Ball Paint

Ball Paint


Aim at the shape and paint it all in one color!

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Aim at the shape and paint it all in one color!
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  • Not a bad game Jul 12, 2019

    By Sethsteph15
    This is honestly one of the better games on the App Store. Most games of this nature are extremely repetitive, not challenging at all, and overall just a cash-grabby, garbage game. This is a simple game, yes. And it can get repetitive after hours of play, however it does pose quite the level of difficulty on certain levels, and the boss fights can be very difficult. The RNG nature of this game can only add to the level of difficulty you’ll face. As long as you turn airplane mode on to avoid these god awful ads, I assure you, you’ll enjoy this app for at least an hour. Better than most “apps” can say for themselves.
  • Jun 16, 2020

    By Ezekiel Coe
    Latest update fixed the ad-removal issue so adjusting review. Relaxing game, levels never get too hard. Some may say that is boring, but not every game needs to be brain busting. I only wish there were something more to do with the currency after all balls are purchased, it just sits there building up.
  • Gets boring real quick, with luck also playing a factor sometimes. May 21, 2019

    By The Hunting Wolf
    The game is good as a time killer, for a little while. But it’s like a dungeon crawler that never changes. Sure, you get different shapes, but said shapes get repetitive real quick once you realize there isn’t much uniqueness put on them. Maybe something with changing colors, making you need to time your moves well, or one that changes shape altogether? That’d be really refreshing! It’s difficult, but would probably it more interesting. Also, maybe the background could be changed with the points you get? So far, they do nothing, and are just wasted potential! Also, when you are almost done with a stage, and all of one color is used, it’s still shown up? Why? It ends up eating away at your turns, because you would need luck for the color you need rather than skill, because without it, you’d lose! Why not get rid of colors you don’t need anymore so players don’t get good progress, only to halt at the last level of a stage because of some bad luck? It’s a problem which halted multiple runs for me, and is infuriating to deal with. In general, it’s good, but only as a time killer. Not to mention ads can really annoying. But that’s all I have to say on the matter.
  • Can be so much more!!! May 12, 2019

    By Mskimmy21
    I really like this game.. but there is soooo many things that could be done to improve it.. 1 give us the option to turn off the hepatics.. it seriously kills phone battery 2 Make it required to get 100% instead of >95%... a challenge is always good! 3 There are 3 levels to each level.. make each one harder.. part 1 with 4 colors.. part 2 with 5 colors or something.. right now it’s just the same thing again 4 I’m at level 117 or something.. it’s the same thing over and over (mildly addictive) make the shapes multi layered or something 5 I said there are 3 levels to each level.. how about we start a level with say 50 balls.. then when you get to part 2 you only have 30 balls left.. and part 3 you only have 10 balls left? .... wait... I just read the reviews of others and I see that you DO start with a set number and move down?? How can be on level 117 and not have noticed that?? Somethings not right? 6 why are there points if we don’t use them for anything.. how about we get a point total and we use the points to buy an extra ball 7 those points... if I have 1 ball left I get 1000, 7 balls gives