps they're very easy to share Plus they give the address of the scripture and one thing I think you should do is also give the address of your Bible app but you don't do that either so maybe that's things in the future

  • Long time user

    by Lunchbreak11

    As a layperson who has the privilege to teach a class in my church each Sunday, I have to to love the App. I have used several others over the years, but so glad I discovered Olive Tree. The only thing I don’t currently use it for is my daily Bible reading plan (YouVersion), but that will change beginning January 1. I love YouVersion and how they have made the Bible available free to literally the world, but i find myself opening Olive Tree most every morning due to digging a little deeper in what God is peaking to my heart about. Also love how I can simultaneously highlight only the portion of a verse I want to emphasize and make notes for immediate reference the next time I read the passage. Library is extensive, but as a layperson I have only purchased several trusted commentaries. The sync function between my iPad, iPhone and MacBook is wonderful. The only reason I gave it only 4 stars is because it seems to be less friendly on my MacBook, which I only use when structuring my lesson in Keynote. Love using it on my iPad.

  • I Love This App!!!

    by thejesuscat

    This is a fabulous app for my lifestyle: busy, Busy, BUSY!!! By any chance, do you have a study plan link available in this application? I would love to use your app for a daily devotional, and possibly with bible questions I can answer while using your app? I just deleted a Daily Devotional app because it would spontaneously make me "Log-in" But would not store my preset log-in info. I would be on a bus or subway, trying to read a devotional at 5:50AM before I transfer to the next bus or subway while heading to work, but instead I am dealing with an app that insists I have "entered the wrong password, please try again." So, instead of using the time to get into the Word, I spent the forty minute commute trying to remember a passcode and sign-in identification. Too much!!! Thus the reason why I love your app: I open it. I read the Word. I mediate on the Word. I feel the peace of God enter into my mind. I then face the world. Thank you!

  • by Golden Batchoy

    Presented the app simpler and easy to use. It contains daily verses that becomes a habit of seeking more of God's word.

  • Good app. One really annoying bug.

    by Just a Guy in DC

    This is an excellent app for reading and studying the Bible. What is particularly useful to me is the ability to review different translations of the same passage, either in English, or another language like Spanish, German, or Latin. There is one flaw, though, in my preferred translation that I hope can be fixed. The New American Bible, Revised Edition is one of the English versions approved by the Catholic Church, and is the one used in North American liturgies. Unfortunately, the footnotes - which are very important to making the NABRE a Catholic Study Bible, since they cover historical, cultural, and linguistic information to help understand a verse, chapter, or section - are incorrectly linked. Tapping a footnote indicator (a * or a letter) jumps to the wrong note, usually between 1 1/2 and 2 chapters away, making it very difficult to find the correct note for the verse you are reading. For this reason alone, I cannot use this app for Bible Study. If the developers read this review, please fix the footnote issue on the NABRE.

  • My Favorite Bible App

    by deborinquen

    Update (Jan 21, 2018): This app and this company has come a long ways from the days of the disastrous 5.9.7 which I had given a one star rating (read below). I totally love what Olive Tree has done with the application with these last few updates. I was skeptical at first but when 6.1.x but after a while I got used to it. They are only getting better with each update. The amount of resources and the performance of the application as a whole is why I started using this application in the days of iOS 3 and I am glad the "beta testing" days of 5.9.x are behind us. 5.9.7 is total trash. It lost my ribbons and bookmarks giving me some idiotic “Oops!” message. They just updated to version 5.9.8 and I am not willing to go through the frustration again. I really love my Olive Tree App and cannot believe how bad this update is. I reverted to version 5.2.1 which I had on my backup drive and will spend the next, heaven knows how, long downloading everything. Update (Aug 09, 2014): I am glad I looked into it. I almost upgraded to 5.9.9 thinking that the disaster created by 5.9 was fixed. Never mind, I’ll stay in 5.5.4, it works. This is reminiscent of Windows Vista. The worse part is that Olive Tree is i denial. So it took two years to go from a functional app to this trash? Let me know when you have your act together before you bother me with your updates.

  • Suggestion

    by JustinDavine

    Love, love, love this app! Only thing I’ve noticed that can be improved is the highlight feature. When I want to highlight more than one verse at a time to save my highlights “across all my translations” I seem to only be able to do that on my phone by clicking the the number of the verse and selecting the range of how many verses I want to highlight at once. (I have an iPhone if that matters.) When I am on my MacBook though, when I click the verse number to highlight it, it doesn’t give me the option of highlighting more than that one verse at a time so I have to click on each individual verse and highlight it over and over again if I want it to save across all my translations. I haven’t seen where it gives me the option to highlight more than one verse at a time when you click on the number so I can highlight multiple verses at once when I am on the app through my MacBook.

  • Great app but...

    by J⃟e⃟y⃟b⃟o⃟a⃟r⃟d⃟

    I live this app and have used it for years. I’ve been digging deeper and deeper into God’s Word, even starting one of their Year long Bible Study that are built in. Two tiny things one, the app takes up a lot of storage, so if the developers could find a way to make all the data smaller, that would be great! But it’s not that big of a deal my main issue is when you hold on a word to “lookup,” you have to buy a dictionary to use from the app, but anywhere else( as in another app, website etc.) , Apple would let us look it up on the web in a tiny window box thing, so that’s really annoying too because sometimes I want to see the word’s definition or whatever, but it doesn’t work unless a, Bible Tree has defined the word, which has happened to me 2 after all these years, or if I was to buy the dictionary, so yeah. So I Liek the app but those bugs do bug me

  • The Joy of being able look up a phrase in Word in an instant

    by GeniusDoc

    There is no way to adequately describe The Joy of being able look up a phrase in the Word in an instant and copy and paste it into your prayer journal or study you are doing to engrave it deeper and deeper into your heart and soul. Thank you Olive Tree for offering instantaneous research of the Bible, maps, and commentaries of men and women who’ve come before us and spent their lives researching God’s Word, Jesus and their gift of the Holy Spirit to us who may not have the time or resources to do the research ourselves. What a time to be alive. The resources others had to walk or drive to a library or church to look up is now available to us all in our pocket. Amazing!!! If man can develop the technology to do this, IMAGINE what God has the power to do even quicker through the Holy Spirit Helper and telepathic prayer around the globe in an instant. Thank you Jesus and thank you Olive Tree. Doc S

  • The Most Enjoyable Reading Method...

    by Gary Mullins

    I have used this app for years, through 2 iPads. I highlight in different Colors on different passages, on different verses, different verse portions, different words and I do the same using the Underline feature. I have personalized the Bible just for me. I can tag a verse or specific word to create a note, that helps me remember how God has laid its meaning upon my heart for that day. My favorite feature is the word search. Eg. I will search just the N.T. say for the word “faith”. It tells me how many times it appears in the N.T. It gives me a running list to easily view each verse, without having to look each one up. The insights have been stunning! It takes just 30 min. a day for 30 days to read entire N.T. In 15 mins. a day just 60 days (6times per year). 2 1/2 min. per day, 1 time per year! The functionality of this tool is irreplaceable.

  • Vertical scrolling puts it at the top.

    by ididitbyfaith

    Vertical scrolling: even between chapters & books: because of that I use it almost exclusively to read. The other big deal to me is how the “notes” feature works ( the notes are RIGHT THERE WHERE you make them,,,, none of the other apps do so. And since the Bible versions I read are available, I am thrilled & content with this app. The developer responded to my previous review, & explained how to use the highlighter ,,, THANKS! You can highlight any # of words at a time, or a whole verse. So now i heartily give it 5 stars, A few quibbles though: the notes in the ASV are not rendered in this app ... they are in iBible-Study HD, & the KJV with Strong’s #s is too expensive here, inasmuch as you can get it FREE elsewhere. This study tool is NOT copyrighted; it’s in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. I’d pay for this app if it wasn’t free; but can’t use it exclusively because of the quibbles above.

