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BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts

BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts

BetterMe Limited

Simple & Effective Workouts for Weight Loss! Includes Meal Plan!

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  • Has it’s perks

    by Elephant noises?!

    I’ve been using betterme for 25 weeks now. My plan was to rid of all soft belly fat. I started as 125 pounds and set my goal to 112. I’m 16 just wanting to tone my stomach. It’s estimated time to reach my goal was only 28 days but I knew that would be too soon. I’m a little short of 175 days in and I’m at 115. My only adjustments to this app are in reference to messaging and meal plans. In my meals, I am allergic to all nuts and processed fish. Most of my meals have both of these, i went to the messaging app and wanted to ask how can I filter my meals to where fish and nuts don’t come into it? Instead there were prompted questions that only told me to substitute allergens. I’m not sure of alot of substitutes for fish and nuts which left me with more questions. I would only change to be able to enter allergies pre meal planning and direct messaging typing your own specific message instead of chosing between pre prompted questions.

  • Fix the Diet Portion

    by Gillie45

    The workouts are awesome and I like that the app shows you how to do the workout as you are doing it. I also like how it tells you how many calories you burned at the end of each workout. The workouts are targeted towards specific problem areas so you can tailor your workouts to your needs. However, the diet part of this app needs a lot of help. There is no way to put food preferences in to avoid seeing those recipes (ex I don’t like quinoa or beef liver). Also, not all the recipes match. The directions will be for something other than the recipe or ingredient list. The ingredient list doesn’t always tell you how much of something you are including in that recipe (ex 1 piece cottage cheese - what does that mean?). Calorie counts per meal are not included. I would expect this from a free app but not one for $10 a month. I’m on my free trial right now and I’m not sure I want to pay for this unless it was fixed. I see other people leaving similar reviews back in December and it’s now June. Please developers: fix the app! It’s a great start so tweak the diet part to match the thoughtfulness of the exercise part! :)

  • Needs more instructions

    by Ky3863

    I’m enjoying the app so far but there have been a few exercises that didn’t make sense just based on the graphic. An option to select more information before starting the day’s exercises would be nice. Also, being able to actually track the meals eaten rather than just a menu to look at. I love that it has the recipe provided for the meals, being able to build a favorites list of recipes would be awesome! After reading other reviews, I checked out the billing and it does seem pricey for what is offered ($10/mo). Mine had the 6-month automatic $42 subscription selected already, so that would have been a crappy surprise. That does lower the price by $3/mo though, so I can see the benefit and will likely leave it that way. An earlier warning about the price would be good though, I’ve seen other apps put the subscription prices in the app description, so people don’t feel deceived when their account is automatically charged. The app itself is beautiful and I like the target areas. Some of the meal choices are a little different haha, you guys must really enjoy livers! 😁

  • Pretty good

    by Tiffy✌🏻

    I really like it so far, i had it on my last phone and it was pretty great then. I work a weird schedule now so hopefully I can keep up with it. The only thing I think would make this app better would be alternative exercise options for people with particular disabilities or physical ailments. For example I had severe scoliosis and now have metal rods and pins and screws all through my back, this makes it extremely painful, sometimes impossible to do sit ups or crunches, even if I get through them okay while working out I’ll be in so much pain the next day I won’t be able to get out of bed. It’d be nice if there was an option to select certain things you just physically can’t do and have an alternative given for the work out. I want to better myself but it’s really hard to tone your stomach and stuff when everything suggests to do things you can’t do.

  • Better before the update

    by MTMurphy

    Revised: After my original review another update popped up and now I can listen to music again while I workout. Definite bonus. Still trying to get used to these completely different workouts and interested to see if I feel the same workout as I did before. As much as I hate to warm up and cool down (and it’s an option not to do so) it’s probably a good thing that the update includes this. I really liked the app prior to the latest update. I had over a week completed and now have lost all my progress. Also I enjoyed listening to my music while working out and now it won’t let me with the videos. Also finding the workouts for the body parts I was working out seems confusing. Before I actually get the workout when I was done in the areas I needed. Today not so much :/ Hoping I figure out the tricks to the new update.

  • 28 days

    by JjudgeLPN

    To those complaining about only having 28 days of you understand how working out actually works? At the end of the 28 days you start over. So basically you have a 28 day routine for 7 areas of your body! Or you could do 1 area each Monday could be “arm day” and Tuesday is “leg day” and then when you’ve gone through all 7 areas for all 28 restart the workouts! THIS IS HOW WORKOUTS WORK! Did you seriously think someone was going to design a brand new workout routine for you for every day of your life??!?? This is a good app because it shows you how to do the workout, and allows you time to review the steps you need to review! Thank you!!

  • Needs more options for the price.

    by Twikks

    Let me start off by saying I do really enjoy this app, I like that it has reminders for work outs, an animated person to show you how to do them and it tells you the reps and counts down for you. I’ve noticed that the recipes circulate within a week, I have seen the same recipes almost 4 times now for each meal. I’m also curious that after you finish the 28 day challenge with select workouts, do they then recycle and you get a new work out to complete? If so that’s fantastic, if not then this app really needs work. If people are paying $10 a month for it and it doesn’t give you new work outs, what’s the point? I would hate to see this app go under because I really enjoy it, but it definitely needs to be more user friendly and equipped with more options. So please app people! Give more workouts after the 28 day period ( if you don’t already) and please give different recipes!

  • This is a really great app ! Finally 🙌🏾

    by blahh blahh blahhhh!!

