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BEAKER - Mix Chemicals

BEAKER - Mix Chemicals


Experiment with 150+ chemicals

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Editor’s Review

  1. Experiment with over 300 different kinds of chemical reactions! Have fun as you make the beaker shake, heat, cap, pour and more
  2. Detailed graphics and simple, user-friendly controls make studying and experimenting with chemistry loads of fun
  3. Have fun exploring the world of chemistry in a safe, virtual environment! Don’t worry about accidentally mixing the wrong chemicals

Reviewed by Laura S on January 11, 2018

Review Highlights

  • useful

    in 73 reviews

    I have took Science stream as my higher Studies. Believe me or its very useful !!

  • boring

    in 34 reviews

    Boring. Uninteresting graphics. Bad UV. There is no beaker

  • educational

    in 24 reviews

    Fun educational glad that they made it to where you can get all tools for .99 cents

App Description

Google Play

BEAKER turns your device into a virtual lab to experiment with 150+ chemicals.

You can hold it, shake it, heat it up, cap it, add in chemicals, pour out, or pour between BEAKERs via AirMix.

Start (tap or hold on chemicals to add them in)
- CaO + H2O
- K + H2O (fire)
- Na + H2O (fire)
- Al + Br2 (fire)

Ignite (swipe your finger and hold, like striking a match)
- Ignite Mg, C, Al
- Ignite H2 + O2 (explosion)

Heat Up (swipe in from the lower right to the lower left corner to turn on heater)
- Boil Water (H2O)
- Heat Fe + HNO3 (color transformation)

Shake* (shake to accelerate reactions)
- CuSO4 + H2O + Mg (color transformation)
- AgNO3 + H2O + Cu (precipitation)
- AgNO3 + H2O + NaCl (precipitation)

AirMix** (nearby BEAKERs pair automatically)
- Pour Na into Cl2 (fire)
- Pour CH3COOH into NaHCO3 + Blue (bubbles)
- Pour NaCl + H2O into AgNO3 + H2O (precipitation)

And 300+ more reactions!

* Swipe from the upper right to the upper left corner to cap your BEAKER.
** AirMix requires an Internet connection and geolocation services.

If any chemicals or reactions are missing, please contact us at Your suggestions are greatly valuable to us.

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BEAKER - Mix Chemicals

BEAKER - Mix Chemicals

3.6 14K+ Reviews

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