  • The plan text and reference bible guides you!

    by Profilepee

    I learned a lot more using this Bible app than I ever had in prior years... just realizing that what I interpreted was not always right... I now understand the Bible for the words I read along with the app reference guide, “wow what an eye opener!” The Bible can be complicated to break down, and the things we interpret I’m not actually what God is saying With use of the reference guides I can no longer believe the instructions in the Bible were just for the days of OLD.. The Bible was written to carry us from generations to generations we are living in those times now... so even the parables still ring true and the reference materials provided along with this Bible made it very clear to understand we still need GODS guidance daily and the daily reading plans were a major part of this discovery! Again... this was a great experience I’m great-full for this app I love this app

  • Great program but highlights what it still needs

    by longtimemac

    This program is the best in the mobile bible reading market. Focuses on ease of reading and study. Following a daily reading plan is a joy. It makes me want to be able to create my own! The store and the easy management of books and commentaries I’ve purchased is really a benefit. Note taking is useful but awkward and probably the roughest part of the program — providing the greatest opportunity to shine in the next version! The biggest shortfall is the limited formatting of notes. Just your alphabet and numbers here folks. No bold, underline, headings, italics, bullets - things we take for granted in even the most basic editor. Note organization is awkward. This stands out because the rest of the program really shines organizationally. The notes pane cries out to provide a journaling function. Bible journaling is resurging and this tool could provide a real catalyst for that important habit. Related here would be ability to create your own study journal that syncs with the book/chapter/verse you are currently reading. Wouldn’t it be useful to see your thought from the last time you read John 10? I continue to invest in this program and it continues to improve on a great product. Moreover, it has helped me grow in knowledge and faith thru God’s Word. And that’s the point.

  • Love this app!

    by Shadow3188

    I finally found an app that had the Lutheran Study Bible (Augsburg Fortress). I purchased it and now I have all the study notes as I do my personal daily Bible study. It’s even more exciting that I can take my iPad to church and also use it for group Bible study. Olive Tree has a great user interface. I find it very easy to use. I love the variety of Bible reading plans you can choose from. I love that the green banner lets you know when you are coming to the end of your passage. The study center can be used to see Bible notes & commentary or if you don’t want it, you can close it. This is the best Bible app! The only thing I would add if I could would be an audio version so I can listen to my reading on those crazy days when it’s hard to find time to sit down to read. There is another Bible app that has this feature, so I do use it occasionally.

  • Enlightening

    by Chuckov I

    Unless you read Hebrew and Greek, you can’t really read the Bible. You must rely on others to tell you what it says. One way to get closer to the meaning is to read several translations at once. I have the NIV, King James, Young’s Literal, the Common English (too simple; I don’t recommend it), the Orthodox Study Bible, Jerome’s Vulgate (Latin), and Strong’s version of the NRSV and the ESV. I can read the same verse or chapter from several different translations and see how similar or different they are and then decide how significant those differences might be. The Strong’s versions allow me to check any word in the original language. It’s pretty hard to fall for the idea that any single translation is absolutely correct. It has been good motivation for me to get down my dad’s (Presbyterian preacher) Greek and Hebrew language books and learn some of the original languages.

  • My favorite bible app!

    by Senior Educator

    I almost never use other bible apps since I discovered Olive Tree a few years ago. It is most user friendly as I prepare for teaching Sunday school adult class. Features such as the instant availability of related scriptures built into the ESV version, allows me to use the references without leaving the page. The note taking feature allows me to take notes during sermons and to cut and paste them to the notepad on my iPad. I’m then able to share the notes on Facebook or with individuals. Being visually impaired, I use the option of black background with white letters and am able to use large, yet not gigantic font sizes comfortably.. I use the pop-up and pull down feature which affords easy access to research materials and mechanical features. Truly an excellent aid in my Christian growth through God’s word.

  • Great tool for Bible study

    by Wood John

    I love this app. It is a wonderful tool for Bible reading and study. The Resource Guide is fantastic. All my notes, bookmarks, highlights, etc. sync between my iPad, my phone, and my Mac. Having 2 translations open at the same time, or a translation and a commentary, is really useful. It is very helpful to take notes in the split screen. I use The Bible Study App all the time and the constant updates and improvements are awesome! The Olive Tree folks listen to their users and incorporate suggestions into updates. It just keeps getting better! I would rate it 5 stars if it were easier to review tagged verses. As it is, you have to tap menu, tags, select the tag, and select the verse. Then, to look at the next verse with that tag, you have to start all over at the menu. The Mac version works very well for tag review. It would be great of that could be incorporated into the iOS version.

  • Powerful and affordable Bible study software

    by Heyhey345

    One of the best apps for studying the word of God. This app might not be as powerful as Logos, but it is affordable. Some of my favorite features: 1. The Strong’s Bibles. These Bibles with Strong’s words are reasonably priced. Tapping a word brings up a pop up with the original language word and its definitions as well as other occurrences of the word. You can view other occurrences right in the pop up. 2. The resource center. Many of the resources available on their store are linked to the resource center. A linked Bible dictionary will have automatically display the definition of, say, a cubit when reading a verse that mentions a cubit. 3. Powerful search feature allows the user to search very specific words and phrases in a specified range. 4. Items purchased on one device can be used on other devices on almost any platform. 5. Powerful reading plans that are flexible rather than the rigidity of other apps. 6. Parallel reading and split view allows you to compare passages and translations. 7. Highly customizable and in active development. My biggest complaint: include a way to display history. When jumping around in multiple chapters and books, it would be a real time saver to have clickable history links.

  • My Daily Study Resource

    by ConsultantJanice

    For the layman or woman who goes to the Word daily to glean and thresh out the grains of truth, Olive Tree has the best books available at your finger tips. The split screen allows me to sync a commentary of choice or another Bible. For example, I have the Word Study Bible - which gives me the Greek or Hebrew word and definition. From that screen, I can follow from the definition to other scriptural references. Meanwhile, on my split screen, I may have Thompson Chain Reference Bible or most often Matthew Henry Original Commentary. ( I do not like the concise commentary). However, I can pull up maps, or Bakers Pictoral dictionary. I still love books. Bot I don't have time to have books stacked by my chair, while I search the scriptures. Now it's all at my finger tips and can go wherever I go. I am so grateful for Olive Tree online Bible and Resources.

  • A powerful resource

    by Rampalicious

    This is the only app I’ve found that actually compares to the WordSearch software used on laptops and home computers. It’s so rewarding to use this app for studying God’s Word. Having all my resources on my iPad is invaluable. I thoroughly enjoy having so MANY study materials at my fingertips. Even the Thompson Chain Reference and Dake study notes are available for purchase! Combined with word study helps, multitudes of commentaries, (yes even the beloved J Vernon McGhee Thru the Bible commentary) I actually find myself spending a lot more time in God’s Word without having to pillage through cumbersome volumes of books that would be impossible to carry with me. I could go on and on about this wonderful app however I’ll summarize by saying this is a real blessing for ANYONE reading and studying the Bible. Thank you Olive Tree for your dedication and hardwork.

  • Great Bible app

    by FoxFanRay

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for restoring landscape mode to the app. I can again comfortably use the app in split screen mode and have two versions side by side. The app is usable again! This update seems to be a very nice enhancement with one giant exception - the elimination of Landscape mode! I ALWAYS used this app in landscape but now am unable to do so. It would have gotten 5 stars except for this. I find it a very poor experience on my phone in forced portrait. As an additional note, the developers should change their description of the app. They clearly state in the description that one can view two versions of the Bible side by side, but that is no longer possible with this update. Side by side is far more preferable than over and under that we are now forced to use.

  • Great

    by BklynWoidz

    This is my go-to personal bible study, teaching/ministering preparation app. The NKJV with Strong's is my favorite. You tap on most words and Hebrew (OT) or Greek (NT) meanings come up. Fabulous way to understand things as they were first written. I use lots of the available resources. Great NIV and NIV study notes, too. Olive Tree is responsive to customer communications. That is so appreciated. A recent upgrade was causing terrible crashes. They scrambled to fix things quickly. Much appreciated. These folks are on top of their game. They remain sensitive to folks using early iPad editions. Needs more development time: The app on my desktop Mac and laptop PC is sadly more cumbersome and less intuitive than the excellent phone and tablet versions. Word searching is clunkier, and GO TO requires a pull down menu that is less than cooperative, if those two app versions were better this would be a seven star app. One more whine/suggestion: the second window (on the phone and tablet app) would love to more intuitively remain open each time you fired things up. Seems like I either haven't yet learned (after many years!) or simply can't get it to always open when the primary window opens. Either reason, it's frustrating.