    Hi guys, okay so first off, I neverrr leave reviews, I’m always that person that goes based off other peoples reviews. Today I started the first day of my free 7 day trial and honesty I’m very happy to say that I really like this app! I gave this app 5 stars because it not only shows you how to do the exercises but it lets you go on your own pace unlike workout videos ! Here are a couple if things that i noticed I really liked! It gives you the rep number and while trying to figure out how to do the exercise, you are not being rushed. There is an animated person (you) doing the exercise with you and showing you how its done. Another thing i like about the app is that, it gives you recipes (that may seem weird) but they’re just suggestions that can seem to be really helpful especially for someone who doesn't know exactly how to eat healthy ! Lastly, i like that the app wants you to be comfortable with your body! The exercises you choose would be based on what you want to work out! Overall, the app is a great starting app for someone who works and doesn’t have time for the gym or simply cannot afford a trainer! It trains you and allows you to work at your own pace!

  • Im excited!

    by Poetloveromg

    Im have been struggling with weight for three years now, because of it I lost touch with all my people. This led to me having a deep depression, and became aloof and distant. Im only a teenager, and this lifestyle effected me greatly. I lose sleep, starve myself, and force myself to throw up. Finally I decided the best way to help myself is to work it out. I wanted to start a healthy new lifestyle. I looked for new diet plans and work outs. Really nothing suited me well though. This app helps me with everything. I just recently downloaded it and I’m already seeing a great change. It with the diet, exercise, and even when to drink water. Im only a few days in, and feel much more confident. I thank you very much for this app, and hope you continue to help people in their journey to help them selves. Thank You!

  • Eh...

    by hxhngt

    I’m 14 and I don’t really workout but when i do i like using an app or a guide so i can have the most effective workouts. That’s why I installed this app a few months, maybe a year, ago and i absolutely loved it. The workout programs were free, premium was optional and it was great for when i decided to workout. I eventually uninstalled this because I needed the storage space but when I reinstalled it a few days ago i thought the app was going to be the same. Turns out I was wrong. I just tried to do the “Abs Newbie” program but it was locked because i needed a membership. This upsets me because in the BetterMe Yoga app, the workout is free...Please help me understand why a premium membership is needed for the MAJORITY of the workouts. Why can’t the workouts be free and then you can pay for the Premium membership if you want the custom workouts, personal trainers, etc., just like it was before?

  • Very, very disappointed.

    by HuffyPuffyBlowFish

    This app is a complete disappointment for the price. Along with providing very minimal information on proper dieting, meal ideas, exercises etc. as well as being slow, buggy & glitchy they processed an unauthorized $50 payment for a 6month subscription after I had recalled canceling any subscriptions I had, and deleting the app off my phone weeks ago. I am trying to receive a refund right now but am having no luck, therefore am EXTREMELY dissatisfied and disappointed in both those who run this app and Apple support. Just to update I did manage to get my money back, but was still dissatisfied with the fact that I never signed up for a 6 month membership in the first place and the subscription for this app is definitely overpriced as you can find most of the information it offers online for free.

  • It’s ok.

    by Simmons-24

    I’m a beginner and still find I have trouble with the “easy” workouts...i.e., I don’t have the balance to complete an exercise properly. It takes me a bit longer than what the time states...states 4 minutes at the beginning of the workout, it takes me 8 minutes but upon completion it still shows the 4 minutes as the completion time. Thank goodness, I have a Fitbit that tracks time & burned calories more accurately. Also, the workouts are not as customized as they like you to think. There is a standard set of pre-prepared workouts given to every purchaser depending on selected activity level. My mother downloaded and was given the same workouts. We are definitely not the same in weight or age, just activity level. I do find the scheduling reminder helpful. But overall, it’s not worth the price I paid.

  • Hannah Lewis

    by afghanasteon19

    Hannah lewis if your mom knows so much then why even download the app so obviously you don’t trust your others instincts too much. Why bash someone’s app because you don’t agree with the posture of the model but your opinion is your opinion I downloaded this app because I have heard nothing but good things about it and I have friends that use this at home and in between time to stay fit because they are so busy and don’t have tons of time to work out so this app comes in handy although I have not actually used the app yet I just downloaded it and I plan rouse it and based on my friends results I honestly feel like I can trust that this will work I Highly Recommend the app.

  • Wishing it was different

    by 1zz1 thinksr

    The app itself is amazing! I love how it shows you you’re progress and how much water you should take e.c.t. I have an issue though. Payment. I know the last critic said this, but can’t the free days be more then 2 meals and three workouts? I pushed my family to follow the healthy diet but now I can’t unless I pay $9.99. I know you all put a lot of effort into this app, creators, I just wish I couldn’t get my hopes up for nothing. I mean $9.99 per week is more expensive then Netflix, $6.99 per month! I agree, you can pay for a trainer and all that extra stuff, but I’m also young and it’s unwise to spend nearly $10 per WEEK to workout. All I’m asking for is smaller prices or longer free trials. I was soo exited to be a better me, but I guess I can’t be a better me unless I pay.

  • Just got it, but love it

    by ilanarp

    It’s only two days into having the app, so I haven’t had much time to experience it. However, this was exactly what I was looking for - a variety of exercises I could do to target different areas of my body. I like how they show you (through an animation of a woman) how to do each specific exercise and show you what to focus on when you’re doing it - keep back at 45 degree angle for squats, move your foot along this line of motion for this one, etc. App is easy to use. I like that you can allow the app to remind you (badges/notifications) about when you’ve set your workout to be - sometimes it helps to get that extra, “come on! You need to exercise!”