  • Only Bible App I Need!

    by un-z

    I have used the Olivetree Bible app now for over ten years and I love it! I love the ability to highlight and identify text. I love the optional dual window that allows me to compare text from different sources side-by-side. I love that their online store offers a variety of Bibles and commentaries and helps that you can get to go along with it. Its resource guide is excellent and makes cross-referencing all of your study books appear with just a tap of your finger! I do have one question for the designer of this app.....Is there a way to copy pictures as well as a copy of charts & graphs to a note that I place in the text? I have bought many supplemental books that have much valuable insight in the form of pics, charts, graphs, and lists. I haven’t yet found a way to do this.

  • Excellent Bible reading tool

    by Qrzazytime

    This is the bible I read 99% of the time. And all fits right in my pocket. I'm amazed that I can switch translations, go to different verses, cross reference and research from other books, all very quickly. The study/reading programs are great. I'm reading the Kingdom Study now. I liked the reading plan on "love" scriptures very much. I also like being able to add notes about a verse or whatever right in the app. The only issue I have might be that the study books that accompany the readings have extremely small print. I may be able to change the size of those books too but I have not looked into it. Now I’m reading the chronological reading plan. The ease of jumping to footnotes and related scriptures is very intuitive and user friendly!

  • The future of bible study

    by ecrispen1223

    While I still love the feel, and readability of my good old fashioned paper bible, I am beginning to recognize the value of having so many resources at my fingertips. This is the future of bible study. I can read my NIV bible and have several different options for reference tracking with me at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, taking notes and highlighting is so much easier. Cross-referencing my notes is a breeze. This app is a must for any serious bible study. Of course, you have to purchase many of the versions, but there are some free ones as well. Just remember, someone had to put a lot of time and effort into writing and researching some of the best resources in here. Their time is worth your money (which isn’t really that much). Great app! Thank you.

  • Olive Tree Bible on my iPad

    by RobbieHoch

    I enjoy having Olive Tree bibles on my iPad & it has become my most used Bible. I have commentaries, many translations & versions of the Bible, and other biblical resources all on one thin iPad. If I were to carry all of these resources wherever I go, I would need a large back pack & have one sore back. Olive Tree allows me to reference all of my downloads, take notes & highlight verses, chapters or sections of scripture to enhance my study and help my memorization of scripture. I am glad to have the side by side view available to see the version I am reading & a commentary at the same time. Studying GOD’s Holy Word is made easy with this app and the notes and highlights are also seen on my phone. Thank you Olive Tree for helping my study of GOD’s Word become more manageable. GOD Bless your ministry!!

  • Appreciative

    by Milto53

    Hi. There are many E Bibles available today, and I have tried many of them. Usually there are three things that keep me coming back and using them. 1. I am able to read in Landscape mode. I have big hands and being able to easily navigate in Landscape mode is a necessity! 2. A good search mode. Many times when I am searching for a specific verse or passage one or two words aren't enough to fine what I am looking for. I can on Olive Tree. 3. Fonts and admin stuff. I like dark mode, I read at night a lot, and dark mode with a good bold font is very pleasing to my tired eyes! Olive Tree has these three, and now that the Books are a little larger it is much easier to go to a specific Book/verse. Thank you! Please always stay true to God's Word!

  • It’s the Bible

    by Aurelius785

    I recently switched to this from another popular Bible app, because I was so easily distracted by all the other content in the other app. When I open this app I’m right where I left off, and they did the Reading History feature just right so I can work my way through several passages simultaneously. And I love the pop out view that shows cross-references. And I also like that it’s a library for other spiritual resources I may want. Four stars because it’s a bit confusing to understand which resources will integrate how with the text. I bought a particular dictionary they were promoting but can’t figure out how to look up words effectively straight from the text. I was hoping I could look up words and it would go off the word in the original text but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • Best Bible Study tool better than Bible Gateway or a hard copy Bible

    by Drew1941

    It makes studing the Bible so much more effective and efficient. It has an algorithm that automatically recognize cross references. When you tap on it the verse opens in a smaller window, without ever having to turn a page (or go to another screen). You can easily, and effortlessly check cross reference after cross reference. I also love the study center. You can read the Bible, and commentaries side by side, or look up a word in a dictionary without ever having to leave the Bible screen. It has enough free resources to be worth a shot plus a ton of resources you can purchase to enhance your studies. It has the NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV, and a few other versions for free. As well as a few dictionaries, and a couple of commentaries including Matthew Henry's concise commentary. It is perfect for an iPad, or a tablet, cell phones not so much. It also cuts down on the time it takes me to look something up, and then regain my thought process. E.g. what is the difference between the Ammonites and the Amorites? The Amorites are descendents of Canaan. The Ammonites are descendents of Lot. Ok, wait where was I? Judges 12 or 13? Why did I want to know that? Textual clarity or curiosity? All in all A+

  • Love it!

    by rebelemtp

    If your looking for a Bible app this is the one. I've used them before there where smart phones and tablets. Ya back in the palm days! I like the navigation in this app to go from one book to another, or with in a book to go from one verse to another. A good search with in the whole Bible or just parts. And I don't have to have Internet connection to read. I have used this app for years even before smartphones. Yes on a PDA lol and it has always been the go to app for my Bible reading. And they keep improving it. Thanks for a great app. And now they have audio Bibles! I love the fact I can download them, no internet service needed to listen to them, so when I don’t have cell service when traveling or bad coverage, and I don’t have to use all my data listening to the Bible!

  • Great Integrated Platform

    by I give up trying for nicknames

    I use the app in daily study with the main window holding the Bible text (usually a word study version so I can link to Greek or Hebrew effortlessly) and study notes in the right hand window that sync with the text. You can quickly pull up maps, profiles of people and other commentary. In Sunday messages I add a note to the beginning verse of the main passage being studied and make my notes in real time. Later I can review the notes in my daily study or anytime that verse is part of my reading. The ability to search my own notes is very valuable to me. With Olive Tree on my iPad and phone I always have half a dozen Bible translations and great supporting materials and my own notes and reflections always with me. Thank you Olive Tree.

  • Great app

    by Val your pal

    I love this app. I can read from several different items in my library and ribbon mark each one. I especially like how I can read from one device and mark my page and then later pick up from the same place on my other device. This app is perfect for Bible Reading, but it is also great for sermon prep, Bible study prep, and special holiday readings. The comprehensive app allows me to download as many resources as I need and I can use this app on all my devices because it syncs to the cloud. I can work on a sermon in a helicopter over the mountains of Afghanistan or have a quiet time in my backyard. I love the free resources and can purchase any other helps I need. Love this app! And the customer service is quick, responsive, and friendly. Love it!!

  • Best Bible Study App

    by DJacobK

    I take this Bible to church with me, it a very useful tool. I can keep up with the change of verses during the sermon, plus highlight, underline or make notes with ease. I think it's the best Bible App out there! You can do everything with this Bible App, it has great devotionals that you can tap into, you can purchase to view maps of the area in which you are reading at the time and cursor highlight a word you don’t know to find its definition. Personalize this Bible into what version that you prefer, scrolling side to side by pages or continuously up & down and the font & size to see or read better with. It should be downloaded for off line reading but will keep the changes that you make in the cloud. It’s My favorite ❤️

  • Side to side parallel reading gone missing-WHY?

    by DoveGameOn

    When writing this review it is in landscape mode , which is wonderful . What happened to the landscape mode reading ??! when I read in my Bible app there is no more landscape mode on my iPhone 7+ with your App , again what happened to the landscape mode ?, it made my reading enjoyable in the Bible app , now my screen is limited! the parallel screen Side to side is gone , now the parallel screen is only top to bottom, I do not care for this feature ! the app is still a great app 🤓 but the reading is forced to be limited to the readers in only one feature of parallel reading , please bring back the side to side parallel reading. thank you and enjoy the rest your day 😎😇 (my landscape mode featuring in my phone works well what other apps thank you again)

  • Great Bible app

    by Dougiep77

    The school I attended gave us Logos which I have used for quite a few years but never purchased any additional resources. I’m now getting ready to purchase some resources but thought I’d check out what other apps were out there before totally committing to Logos. This is when I came across Olive Tree. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now and have been really enjoying it. It’s very user friendly and easy to navigate. I like the available resources and helpful tutorial videos. There is one area that seems a little lacking compared to what I’m used to in Logos. I wish there was a way to format my notes with things like Bold, underlining and even a basic outline. Please, please, please add this feature! :)

  • Underlining not available

    by BMMLA

    Great app but it’s unfortunate that the option of underlining words and phrases is not available. Love highlighting but sometimes it’s necessary to underline a particular phrase within a highlighted verse. It doesn’t make sense this great app does not offer this option hence the 4 stars instead of five. UPDATE After I wrote the review, I figured out (after a long while of searching the app and then resorting to an online search) that in order to underline one must go to the highlighter options... that doesn’t make sense to me! But, putting aside the large amount of time it took me to figure this out on my own, I still think this bible app is great and, at least for me, it offers everything I need.

  • Outstanding!!

    by MariG777

    I got connected with this app several years back not realizing how useful and often I would refer to it; I probably use it everyday and research through the many commentaries I have purchased throughout the years and rely on to understand the bible. One of the great features I really like is that it is available off-line and that’s a big plus when just is not available. Fast forward —to 2019, and still since I purchased this app it’s still my favorite and a must when studying the Bible. I also like to create notes from my commentaries into my favorite bible translation as a quick reference. Hope you decide to get it and create your own library! Glory to God.

  • Best Bible App

    by MikeS87111

    I’m probably going on 8 years of using this app. I’ve probably used it as long and as consistently as email or the safari browser. I love that it is fully offline. As long as I’ve downloaded the Bible versions I want, then I can view them anywhere at anytime regardless of my internet connection. Plus it doesn’t spend 45 seconds “trying” to get a connection before showing the main screen. You touch the icon and it just comes up, ready to go. Finding a scripture is 3 clicks. Changing bible versions is quick and easy. Taking notes and making highlights is easy, and they work across the apps on my other devices. Great all around. I recommend it highly.

  • Best for the money

    by Acousti-head

    Olive Tree just keeps getting better and better. Phone, tablet or computer, it keeps it all connected, studies, notes and more. Compare bible versions to understand better, good books and they haven't stopped yet. Far less expensive than both Logos and Accordance, and they've just about caught up with the features. The company has always been good to deal with, which means the money is well spent. Better than Sword, and the new low light view is so cool to work with... I want to add that I’ve added a USB keyboard to use at church to take notes; it’s made all of it better. I can take notes during church, then come home and the notes are already there...

  • Great Bible Studying Tool

    by Koala Jammer

    Olive Tree Bible App is the best Bible studying app I have found so far. I haven’t looked at a lot, but I do love the layout which makes it very comfortable for me to read. This app allows me to highlight as much or as little as I want, and it’s very helpful especially with notes for myself. The verses of the day are well chosen (devotional) and not randomly picked. Also, I love how if I need to search for a verse(s), the search is easy to use. My favorite part is the dictionary. Usually, I would have to go back and forth on the internet and the app to understand the passages. This time, I have everything I need right before my eyes. I can define the word with and without Internet. Lovely app!

  • Bible Study App Review

    by MichikoSan21

    I absolutely love this Bible Study app! It has helped me grow in my walk with the Lord on the go and has served up the Bread of Life in a number of occasions when I needed that quick scripture reference. One thing I do want however is a way to regain access to my profile. My phone broke and when I replaced it, the Bible App locked me out and no longer recognized my login information so I have zero access to my notes from before. Another feature I’d personally go back to is the old way to highlight the text. With this new update, the highlight option happens so fast that I lose control of the page. Apart from this, I thoroughly enjoy this app and would recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their walk with Christ.

  • Love it! Very useful and extremely handy.

    by XSAir

    Olivetree Bible+ is a great app that just keeps getting better. I've used it for several years now and it is an integral part of my life. Previously I’d rated it four stars and listed what I found as shortcomings. Since that time the developers have addressed those issues, so, here you go! (Drum roll, please), The coveted FIVE STAR REVIEW! With offline usability, notes, tags and high lites syncing through all devices and translations (wherever possible), the reading plans and endless number of resources, I couldn’t imagine my pursuit of a closer relationship with the Creator of the Universe being helped along any better than what Olive Tree’s wonderful app provides.

  • Financially App Resources Vs. Actual Physical Books is too much

    by Rich Zee

    The App and KJV is free, but the e version books (many of the physical ones which I have already purchased) are expensive, and the ads and constant contact are many. I’m a Bible tech tweener (mid-40’s), perhaps the last generation that will actually will sometimes hand-write sermons and possess physical books (my library is over 2,500 volumes). I also see the value and user-friendliness of app resources; however, I cannot justify spending so much money on that which I already have, for convenience sake. I guess I’m a spiritual 8-track guy in an mp3 world. That being said, for those in their 20’s and 30’s who have not yet bought the books, and have no intention of buying hard copies, this looks like it would be a helpful study tool.

  • Love it, missing one feature

    by therief

    I have loved this app for years and it has revolutionized how I read and understand the Bible. I do wish one feature update was available. I am a heavy, heavy user of highlights and I wish you could go back in to an existing highlight and alter which verses it points to (for instance, if you had previously highlighted Romans 12:1, but wanted to adjust it to be Romans 12:1-2) without having to delete the highlight itself and start a new one. Creating a new highlight erases the history of the original, forgetting what date the original highlight was made. But this is a small thing. I truly love the app and all it offers!

  • I love this App!!!

    by les5712

    This is the most incredible must have Bible app EVER! I am so incredibly impressed with how fast and easy it is to cross reference and search. The icing on the cake is the Note taking, I am able to write notes and create studies and when I add a book, chapter and verse, it gets highlighted and I can go to it simply by touching it. It comes up in its own box and doesn’t take you off of the page you are on. I can also share my notes with friends by sending them to them. This is only a few small highlights about this app. It’s incredible! Thank you for putting so much thought into this app. It is truly appreciated!

  • Needs some work

    by Scripsean

    Very friendly user interface app that’s easy to read and use. My only negative feedback is that it’s very difficult to share a bible verse via email or social media app. You have to highlight the verses which can be difficult especially if the remaining verse is on the next page. Then click share but I noticed it doesn’t share the chapter and verse. When using the advanced settings, it gives you the option to show just the translation and verses but no chapter. It should be simple, you click on an option to share it and it shows the Bible chapter, verses, and translation example - KJV Mat 19: 18-26. Hope you’re able to implement this right away.

  • A lovely companion

    by Bonjeh

    I find the Olive tree Bible study app as a lovely companion in my Christian journey. Before I used jotters and other writing materials to take notes in Church and Bible study groups. Since I started using Olive tree app, I now have access to all my old notes. I can search through them at will, I can make additions and even delete and correct errors. I am now organized and it makes me love studying the Word. In one app I have several resources, several tools and expandable library. I just want them to improve the search capability and also for the notes to have some Word features like bullets and numbering.

  • The Bible app is pretty good

    by Rodopen

    Wow when ted Cruz told me this was the app to use for cow tippers like us I didnt believe it but sure enough like always ted Cruz knew the truth. You know this reminds me of a time I was swimming in the Pacific Ocean and 50cent floated by me on a inflatable pizza and he said and I quote vote ted Cruz and you know if that isn’t a sign from God I don’t know what is truly but I digress I give four stars because I’m a democrat at heart and ted Cruz is republican and we all know Jesus would be libertarian but who wouldn’t in that kind of political time man anyone wanna help me take my mother to a nursing home she loves me but I can’t say the same only because she really loves artificial grape flavors and like who is that much of a degenerate download this app and post

  • Great for study

    by marvmax

    I enjoy using this. I like having multiple Biblea to study from and having them aide by side is nice. Keeping a study guide synced with scriptures is nice too. The only thing I don't like is how expensive everything is. I guess I don't mind paying for the things I like. An example was the way they made a big deal out of having the new listening feature. I thought hey that's cool let me see what some of my favorite Bibles sound like. Then I discovered that it's like audible you gots to pay brother. I was amazed at the prices. Needless to say I haven’t added that feature to any of my Bi les. I'll continue to listen. To the Bible being read to me for free, when I want to listen to it.