  • Nothing is loading on the app!

    by RGan162

    I loved this app when I first got it, and after a few weeks I had to stop using it for a while, but I kept paying for the subscription, now I am back on it, but nothing will load in the app- it keeps saying there was a problem.. I tried uninstalling and installing again and that did not help as well. I started a 3 month subscription but I’d really like to cancel that and have my money back if nothing will load on it? What am I paying for? Moreover, from whatever is loading in the app, I cannot contact help or customer support and this seems just stupid. Also can’t log weight, bcz the keypad covers the save data button and well, you can’t save any data. The videos take a lot of time to load. Update: App Content loads now.

  • I like this app butttt....😑

    by helpfultips#1

    I am absolutely IN LOVE with this app.😍 I got the app and was so excited to try out the food and workouts and get that body🔥🔥 I did Day 1 workouts and then figured out that after that, you had to pay for the rest. And you also have to pay for the food. Whatever. I know that it can’t b free. I mean, it’s a effective weight loss app and it can’t b free. I liked the offer for paying 2.29 a week. But what I DIDN’T like is that you have to pay $119 right then right there if u wanted it. I was ready to pay 2.29 a week. I’m kinda mad now...I rly liked that app but now I hardly ever use it because there’s hardly a point if I about use it. So to the Better Me staff, hardly anyone will pay 119 dollars in one shot just for an app. The 2.29 a wk thin is WAYYY better. Just a tip, but PLZ look into it. Thx❤️

  • You want my money?

    by jjokesjess

    I downloaded the app to lose some wait for my nieces wedding. The app is free but after I put in all my information a screen with how you pay showed up,I thought it might me an extra add on so I clicked continue and didn’t bother reading the caption when I clicked continue a screen popped up with a $110 that I had to pay. I clicked cancel and the water part popped up, at this point I was over the app so I exited the app and deleted it. I can’t rate the app on if it helped me loose wait because I was not ready to pay $110 dollars just so I could loose 2 or 3 pounds, and maybe only use the app for a week or two even though you can pay for one week at a time but I just wouldn’t do it and start going to gym and going on jogs around the neighborhood

  • My first Day

    by daze86*

    So I like it although it’s still a little hard for me due to me being fat and over weight but what I think they should fix is telling us how many sit ups to do or mountain climbing exercises. For example they only say 12 reps but how many sit ups do I need to do for my 12 reps.. do I do 12 reps of 5 sit ups or 10 sit-ups of 12 reps etc... or simply tell us do as many sit ups or mountain climbers you want per set just do 12 . That’s my only complaint for my first day but over all. I LOVE THIS APP AND CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT I LOOK LIKE IN 30 days. If it’s actually helping me along with me dieting and working out doing only cardio then I wouldn’t mind paying for the year!!!

  • It’s a great app for weight loss!

    by TheGigglyBitch

    I’ve been trying and trying to lose weight for s long time now because I’ve been overweight and so far this app has been helping me lose that extra weight I don’t need! You should try it! And if you prefer going to the gym, then do that! This is a simple home workout so you don’t have to pay that fee of going to the gym. I’m just saying. Don’t knock it before you try it! This app has given me great inspiration. And .. I found it off of Snapchat. Lucky me. The only down part is that to get the full premium, you just buy it. But other than that everything is awesome!! I’d give it a try.

  • The new update is just OK

    by Niquedesiree

    I like the old version because it was simple and straightforward navigation. A plus was the model showing the moves was going at a pace to which I could follow along. The new version has the model moving unbelievably fast. Also, the beeping that notifies you when the count down is coming to an end of an exercise is VERY helpful. I’m not staring at my phone for the whole 30 seconds if I already know how to do the moves. There is a little bit too much going on to focus. It could be simplified just a tad. Lastly, I think what could be useful is a layout of how you should be using each kind of workout. I. E. If you were to start with a leg workout, then you have 10 sessions included over 10 days.

  • Broken?

    by Teagaming

    I didn’t buy premium or get the free trial, I just clicked the x at the top and continued into the app. I did the “fit in 7 minutes” and I loved how they showed a model and the amount of reps was the perfect challenge. When I finished the last workout, it said “save and continue” but when I clicked it, I got kicked out of the app. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not but when I reentered the app, I couldn’t continue to the next workout because I “never finished” the first one. Please fix this! I also screen-recorded when it happened so I have proof of you need it. Again, I loved the app so I’d really like if you could fix this. UPDATE!!: I went on the app a few days later and the glitch was fixed! Thank you for fixing it, I love the app

  • Awesome app, just minor issues

    by angrymother181

    Ok I e been trying to find a weight loss app that’s good and keeps track of you staying hydrated, calories, and focuses on your main areas you want to slim down. The only thing I would recommend it to give a longer free trial because if you severely over weight it’s definitely going to take more than 28 days maybe a moth would be good but homemade that’s all I love the work outs and I selected the Keto Diet and I’m going to say right now these few 28 days aren’t going to be very easy (I put it on hard mode) but I will do my best and I definitely recommend this app it’s amazing 95% would buy aka I already did😆🥰‼️

  • Work outs are Great meals not so much

    by MRawr27

    So it’s 10 a month, that’s pricy for the amount they give you. There’s no food diary with calorie intake and the food there’s no way to make more personal. Personally I wouldn’t want to eat chicken liver for lunch. Also some of the fish is hard to come by and pricy. It doesn’t explain what kind of nutrients are in each meal. The one thing I do like about this app is the work outs. I like how it shows you what to do and gives a timer for when you should work out. I always get caught up in things and say oh I don’t have time. They also give specific workouts for different areas. I’m not sure if the app is new or just hasn’t had a lot of honest reviews but i think it needs some tweaking.