  • I like this app but...

    by lthompson001

    I really like this app— it’s my favorite bible app to study with. However, I would LOVE if this app supported the use of a stylus or Apple Pencil! What I mean by this is, allowing the user to take handwritten notes, write in margins, underline, and highlight with the stylus. With the way it is right now, you have to select the word or the verse and choose your preferred highlight color or to underline and it automatically does it for you. However, I find this takes a lot of time, and makes me have to stop to think about technology settings, and distracts some me from reading. It’s a start, stop, start, stop, sort of thing. For the person like me who takes tons of notes in your bible, it’s definitely something that you miss out on.

  • Almost but not quite

    by Truchas7

    I wanted to give this app four stars (I never give five stars) but there is one deficiency that stopped me. The purchased books have inconsistent links to Bible translations. Many citations are highlighted as dynamic links and take you to that passage. But frequently the citation is in the same font as the book text, and is not dynamically linked to the default Bible translation. I emailed technical support about this and they acknowledged the situation but gave no indication of when book updates correcting the problem would be available. Candidly I have to say that the other two main competing academic Bible apps, both of which I use, don’t seem to have this issue. I hope Olive Tree will work to make this a four star app.

  • Beats online

    by Whatevahseriously

    I’ve used OT for years. Always have multiple bibles with reference on all my devices regardless of internet connection. Because I teach, I’ve invested substantially in additional versions and references. This is the ONLY app I’ve put that much money in! What keeps it from 5 stars? 2 things. The history is a few taps to access .. I wish I could just swipe to other places I’ve been recently. And most of all, there’s no easy way to flip back and forth between 2 passages when studying or researching. You always have to tap through the clunky verse selection interface. Even if just going back a chapter. But overall I love it and depend on it.

  • Recent changes rough, but returned to excellence

    by Dwarf Dwarfson

    Been a user since the first versions on US Robotics Palm Pilot. Have always been impressed with the software designed for study and the user, God’s people. Recent acquisition had portended a trend toward poorer quality, emphasis on marketing vis a vis advertisements and notifications, which, by the way have exactly THE OPPOSITE effect to what is intended. This annoying trend seems to have been reversed for now! The team was quick to make changes and bug fixes, for which I am very grateful. I would recommend that as a challenge, they make their purchased available in an open ebook format and continue to make the app so good that no one wants to switch! Please continue to be mindful of your existing customer base, who are in the Word daily using your software. This is a special relationship you have with your customers. I think that we are willing to partner with you to perpetuate an excellent app and keep it financially viable without resorting to modern marketing tactics. In Christ, D

  • Bible anytime you need it

    by ear13pra

    In my journey to spending time with my Sovereign God, I have found this digital bible app to be a great tool. I’m able to highlight, add notes, tag, bookmark scripture and search key words to find the scripture I’m looking for, available offline to read, it has many tools: verse of the day if you want to read the whole scripture you can, your reading history by date and title. In your settings you have a store if you want to purchase bibles, study materials, commentaries, concordances and so much more! I gave it a 4 star it would have been nice to have other features such as options to use audio for those with vision impairments. Great app thank you.

  • Very User Friendly and Versatile

    by Joinscouts

    Great Bible app with plenty of different versions and studies available. Easy and intuitive to use. The value is good for the price paid. I appreciate the highlighting and note taking capabilities. I also appreciate that it is a very stable app and easily migrates (notes, highlights and all) from one phone or device to another as necessary. One feature I would dearly love to see brought back is the ability to hit a single button to move backward and forward between two different passages from different chapters, books, etc. That was a HUGE convenience and time saver.

  • a ready tool for witnessing and explaining the gospel

    by jeff from sayville

    It is great to always have the Bible on hand for whenever God presents a moment to explain the Gospel. I like that Olive Tree is so easy to use, so that when I’m witnessing I don’t have to fumble with the app. I find it very effective to let the other person read the intended scripture out loud, because they are then more active in discovery, instead of just trying to find arguments in their head against the gospel. I also like that I can have two translations open at once, because I read and think in English, but my friends may have Spanish, German, Italian or French for a mother tongue and I let them read the text in their language. This is so much better than just me speaking! Thanks Olive Tree for making the app so flexible and easy to use that it’s a ready help in witnessing. PS: Idea for improvement: I’d love to have voice recognition integrated in finding verse references, instead of having to type or select from the chart of books and chapters!

  • Excellent! - Just missing one important feature

    by Canon L Shooter

    I use this app nearly daily to read the Bible. Between this, an actual Bible, and another popular app, I soak up what I can. I really like that when you click on a noted reference to a related passage, it pops up a window so you can read it without having to leave where you are to read it. That’s a great feature. I also love being able to create tags and notes for scriptures. It’s really helpful when trying to find something in particular and you don’t remember where it was. Being able to create a tag will bring you right to it. And to be able to sort your highlights is awesome! I also love the desktop version of this app. NOTE: The one “gripe” I have is not being able to connect with friends through the app to see what they’re studying as well or to do Bible studies or plans together. Overall, this is a very powerful app packed with a lot of great and useful features. I highly recommend it. God bless!

  • My Joy, Reason, Inspiration, Hope and Strength in this Life

    by be Shy

    When I awake every morning the first thing I do is give thanks to God Almighty, his son, Jesus and the Comforter, the Holy Spirit for awakening me in my right mind and in good health. Of all the things I have planned for that day, reading and understanding God’s word is the most important! I then open your App, which is so appreciated because God’s word is right at my finger tip. Every thing I need to study and know about God’s word is in your App. I am so thankful that I can send out scriptures every morning to my brother, children, grandchildren, niece and myself. I am overjoyed and overwhelmed with excitement when I open your APP with fulfillment as I study God’s word! THANKS!!

  • Copy problem / highlight slow

    by Gcfrt

    I like the olive tree system over all. But It is very slow to highlight and when u go to copy commentary to notes it will only copy one page at a time. This is very time consuming and increases the likelihood of error. The copy problem is a major problem to me. The unusual thing about the copy problem is it just started copying one page at a time recently. I teach and copy a lot of commentary to notes. I also highlight almost everything I read. Overall I like the study system. I write this hoping they will fix these problems.

  • The most accessible and flexible mobile study app available

    by Oct8ne

    Olive Tree is free to download, yet it can keep up with the best (and most expensive) study software available. The best part in my opinion is that I can select individual study resources to add to my Olive Tree collection and customize my own experience, only paying for what I want. Olive Tree has consolidated my entire library (most of which I found with deep discounts on Olive Tree’s frequent sales) and made in depth study truly mobile, with all of my favorite paper-bound versions available in the app. Don’t wait another minute to jump in!

  • Olive Tree Bible

    by bcandg

    I have absolutely loved using this app on my phone for years, it’s so convenient to look up scriptures and follow along as the Pastor gives the sermon. I also found it useful to have multiple versions and being able to switch between them in 2 clicks is awesome. Some of the versions will cost you to purchase but if you immerse yourself in study of the word you’ll find it worth the cost. I recently started reading on my iPad and the Olive tree purchases all transferred over. I don’t give a 5 star rating lightly, but, this app deserves it. So easy and user friendly to setup and use.

  • Best but expensive add-ons

    by Chickfisj

    I love this Bible program. Absolutely the best one I’ve ever used. The way it allows me to sort my notes so that I can go back and research subject matter is been so helpful to me. The complaint I have is that to buy their Bible resources is so expensive, even for material that is in the public domain and can be accessed free online. I understand that I need to pay in order to be able to integrate my Bible with these resources, but they ask way too much. I would really like to be able to buy more from them and hope that maybe they can be more reasonable about their prices in the future.

  • Good News

    by Cakvc

    I love this app as I’ve had it for a decade or more. The study tools and the maps and the periodic bible information to learn more in God’s Word is fantastic. While I prefer to read the book bible I have this app on my phone and two tablets where I can go on my spiritual journey when reading or studying. In addition you can split the screen. While in church the Pastor will be expositing out of a book and specific chapter verses. When he takes off on the journey through the scriptures it’s faster to stay where you are in the study and see and read where he is referencing God’s perfect Word.