  • Best app I ever used & worth the price!!

    by goodreads is a treasure

    I’ve been using the recipes everyday with my boyfriend for about a month now. As really enjoy how easy each recipe is to put together. Everything is so satisfying & tasty. This app has made it so much easier for me to live a healthier lifestyle. I used to just eat grilled chicken salads & didn’t know what else I could eat to eat healthy besides maybe switching up my protein, but this app has totally reinvented the game for me! Also, I really enjoy the workouts as well! I am trying to slim my thighs so the app gives me perfect work outs just for me! Love this app. Best app I ever had!


    by Laurengoals

    I was looking for a whole hour on my phone for a good diet app when I tried BetterMe I knew this was a perfect app. It gives me a notification when I need to drink water and you just keep track of your water and you can choose their meal plans that are super easy and delicious. The carrot omelette is amazing and it gives you the instructions and recipe it is awesome. I didn’t pay anything. The workout is great it has tasks for you to do and then a 10 minute workout you can also choose your workouts I love it I can not stop using it that is how great it is! I WOULD DEFINITELY GET THIS APP

  • Great app

    by Thalkon roiy denn

    I love this app. I’ve been doing the abs workouts and I feel like they’re more up to date with what’s considered “good” for your body, strain wise. The only thing I don’t care for is that I can’t update my notifications. Yes at the end of the workout they ask when you want to workout next but I get notifications the same day later on and I know I didn’t set notifications for that time. And then it’s everyday too. It’s not just once and a while. I’ll say I don’t want notified the next day I want the day after and I’ll still get notifications the next day, once in the morning and once at night.

  • Wow this app is amazing

    by The French O

    So I don’t like to exercise but I need to get in shape. The workouts are custom fit to your problem areas and nothing is intimidating at all. I’ve tried other apps and beach body but this fits where I’m at more than anything else. I had considered joining a gym but when your first starting to exercise you can only do a few minutes at a time. For me it was a waste of money to go up to a gym to work out for 15 minutes (at the most) and then go home. When I’m able to work out at home for an 1hr or more then I might join a gym until Better Me is perfect.

  • Guys, it seriously works

    by Anelson

    I’m 14 years old, 5’1, and 140 lbs. Not terribly out of shape, but not exactly in shape. I’ve seen so many apps that promise you’ll lose an insane amount of weight in such a short amount of time. I have no idea why I chose to actually download this one, but I’m seriously glad I did. I never pay for anything (since i’m 14 haha) but I decided it was worth it. I’ve lost 7 pounds in 4 days on the higher intensity setting of this app, and I’ve never been able to stick to any diet or workout plan before. It’s just so simple and easy. Definitely worth my money.

  • I'm on the fence

    by Swag girl6567

    I like that the workouts target different regions of the body and aren't time consuming. I like that they give you meal options. But, there should be way more interaction for this app to be $10 a month. There should be a grocery/ meal prep list. You should be able to log your food if you decide to not use the planned meals given. During the workouts there should be some motivational speaking and maybe count the reps as well. There should be a way to track your progress and at the end of each day show a summary of how many calories you've burned. For me personally it's not worth $10. I don't mind paying but I just don't feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

  • Worth it! If you can afford it.

    by Moravenka

    They charge an awfully large sum for the convenience and detailed charts; but I suppose more people need to purchase it before the price goes down. If you have the money; it is a worthwhile investment... for a month. Don’t know about paying repeatedly for every month. The price would work better at an annual rate for my budget... However it is easy to use, sync, and explore! The animated diagrams are useful. I just wish there was a preview of them before starting an exercise so that you don’t have to pause for unfamiliar stretches... or during the break you could preview the animation.

  • Super Impressed

    by Erod1157

    As someone who struggles to figure out what to eat or forgets to eat because I’m avoiding to get anxious and figure out what to eat, and cooking is as challenging as science and chemistry to me, (literally). I find this app marvelous for the wonderful and creative breakfast/snack/lunch/dinner recipes and suggestions they have for your thorough daily intake. Especially if you want to get that six-pack! I swear it’s life-changing for people like me who struggle daily with this. It’s motivating me to BE and eat healthier every day and I’m grateful for for people who want to help other people better themselves. Thank you

  • Needed a change

    by the-realness

    I’m 16 years old, weigh 198lbs and am only 5’6. My weight has always been a problem and I’ve always hated myself when looking at my body. I tried multiple times to try to lose weight but I always abandon my plans because I was the only one controlling them. Seeing this app made me have hope because with a reminder and a whole plan already made for me, I’m willing to commit. It is a little expensive and I don’t have much money, but I’m desperate for a different outlook on myself and I’m hoping that this app can do just that for me.

  • Why do I have to enter in data every time?

    by needagoodnoteapp

    The first time I used the app, I loved it! I like that the exercises are reasonable and target certain areas. The next time I opened it I had to re-enter all my information. I thought maybe I accidentally logged out and hoped it wasn’t going to charge me again. But now a third time asking for all my info and which areas I want to target?!? I have a very small window of time for workouts and I shouldn’t have to spend time re-entering everything every time I open the app. I’m disappointed I spent $10 on this. Should be free with those glitches! Will NOT be renewing unless this gets fixed.

  • Great workout!

    by activefit

    I’ve been working out with spin, weight training, Pilates, kickboxing for over 30 years. I have paid for a few trainers to find quick and effective exercises. Now that I am older with a bad knee, I need more floor exercises that work!! This APP is it! I don’t have to think about what I’m doing next. Getting started is the hardest and this App solves the problem. I get up first thing and follow the exercises and I’m done! This App has effective floor exercises at different levels. I can tell already within a week, it’s effective. I feel the burn. I don’t eat before I do them. If you have a bad knee use a chair behind you and try to barely tap bum and squeeze up, knees a bit outward. It would be great if the App could provide: 1) alternative exercises for people with bad knees for the squats 2)help people to remember to breathe through each exercise 3) stretches Otherwise it’s Great!! Love it!!!


    by Tyvbfshlob

    It’s hard for me to be able to go to the grocery store everyday and the meal are a great start for me (being a new vegetarian and in need of steady meal/snack options). Also I’m a college student so I would like to know everything I need for that week or two... Also for the meals: The measurements “pcs” means pieces or “pc” piece. Using it to mean one whole item was very confusing to figure out. You also use “ml”, which is a liquid measurement meaning milliliters, to portion solids which is misleading. For example: - 1 pcs Banana - 1 pcs Kiwi - 7 ml sliced Avacado I was confused because it seems to say use 1 piece of a banana (also not knowing how large that piece must be) and 1 piece of a kiwi. And honestly, 7 ml of avocado just sounds like I’m supposed to mash/blend it first then measure 7 ml when you really should base it on something easier like the serving size so that you don’t have to manipulate the structure. Idk if it is just a default measurement you have in your coding but the words “whole”, “half”, “serving”, and “slice” would justify.

  • Great idea!

    by KyBluegrass

    I thought I might be able to handle this especially when I saw that you can be designated as a Newbie. But I can only get thru HALF of the repetitions on my second day! Also did I miss a tutorial on the meals?? I don’t keep all that great kind of food around so it was a shock when it came time to fix breakfast the first day and I had to skip it! Do you have a shopping list that I don’t know about? I am really struggling here and want to make it work but I feel like I am flunking out and I only just got started!!!

  • Great for newcomers or returners

    by Madisyn!

    I recently downloaded this app and love how it shows me how to do the workouts. The workouts definitely aren’t too difficult for the most part, but I like that I’m not limited to just 1 a day/workout! It’s been about half a month and I’ve already seen some results! (: I don’t base my whole diet off of the nutrition category, I will maybe have one or two things that day that are recommended to substitute for my bad junk food habits. Overall extremely happy with this app so far (:

  • Grocery list??

    by Nikkidenver09

    So far this app has been awesome!! I tried the 7 day trial and of course forgot to cancel after the 7 days.. so of course I get charged $44.. I guess I have 6 months now lol so to take advantage of this app since I paid for it, I am checking out the food for the day! Which is awesome! My only recommendation so far, is a grocery list for the week. This would help prep meals beforehand, instead of looking at each day to figure out what to get and make. If the grocery list can happen, That would make the app soooooo much more convenient and useful! Thanks!

  • Great workout app!

    by janeturmom

    While reading other reviews, I have noticed it’s a theme of improving the diet section of the app. Although it has good recommendations, I usually choose my own diets & only use the work outs tab. I love how it specifies workouts for you, and allows you to go at your own pace. This is the perfect app that offers a good selection of workouts for anyone who do want to loose weight or gain some muscle! I totally recommend Life Sum if you are interested in a calorie counter. This is a great app overall and fulfills my needs!

  • Wow

    by altersarah

    The only workout app that gives you a legit meal plan AND a workout plan personalized for you for FREE. So very impressed with this app. The push notifications remind you to work out, have meals, stay hydrated, and give health tips. The developers obviously care about actual heath over money and THAT makes me want to buy things from this developer just to support what they are doing. I downloaded almost every workout app but this is the only one that’s truly free. Will continue to use this app regularly (:

  • Who needs a trainer!

    by jennifer sib

    Wow. This is amazing. I thought it would be one of those apps that tells you what to do and makes it impossible to put together or how to do it write but it way more! Shows what to do and how to do even times the reps. I did the 7 min one and am sweating! I also just realized how out of shape I am. I though I was strong because my cardio workout are great but I have neglected the toning part I guess. This app just made me realize how I can fit small workouts into my way too tight schedule!

  • Thank You

    by Onya Jones

    Ok, so whoever made this a thing I thank you so much! That’s because this is making me fit and I think if I do it for the while month or maybe even just this whole week I will most definitely lose some pounds and burn some belly fat. I mean it is a little tiering but anywhere they have good exercises then it will tire you and you will be tired afterwards 🥵. But I get support from my mom because we do it together so it is fun/funny for us. Thank you and to you reading this have a great day. 😊🤗🤩

  • It’s great but one problem

    by dghxhcdhffhgfc(;;),.676

    I just started this and I have a great body shape even before I started this and I did go on daily runs so I was trying to keep it that way and workout more so I did this and most of the moves are mostly impossible to do so don’t try to do exactly what the model is doing my advice is do it as best as you can you can’t make yourself do something when you know you can’t try to do it but if you can’t it’s ok hell I can’t so with that I say good luck on your quest and when I say this I mean it great app You know who ——————— 👩🏾

  • Game changer!

    by Weronika Jeziorski

    My biggest struggle when I got to the gym was "now what?" I never knew what to do, and if I came up with something I had to Google the form, etc. This solves that problem for me, and adds in a meal plan! The meal plan helps me decide what to eat and keeps me eating healthy! The only suggestion I have is to have an option for a "grocery list" section. It would be great to be able to pull up all the meals I would be making all in one place so when I go shopping I can purchase what I need, vs having to flip from meal to meal, from day to day.