  • Love the New Look!

    by bst_sky

    After reading all the negative reviews, I was apprehensive about installing the latest major update. I was certain there would be ads and shopping cart icons blinking in my face on every page of the Bible! NOT SO! This is a well thought out re-design, that still allows for immersive, in depth study without distraction. In fact, it seems with the "unlock toolbar" feature, there is more real estate available for Bible text. And after a couple of days practice, I'm zipping around the new interface much faster than with the old. Great job everyone! Glad I updated.

  • Excellent

    by Femi Adeyeye

    I want to commend the developer and everyone who has contributed to this Bible App to come to reality and make it accessible to us each time in need. With the Bible App makes it more easier for me to read the Bible anytime anywhere of course the numerous bible translations make it look good and perfect when I want to make simplicity out of some difficulty line of words. Being that said,I am against the fact that someone bible verses are omitted and you guys should let us know the idea behind it and if possible include those omitted verses to make your service a perfect one before God with a great reward. Thanks

  • Some feed back

    by R D Traswer

    I really appreciate this app and have been using it for years. However here are a just a few suggestions and they’re not too big a deal... well, maybe! 1. Where is Adam Clarke’s commentary???? Why is it not available when thousands of other old references are??? This is a disappointment. 2.Would there be a way to order references other than alphabetical within the resource guide? So often the ones most used most are not at the top. Maybe this available and I missed it. Thanks for making the Word lively for us!

  • A Long Time User

    by MissionaryBob

    I have used this app since I bought my first smart phone; a Palm. In these many years I have seen it morph and improve. It has expanded its enhancements. Regularly they run fixes on bugs. Both my wife and I used this daily. We use it more than any other app on our iPad or iPhone. It is my go-to app for lessons and sermons. The commentaries and language helps have sequestered my paper library to the loft. I purchased the Spurgeon Bible Study notes this last weekend. Try as I might from every angle I know the notes will not download on my iPad. The spinning diagram spins for about a minute and then announces the download has taken place. But it has not. Here is my one request. How about another 'one year' Bible program other than the NKJV and the NLT? Can we see a few more versions set up like the NKJV? It will soon be a new year. It's a great time to consider new reading options. My second request is that either Swahili Union Version (SUV) or the Neno Version in Swahili be inserted in your library. I would buy it straightaway.

  • Great app, but annoying advertising

    by Anonymous2019!

    I’ve used this app for years and it is still my favorite bible app and bought many things in the store. However, even with everything turned off in privacy settings, I keep seeing recommendations when I change to other bible translation or book and open the main menu. This is extremely annoying and unnecessary. I know the power of advertising and its sad to see that a bible app where you already pay for books continues to recommend other items on top and bottom of the screen. It probably also used data to do this and effects performance. Please stop this greed and allow users to turn this off.

  • Bible Study

    by Doulantx

    I have a PC, MAC, and iPhone so can use any of them with the app. I have purchased several Bibles as well as downloaded free ones. I like the ability to read 2 at the same time on my phone. I have even stopped carrying my paper Bible and use the electronic ones with ease, changing from version to version, using the parallel, and moving to different verses quickly. Taking notes on my computer is a breeze now using the copy and paste features to insert scriptures into the text. It has become my app of choice even though I have 3 others.

  • No Landscape...Boo! Hiss!

    by Iwishihadneverupdated

    I have owned/used this app for many years. As a pastor I use this app in the prep for sermons and teaching. Far superior to other bible apps. The update is cool. I have not explored all the new features, but what I have seen I like. ONE EXCEPTION: No Landscape. I love and use landscape everyday! Please reconsider this and bring back this feature. I emailed the support folks and was told landscape will not work on iPhone but will on iPads. Reason given, iPhone’s are too small to support landscape. Obviously, I disagree. AND, I have an iPhone Plus. Please, oh please bring back landscape! Still love the app. But probably won’t use as much without landscape.

  • Great Bible app when used with resource guide

    by Only Allegiant air

    The beauty of this app is the ability to expand with the resource guide. You can expand as little or as much as you want$. As you buy secondary supports-commentaries and the like- be certain they are resource guide compatible. Then as you study, their relevant passages are tied to the verses you are in. Fantastic use of resources that way! I also appreciate the link of my notes on the web. I primarily use my iPad, but it’s nice to know that whatever notes I put in or markers are automatically sinked to my iphone which I do use on occasion.

  • One of the best for Bible study

    by Ykids007

    I have used this App on my iPhone and iPad for several years. I value it as a tool for studying God’s Word. When I set up other family members iPads this is an App I add. This App has been a blessing for my sister...because of her vision problems she can no longer read her printed Bible, with the ability for me to increase the font size for her she is able to read the Bible. Very sad that someone stole her iPad mini and took this away from her. I pray God will show them what they have done, will repent, and ask God, and her for forgiveness. In His Service; רעם

  • Excellent app!

    by Asanti Yesu!

    I have really enjoyed using this App for over 5 years now. I have multiple versions including Spanish and Swahili. It has been a blessing to be able to easily read the Bible wherever I am , sync up notes with my husband, and I have grown much in my faith in the Lord God. I appreciate using the App with small children around because they can't rip up pages. I do sometimes get distracted if someone calls or texts but this is an technology issue. I still would like to read the physical Bible and praying for God's grace to do that so that I can focus more.

  • Disappointed

    by Trent G

    I’m a Missionary and use OT as my main study and sermon preparation tool on my 12.9 iPad Pro and my MacBook. I’m not one of those casual users that only use the free version of OT. I’ve spent several hundred dollars on this app. First, OT was very slow to update their app to use side by side on the iPads. Now, even after several bug fix updates, have yet to update their app to take advantage of one of iOS11 greatest features, drag and drop. I’m blown away that many FREE bible apps have updated to support drag and drop. If free apps can do it then I should at least have to option in an app that I’m continually investing in. I contacted support and was told that they “might” had this in the future. Might? Well, I “might” not keep spending money on this app. Other than that the app works on iOS. Mac OS needs a lot of work though. There’s still no way to move a search from the resource window to the main window without retyping it.

  • No longer able to use app iPhone X

    by BrianGibson

    Have loved this app and have used it for several years with many purchases. But it will no longer open on my iPhone X. Just sits there looking like it’s loading. I received notice from Apple App Store almost three months after the developers at Olive Tree responded to my post. Good thing I was able to correct the issue with app on my own, since Apple lagged so terribly in letting me know of Olive Tree’s very timely response. The app is working as well as ever. A critically important resource for me and the ministry God allows me to run.

  • Apple: How many 5-star Reviews of this App are you going to Delete?!?

    by GTD Meister

    I’m a 20-year Olive Tree Bible user—back to my days on the Palm Pilot—who can’t say enough about the usefulness of this app!! Keeps getting better and you keep your purchased resources forever!! Be sure to purchase resources on Olive Tree’s website—not through this app—so that this great company receives the full purchase price and doesn’t have to surrender 30% to Apple. I won’t take the time to write another detailed review because they keep disappearing, which is grossly unfair to users and developers alike.

  • Only Bible app you need On and Off Line

    by wtflyingfish

    I have been using Olive Tree for many years and it truly enhances your daily reading and study. The integration with other bible study resources is seamless and powerful. I would not think of using any app. In fact I bought an I pad mini just so I could use this app as a replacement for my paper bound resources. It also is installed on your device so you don’t have to have an internet connection to work. I have been 100 % satisfied with this app and the vast network of resources available to add to it.


    by Weirdbeard7777777

    DO NOT UPDATE ANY BOOKS IN THIS APP!!! I just received a offer to update 16 of the books I have in this Olive Tree Bible app & updates them. As the last book updated, I thought to myself, will my Bible notes that I created in some of these Bibles that I have, disappear? So, I went into a couple of the Bible’s in this app just to see, & my fears were confirmed!!!! I do extensive note taking in these Bibles. I lost ALL of my notes in the Bible’s that I updated. I CANNOT find a “contact us” function to let these people know what they did. DO NOT update any of the individual books in this app if you have notes in them.