  • Read this!!!!

    by cute cheagles

    Great app! I love this it helps a lot with easy and fast exercises! And I mean easy, I am not a flexible or athletic person so if I can do these things I am sure you can too. And this app is also really good if you have a busy schedule the work outs take no time at all! The only down side to this app is you can not view the recipes for a healthy meal, smoothies, etc. unless you pay money. But other than that I have had no problem with this app and I plan to keep using it!

  • Eek🙄

    by Jojo Kate

    I’m going off of a review that was recently responded to. The app looks great, and the workouts look very positive, but I’m a 14 year old girl, who isn’t aloud to get a workers permit. I looked at the price of this app and there’s absolutely no way that I can afford it, and my parents said i couldn’t even do the 7-day free trial. I would really love it if you developed an app that you had to sign up for, to keep your progress, but only included the workout plans for what you need, and got rid of the meal plan, that way it would be fair to me, or the user, and you, the developer. Other than that I have no complaints about the app at all. Thanks.

  • Great workouts! Not so great diet plans

    by leecymarie85

    I LOVE the workout plans and the interface format. However, I am not the biggest fan of the diet plan, as it lacks a calorie/nutrient intake list and on multiple occasions the recipe does not even match the ingredient list, let alone the name of the recipe (please see anything with cottage cheese). I also really wish that there was an option to switch out a meal for another equal nutrient/calorie option in case of allergies to ingredients in the recommended meal. Altogether, I love the plans and feel successful when I finish a day in my plan, but look forward to some big changes in the future of this app.

  • General Fixes Needed

    by McDonald1970

    When I first started the app I loved that it gave me recipes and even let me put in diet restrictions, including Keto, gluten-free, or vegetarian, etc. But, I noticed there was no “sea-food free” option which is unfortunate because I’m allergic and/or simply don’t like seafood dishes. It would be incredibly helpful if this was an option. A second problem I would run into is that once I had completed a workout and press “finish” the app would crash and not save any of my progress. This is frustrating for obvious reasons. Thirdly, I don’t have Facebook so therefore it is very difficult to create an account. It would be preferable to me and to others who don’t have Facebook to add a ‘sign in with email’ option. However this is not as important to me as the first two. Overall, this is a wonderful concept of an app for those who cannot afford a gym membership or a personal trainer. In my opinion it just needs some tuning. Thank you for your time.

  • I loved this app ... until it started crashing on me

    by Sarafina11

    This app is great. It shows you the workouts . It tells you exactly what to do and times you doing it. You can share with your friends or on social media ... all great! Except when I got to about day 26 ... I do the workout, complete it. It records it ... then the app shuts down.. when I reopen... same thing. So I can’t unlock the next day because it’s showing I haven’t completed the previous... This app was my personal trainer and now I’m bummed and will be canceling my subscription because there’s no point if it can’t get past this... very disappointed.

  • Not a bad app

    by AutumnDay_

    I like how the work outs are provided and they walk you through it. The diet portion i think they should provide a list of breakfast to choose from and lunches and snacks etc etc so you can customize your diet but still be eating the acceptable good foods. I wish this had a feature to log your meals or what changes you made. I’d like to have the option to read why the food is beneficial so i know why I’m choosing that specific meal for that meal of the day. Overall i like the app. I’m on the free trial so i don’t know how much I’ll want to pay for it once the trial is over. But i am using it as enjoying it!

  • Suggestions

    by Ruru-clarington18

    So I’ve been on her and it seems to know it’s stuff, but I would like to add an idea for the company. In the app it gives you meals for each day. Some of these I definitely would like to try, but I don’t have the ingredients. I know I can just tap on each day, and it’ll tell me. Yet out of convenience, I think they should include a grocery list for the week. So that way you have the ingredients for the meals each day. I like the app, it’s just a thought I wanted to share with the company to make it more convenient.

  • Great app but wish it had a little more features

    by mrsmeier

    I know the app links up to my Apple health and why not but I really wish there was tracking within the app as well. For example track weight loss,track body measurements, steps, ect....I feel like now adays I have to have an app for every part of my health. Would really love for those type of things to be added. Also I love love love that is has tasty meal options my only complaint is I wish there was a way to get a grocery list for he meal options so that I don’t have to go through each day and tally up the ingredients for my weekly shopping trip.

  • Lame

    by jessigrooves

    I hate this app and will never use it. Keep searching there are many better apps! Mostly for beginners but still look elsewhere! It’s just weak as far as moves and overall set up. I workout harder just going on about my day. If you are really overweight like 100+ maybe it’s a good place to start but if you already have a fit body and routine that works this isn’t even a warm up! You tube has so much better workouts and there are better apps for motivation.

  • Good App

    by Shiningstar0213

    This app is very challenging. I love the workouts and when I first started it was amazing! I lost 1 inch off my stomach in 2 weeks. This was with doing this app, dieting, and 10 minuets of cardio. But now that I am on day 13 I have lost motivation to use the app because it has became boring. I am more of a weight lifting and going to the gym kind of person and this app just became boring to me. I do love the app and recommend it for someone who does not go to the gym or does not like lifting weights. It is an amazing app that really works.

  • Seems good for weight loss

    by PinkNdPurple

    I haven’t tried the app, I deleted it after I saw the amount of calories they were going to have me eat everyday. I put that I wanted to work every body part except my stomach, because my goal is to gain weight and not lose it. I already know my maintenance calories are 1600, but they tried to have me eat 1400 calories a day. First of all, I put that I wanted to gain 10 lbs, not lose. Second, I put that I go to the gym almost everyday. To sum it up, how could I gain more by eating less than my maintenance? Just that alone made me delete the app before getting into it.

  • Hoping to Get Abs

    by Wishappwouldload

    All my life I’ve always been the girl that’s not far but isn’t the most fit. I play some sports yeah but when I’m at home I’m a bit of a couch potato. I’m hoping that with this app and by dieting a bit I can finally becoming a skinner, better version of myself with some abs. All the girls I see in magazines have these beautiful bodies and I’m hoping maybe just maybe and can obtain a body some what like that. I really hope that this app works and after 28 days I will have abs.

  • Doesn’t even work

    by Trinn:)

    The APP doesn’t work the video don’t play and I don’t need the eating plan I have a nutritionist for a brother I did all the work out for day 1 and started day 2 and it never work re loaded app twice clear me cache twice! To unlock the day three you have to do day two and I can’t unlock day three because it doesn’t work worst worst worst !!!! This is why work out app are the worst get your hopes up for a new route to get you out of Plato and it wasted time!

  • Not Enough Info

    by Lucid Lion's Lexi

    As many people have said, the app is not really worth the money. I’ve used free apps that offer food logs and break down nutrition for you. The meal plans aren’t at all personalized, and they don’t even provide you with a grocery list. The reason I keep the app is the workouts. I like that they target different areas and start off at a beginner level. To be honest though, there are probably better apps out there that do the same. And they don’t give you any kind of summary of all your workouts combined. Unless some good changes are made, I won’t be renewing my subscription.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • My review

    by Gracey.A.C 5531

    I love this app because it help me lose weight so I won’t be insecure while cuddling with my boyfriend ❤️😊

  • Amazing App

    by Dat-h

    I decided not to pay and it is still amazing, unlike other apps that force you to pay this one you can Choi’s to not pay or to pay.

  • Wow

    by altersarah

    The only workout app that gives you a legit meal plan AND a workout plan personalized for you for FREE. So very impressed with this app. The push notifications remind you to work out, have meals, stay hydrated, and give health tips. The developers obviously care about actual heath over money and THAT makes me want to buy things from this developer just to support what they are doing. I downloaded almost every workout app but this is the only one that’s truly free. Will continue to use this app regularly (:

  • Better me

    by Bam bam 914

    It’s a good app

  • I love this app

    by AndreaM🤩

    I love this app ❤️

  • Amazing

    by Emma P Schmidt

    Their amazing they personalize a meal plan and workout plan just for you and you choose which areas you want to work on also if you don’t like the meal your can go and change it it’s absolutely phenomenal

  • Wish there was a way to log what I do on my own.

    by Pizzaz&Peaches

    I really like the planned workout. It helps motivate me and keeps me on a good course...for less than half an hour. The app wants me to work out 25 minutes a day which is a decent goal considering I am busy all day. However, I usually finish the planned work out in 15 minutes. I wish the workouts were longer. I also like to do some workouts on my own. For instance I like to run and stretch so I wish there was a way for me to put in my run time and stretched so the app can keep track of that. I of course am not tech savvy so I don’t know how difficult this would be to add. I wants to thank the creators for an otherwise helpful app!😁

  • Please let this work plan

    by yoli the awsome fitness worker

    Hey guys I really hope this plan or workout is working cause I want to walk around without anyone making fun of me

  • Apple Watch

    by S_bug

    It would be great if this app could be used on the Apple Watch!

  • Confidence in my body🥰

    by ❤️Armoogamqueen❤️

    I’m getting amazing comments on how my body looks and getting amazing sleep so far( I love this app )

  • Awesome

    by 💫❤️💪🏽🙏


  • I think it’s pretty dope

    by TOASTY🤗🤗

    Just started so no results yet but I can feel the burn and this app has great potential and all the exercises,diets,and notifications seem very helpful! Great app😁

  • Great app 😌

    by burgerwithnoburger

    I honestly hate giving reviews but this is amazing. It makes working out fun and gives me hope that I will reach my goal one day.

  • amazing app!

    by shreks.swamp

    this app is great! i love how it’s free. and i also like how at the end of your session it tells you how many calories you lost!!

  • Prices??

    by hailey4628394

    I downloaded the app today and was wondering if it is $20 for one month or $20 for a week because in small print it says that it is $20 per week but it’s in the category for monthly


    by oh my my my <3

    Amazing app! I have been losing a lot of calories and after this I will have my dream body!

  • Was I just signed up?

    by ZephPlayzYT

    I wasn’t sure if it was a pay for service app so when I go to the terms I decided to exit. I want to cancel my other WW subscription. I went back into the app, Now it seems like I have access to the app okay even a trial? Anyhow I didn’t agree and hope it doesn’t bill me cause I’m gonna be one angry person.

  • So good

    by kassie🤓🤓

    So when you start it’s easy then it gets harder but I’m STILL on 1 level but it is really easy

  • Thank you it is so good I need to lose some weight

    by janiseia hasberry

    Love it 😍 I will love this app and I will send it to my sister and my friends and my family and friends thank you for helping me this app is cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Better me

    by najakakqhhwan

    This app is so cool it actually puts you in shape and the exercises are so easy and they give you breaks

  • From Layton

    by durden farms

    Y’all are the best

  • Perfect!

    by Sum G

    The app asks you questions at the beginning and based on what you answered with it pulls a workout AND a diet for you, plus after your workout you rate it. And based on how you rate the workout, the app will immediately make a harder or easier workout for you, THIS APP IS AMAZING! Install NOW!! ❤️❤️

  • Love it!!!

    by ite83lix!