  • Renewed Passion For The Word

    by KyleG83

    I only switched to this app because the one I was using started to freeze and quit working. So after trying YouVersion some generic other apps I landed on this one. At first, the customization was overwhelming but then after watching the tutorial videos and making look the way I like it, the app is just about perfect for me. Note taking in parallel or over the top of the text is great. Accessing commentaries, dictionaries, and other resources is simple. The gesture shortcuts seemed silly at first, now I use them all the time. This app allows you to swim in the shallow waters of the word and grow in your faith. AND it allows you to dove into the deep end of what the Word of God has to offer. I’m grateful to Olive Tree team for their yeoman work on this app. Your coding team and GUI team have done amazing work. Thank you. I sometimes spend more than two hours in the word. I’ve never done that before!

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Brian Freeman

    Love how you can add so much material, that is available across various all my devices. After a few months of usage, I've noticed a tendency for the app to occasionally lock up - requiring a complete shutdown and restart - while switching between books of the Bible. It can also be sluggish. Though the functionality is good, the user interface isn't intuitive, and a bit cumbersome.

  • by marcio ferreira

    It's good! And has what i was looking for.

  • by callmejoeboy

    I love this app. It has all I need in one.

  • by Robert Garcia

    Great app for reading the word! Had this app for years and they have always continued to keep it updated with the latest OS!

  • by Lyle Johnson

    Love bible libraries.

  • NASB 1977

    by Leon Weiss

    This is a great app for many reasons. But unique to it is that the NASB 1977 version is available, which was not available on the other apps that I looked at!

  • by Kevin Cornwell

    As much as I enjoy reading a hard copy of the bible, the power of the notes and tags make this a great app to use.

  • Great program

    by seathing in San Marcos

    Search function works well, I use it all the time

  • Huge Help

    by PastorTK

    These Word Studies have been such a help over the years. It remains my “go-to” when studying various Scriptures in the NT.

  • Apple: How many 5-star Reviews of this App are you going to Delete?!?

    by GTD Meister

    I’m a 20-year Olive Tree Bible user—back to my days on the Palm Pilot—who can’t say enough about the usefulness of this app!! Keeps getting better and you keep your purchased resources forever!! Be sure to purchase resources on Olive Tree’s website—not through this app—so that this great company receives the full purchase price and doesn’t have to surrender 30% to Apple. I won’t take the time to write another detailed review because they keep disappearing, which is grossly unfair to users and developers alike.

  • by Jim Schmidt

    I use it every day

  • by Dodzi Dorvlo


  • I love & enjoy how simple this Bible app is to use to study!

    by cvt.cvt.

    It’s very easy to look up scripture, read and most importantly to study especially with the Strongs to look at the original words with the meanings. And all the references to other scriptures for more in-depth study.

  • by Chris Hart

    Great app for Bible study.

  • by Costa Praka

    Best bible app ever Thank you very much for you effort

  • by Aguedo Cordero

    It's the Word of God Available at anytime, anywhere. To grow, instruct, guide, admonish, to show mercy, hope, build trust in God, and most of all Jesus Christ is revealed to us. Therefore the greatest LOVE ever a man can receive. Thank you writers and producers of this application.

  • by Frank Gour

    Great Bible app...

  • by Thangminlen Haokip

    So blessed

  • by A Google user

    Log-in problem

  • by A Google user

    12.4.19 Since Nov update, it crashes when opening. Useless now. Sent in report to support a week ago. I have used it abt 6 yrs.

  • by Enwieme Meghan

    It's really a good Bible study app but every time i update I have issues opening. I will have to uninstall and install again. Please this should be looked into. Regards

  • by Christopher Elgee

    Split screen, notes and translations across devices, AND tech support?? Too awesome. Been using this since at least 2003 - on my Handspring Visor. (-:

  • by Olasunkanmi Oyinloye


  • To God be the glory!

    by CadenCooperLawson

    I love this bible app. It has everything needed at your finger tips. I love the updates. I can click on a reference; define words; write notes; highlight in unique colors. I especially like the feature that allows me to underline instead of highlight through. To God be the glory!

  • Hard to copy verses

    by Jiggles12345

    I generally love this app and have used it for several years. The most recent updates however have left me unable to copy verses. This is something I do often so I am disappointed. Perhaps I am trying to do it wrong but it has always worked well for me in the past. If this would be fixed the app would be five stars in my opinion.

  • A review.

    by #livingconscience

    Well organized. Easy to navigate.

  • Great App!

    by 5thumbsup

    Love using this app! The scriptures are right at your finger tips! Can look up familiar verses, memorize verses and have them handy to share with others at a moments notice!

  • Layout is great

    by 894am

    Wonderful on an iPad Pro and iPhone.

  • An absolute must!

    by Tish H.

    Love the ease of application and navigation. So convenient for my personal biblical studies.

  • The most accessible and flexible mobile study app available

    by Oct8ne

    Olive Tree is free to download, yet it can keep up with the best (and most expensive) study software available. The best part in my opinion is that I can select individual study resources to add to my Olive Tree collection and customize my own experience, only paying for what I want. Olive Tree has consolidated my entire library (most of which I found with deep discounts on Olive Tree’s frequent sales) and made in depth study truly mobile, with all of my favorite paper-bound versions available in the app. Don’t wait another minute to jump in!

  • Outstanding app

    by skyrock111

    Love this bible app. Use it all the time. My entire family has this application.

  • God Bless You

    by Wally_WRLD

    Opening this bible app for everyone and making it completely free is just a amazing.Thanks for that👍 I also love that there are plenty of reading plans to jump on and do. I’m on (5 days on Peace).

  • It’s the best I’ve used.

    by LaKeta11

    Great to have on my phone!

  • Good

    by lightenmiller

    It is lit I use it in church

  • Thoughtful, Beautiful, Brilliant

    by Lucas.Starrett

    This is an absolutely excellent Bible reference and set of study tools. The thoughtfulness and care in the design is really exceptional. This app gives real purpose to the devices it runs on, as it allows me to read, listen, and study more efficiently and thoroughly then I could possibly do using only printed resources. Plus, I can do all of that anywhere I have my phone! Very well done, design and development team!!

  • My goto Bible app

    by CEPRO 6653

    I have used the Olive Tree bible app for numerous years now, and have come to rely on it when I need to cross reference versions, or look up something in the text, or simply when when I don't have a hardcopy with me. The many features and settings make it perfect fit on the go or a nearby study reference. The reading plans keep me engaged (as much as anyone can) in daily reading. Sometimes, the editing and highlighting features are a little hard to control but overall work effectively.

  • The BEST resource

    by BMBrewCrew5

    Have tried them all and this one is the best resource. Nothing compares!

  • Very User Friendly and Versatile

    by Joinscouts

    Great Bible app with plenty of different versions and studies available. Easy and intuitive to use. The value is good for the price paid. I appreciate the highlighting and note taking capabilities. I also appreciate that it is a very stable app and easily migrates (notes, highlights and all) from one phone or device to another as necessary. One feature I would dearly love to see brought back is the ability to hit a single button to move backward and forward between two different passages from different chapters, books, etc. That was a HUGE convenience and time saver.

  • The app

    by Rastruba@hotmail

    This is a great bible app. It is my favorite bible app. You can look up bible anverses very easy. It also give you the option to cross reference scriptures. Man this is soo cool the I always recommend this app to my friends.

  • Useful for Bible Study

    by Timothy Lanzilotta

    Excellent resources and good design for bible study.

  • Thanks

    by Bornagainhopeofthefields

    Love it! Simply effective.

  • Bible study

    by mr Dor

    This app is the best tool that I have in my arsenal

  • Still some missing features...

    by T2nu

    While this APP has upped its game over the years, there are still some features I would like to see. For example, cross device reading locations. (I.E. Reading in one location would automatically be the location you would be at on another device. Continuity, as Apple would call it.) The ability to hand off items from one device to another. The Resources Guide is nice, but you should be able to turn it off totally, if you know it will not be used. Olivetree will be around for some time. In that, I am thankful. You can come back to them anytime and all your purchases are there and waiting. (This information was after contacting support.)

  • Great App

    by Spec-Ed teacher

    Easy to use and easily accessible when away from home.

  • Bible App

    by Michael Idare

    This is a wonderful Bible App and very reliable now having it for about 5 years!

  • Terrific

    by Lebo1969

    Has everything that need for Bible study.