    I love this app for my weight loss journey! They have great recipes and exercises and encourage you to drink more water

  • Honest review from a not fit person

    by kabao bai

    Easy app to navigate! Easy to set up! Love the simplicity of the app and the work out is just right for me

  • Keeps me motivated to do a little workout every day.

    by X trainer

    I liked the original version of the app better because you chose the muscle group and had a 10 minute workout. I’m getting used to this updated version. I wish it would separate workouts with weights and workouts without weights. I have weights at home but not while traveling. I’d like to incorporate more weights in my home workouts. Overall it makes it easy to workout each day.

  • Love it!

    by 1313999

    I really love this app it is amazing and has let me lost a few! It’s great!

  • Best ever

    by sariinah

    Great app!!!

  • The best!!!

    by Emilia Powell

    Uma das melhores coisas que me aconteceu nessa semana. 100% aprovado, super recomendo ✨👏🏻✨👏🏻 Emília Powell

  • Diet food

    by sarah maddy

    I’m don’t lie the the diet you need to do other one because they are very weird and taste very weird but everything else it good For me I run out of air easily so this help me get use to it you know what I mean

  • Bella’s feedback

    by fjsieivif

    Okay but I think it could improve a bit with stretches

  • I lost weight

    by awesome-brooklyn

    I lost 15 pounds in 25 days

  • ME.

    by Kb💛🤕

    I love this app, i just started today and i already are an improvement in my body. Thank you soooo much 💛

  • Glad to find

    by nalu301

    I love this app get a good exercise, discreet, at my pace also the food portion gives good options esp I have dif dietary needs as my family

  • Helpful to me

    by really helpful to me

    Really helpful!!

  • Great

    by gxhdhdhhd


  • Love it!

    by Coolieioe

    the app is wonderful and i enjoy using it but the only think that i dont like is that the meals they give you aren’t so personalized i would like a feature that you could put in your own meal/recipe and use that instead

  • Me

    by idl u souldnt care

    I’m out of shape and this is helping me really good👍🏼

  • Food and help

    by rosy 2019

    This is the best app ever

  • Muy bueno 👏

    by tase18

    Pero un poco caro 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Norma

    by Andersonnunezramos


  • Thanks 🙏 for making this app

    by eedahcats

    I am new here and I feal like my crush doesn’t know I am even here because I am a little fat he use to have fealings for me now he doesn’t he now likes Sabria I see it in his eyes I hate being 😡fat girl 👧 now I think this app will work now I have some light 💡 at least🤞

  • Omg

    by kalana809

    I love this app is so good 😊 🔥

  • Great App

    by JamJenn

    Great exercises to finish off a workout❤️

  • Absolutely great!

    by sunflowerloverrr

    I needed something to keep me in check and motivate me to work out and this app does just that. I am held reliable for my workouts now which pushes me to do them! Love this app!

  • Love it

    by Tayyy Ra

    Love the app, just wish I could plug in my own meals if I made some!

  • 4 stars

    by BeanHate

    Please include a choice to go on a diet or not

  • Better me

    by jdhdbdehwhw

    Better than ever I am actually getting skinner and I just started

  • Better Me!!

    by honeyjarmustard

    This app is amazing and it really helps with my fitness

  • Best

    by dhdtgefegvdg

    Super good and fun

  • Exercises

    by lovebuggians

    I do the exercises with my 7 year old son

  • It’s totally awesome

    by yo fro yo

    I like it

  • Just what is says

    by Naralia P

    This app is awesome! A lot of workout apps aren't that good because they don't really help lose some weight, and this is only my first time doing the workout, and I feel like it really helps. It also calculate the amount of steps you took and it sets goals for you! Also, it give s you goals for how much calories you eat per day! (If you set that) But in my opinion it's a really good workout app! I really recommend this app!

  • This is a good app but....

    by SnowyMythicalWolf

    I don’t want to spend a lot of money on everything that I want to do.If you could make it where only some you have to pay for, I would think way better and give this a 5 star review.

  • Great app!!

    by I dint have a nikname but hi

    This app is really good!! I lost 2 pounds!!

  • Janiyah’s Thanks

    by janiyahtheone

    It’s helping me lose so much weight

  • BetterMe

    by enjwhshauaj

    I give this app an 4 out of 5. Reason behind this is you can’t log what you eat and your how many calories you consume. Or maybe you can and I am just not seeing it, but I have been on this app for 3 days and have lots 6 pounds.

  • Why I rate you a 4

    by vv$(

    You are helping me but I need something more challenging

  • Marianabadisss

    by marianabadisss

    It’s hard

  • Better Me.

    by Mari_01Xx

    Honestly this app helps a lot, I feel like it keeps track better than any app and actually is honest with me which is important to a lot of people. The other thing I appreciate is that not only does the app help you, but it also suggest things to try to help us better. -Thank you!

  • Question

    by goodme19

    Are the work outs supposed to have volume? So far I have no sound. Also, is there a search button for specific meals I would like to try or do I need to just keep scrolling down the meal pictures until I find what I want

  • I love this app

    by vkeila420

    I love this app I think its a great app I think people should really try this app

  • Loving it

    by s!47s

    I have been looking for an app that can keep me fit and so far I am loving BetterMe however you do have the option to pay for stuff you still get things just not as much

  • Better health

    by stelladabest

    My health improved so much it’s a great app I really like it

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BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts

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