  • Great app

    by Carrollton, KY

    Great app.

  • Great way to study

    by Rhodes980

    I use this app to just read wherever I am at. This app has makes a great addition to study with along with a physical bible

  • The best Bible app ever!!!

    by Kovaleski

    Excellent for a rapid consultation, for a good study and contrasting between different and terminologies.

  • Great Bible... could be better

    by JesusisLord3247

    Although this is probably the best Bible app you can get right now, there’s two things that hinder it, and one thing that would make it so, so much better. 1. The additional resources are just too expensive for the most part... I don’t even consider buying much of anything unless it’s on sale 2. When highlighting, it tends to freeze up momentarily sometimes, and is by nature just generally slow (push to select, push to highlight, select which highlight...) which leads me to my ultimate wish list: If there was a way to offer pen support so that I could circle, diagram and otherwise make free standing notations in the Scripture would be amazing. Please find a way to offer this. Thanks for offering the program!

  • Great Bible app

    by UberClaus

    I have used it for years, I love it.


    by Jaycfp

    I have used and loved this Bible app for several years. It is the BEST Bible app in terms of ease of purchase within the app, navigation within your library, and compatibility between devices. Look no further - this is THE Bible app to have!!!

  • Excellent Bible Study App

    by ScooterBee

    This Olive Tree app has been a blessing for devotionals, study and research.

  • Responsive

    by joevmr

    So easy to get deeply into God’s Word with this app.

  • Olive Tree Study Bible

    by Raphahelp

    I have the KJV with the Strongs' concordance. I really enjoy using this software. I like that words with a Strongs' number can be identified by a different color and not by a number in the text. This makes ease for reading. The search tool is good. I desire phrase search which this lacks. So when you type more than one word in the search, you get results of verses that contain those words in any order and not the string. Update: I don’t care for the new menu that pops up when words are selected.

  • Word of God

    by Gen 50:20

    By using this program I’m able to load up scripture wherever I’m at with numerous translations very convenient everyday it’s availability helps whenever or wherever I’m at

  • I love this App!!!

    by les5712

    This is the most incredible must have Bible app EVER! I am so incredibly impressed with how fast and easy it is to cross reference and search. The icing on the cake is the Note taking, I am able to write notes and create studies and when I add a book, chapter and verse, it gets highlighted and I can go to it simply by touching it. It comes up in its own box and doesn’t take you off of the page you are on. I can also share my notes with friends by sending them to them. This is only a few small highlights about this app. It’s incredible! Thank you for putting so much thought into this app. It is truly appreciated!

  • Great help

    by 19781950

    I have used Olive Tree for years and find it to be very helpful for my Bible study. Thank you!

  • Could be better

    by wrf3

    I like the selection of books. I like the ability to synch across devices. I want to give the app five stars, but there are little things that need polish. I like being able to enter complex search expressions but I struggle to read the search results. The font is too small on my iPhone, and the results window is too small on my iPad. Neither can be changed. I also wish there was a history mechanism so I could more quickly switch back and forth between sections.

  • Olive Tree

    by Pnichold

    I love all the features and the versatility on this app. I can copy text and paste it in to notes in the scripture as well as in to My Notes that i use as my teaching notes. My Favorite reference is the Dake's Bible Study Notes. I can copy and paste information that I cant find anywhere else right in the verse on a note that is easy to pull up any time i go to that verse. Transitions from Bible text to references or changing translations is Smooth, quick and easy to maneuver. I love this app!!

  • Gaining in knowledge

    by R. Return

    Have gained so much knowledge through this app. It allows me to study anytime anywhere. The study center is very helpful. I would recommend this study app to everyone. Thank you for helping me to grow in Christian walk.

  • Olive Tree App

    by Smithuk6

    Love this! Recommend it to all my women’s bible study attendees. Love the highlighting & notes ability as well as the multiple versions and books I can have interfaced w it. Thank You for such a great product!

  • Review

    by Mipeepee

    The most easily read Bible that I can fully understand.

  • Absolutely Wonderful

    by bryan_de_fuko

    Love this app and use it every day.

  • Great Study Resource

    by Swaggerseth

    No familiar with too many other Bible Apps, but every time I went to use something with this one, it ALWAYS was conducive, neat, easy and rewarding. So, haven’t even tried anything else. It has always been everything I needed it to be.👍

  • The Right Food

    by D Fly Fishy

    Thank you for nurturing my spirit. The strength, knowledge, wisdom and, yes, correction I receive from God’s Holy Word is invaluable to my spiritual growth. I will praise Him forever.

  • Need ability to make notes with Apple Pencil

    by ABM6196

    I love that I can highlight with custom colors and assign titles to each color. I would really appreciate the ability to mark up the text with my Apple Pencil like Pastor John Piper does. Possibility?

  • Olive Tree BIble Study App

    by BAR112

    This is absolutely the BEST! To get the full benefit, you’re going to have to spend quite a bit of money on resources. (It does make more sense to buy digital books rather than hardcopy.) Then, you will have on your iPad an efficient and highly accessible method to study the Bible. I love their Resource Guide: As you read a verse, all the available resources in your library show up to the right. In summary, if you’re wondering which (of hundreds) of Bible study apps and software to make an investment in, I highly recommend Olive Tree!

  • A Must!

    by Gunnyhighway78

    I use this app everyday! I was recommended to me by someone I respect very much because of his knowledge, I have now recommended it to others who now use it to read God’s Word

  • great offline bible app!

    by brandan's hat

    we’ve been using this for nearly a decade now (on many different phone and tablets) the only thing it is missing is a good note sync system with desktop/web. there is one issue with it. when selecting multiple verses, sometimes it selects several paragraphs. the mis-alignment seems to be at the verse number. as long as i do not select the verse number, the selection is what i want. of course that makes it very hard to highlight my favorite passages. ☹️ if i had to **guess**, it is as if the code style tags near the verse numbers are missing an end tag or have a begin and end tag out of order.

  • King James Version

    by 702999

    Is there any way to add words to the dictionary? Many in the King James show as mis-spelled words.

  • Best Bible app!

    by webholyman

    Best Bible app I have ever used. So far I have used several. I thank The Lord Jesus Christ for all of them but for functionality and ease of study combined with ability to retain notes and work from my phone or desktop works well.

  • best bible app eva

    by Luke Gess

    Yo dis app is literawwy da fwippin best y’all let’s get it! yeet boom roasted.

  • Such a great app!

    by themichaelo

    Thanks for fixing the reading programs to go to the last place read! I was just thinking about writing to you about it, and boom, you did it! Love the ease of use and the options. Keep up the good work!

  • Great App

    by Evo727

    Great App

  • I love this

    by ceera cunningham

    I love this app for a reason I read this at least every single day I read this when I’m upset When I read this and I’m upset it puts stars to light up my feelings in my heart God created us God created us as humans to be kind God created us to share God created us to care for others I want to thank you guys for making this app I want to thank god for creating the world and humans and animals and the sea and the light and darkness and plants and finally feelings

  • Discipline

    by Natchezrider

    You always have your phone with you, this app helps you stay disciplined with your quiet time from anywhere. Used it for years and have recommended to many people. Love it!

  • Thank God for this app!

    by Liv Beauchamp

    I use this app everyday on the way to work and on the weekends when I go to church. It’s easy to use and such a blessing. I’m so grateful this app exists!

  • Awesome!!

    by ciracristy

    Love using Olive Tree app!!!!!

  • Please update & fix

    by Zippy V

    I enjoy my bible, but with your most recent update I’m unable to scroll down! This makes reading any book impossible. I hope you know what I’m referring to & that others have also pointed this out already. Please fix this scroll down issue, so I can read my bible again. Thank you.

  • Kim van der Merwe

    by theripefig

    Great bible app to use, easy but thorough for everyday use.

  • Awesome features

    by Southernmojo

    Love it

  • Excellent

    by Ms Stranger

    Good app. Easy to navigate.

  • Outstanding!!

    by MariG777

    I got connected with this app several years back not realizing how useful and often I would refer to it; I probably use it everyday and research through the many commentaries I have purchased throughout the years and rely on to understand the bible. One of the great features I really like is that it is available off-line and that’s a big plus when just is not available. Fast forward —to 2019, and