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Watch 30+ Live TV Channels & 15,000 On Demand Movies & Shows with WatchTV!

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Watch 30+ Live TV Channels & 15,000 On Demand Movies & Shows with WatchTV!
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  • App is just fine people are impatient Jul 29, 2019

    By pbodi40
    So I have been using the app for about a month now and I read a lot of reviews before I downloaded the app as I did not want to waste my time with commercials streams pausing and lagging out for lack of a better term and at first it made me question the app but I said hey I’m paying for the top plan where I get free TV so why not the biggest complaint that I have seen from reviews is that there are too many commercials.........PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!! it is live TV and I actually did the math behind the time and you’re only about 45 seconds behind the live stream at home versus watching from your phone it goes on regular commercials as you would watch a TV end it actually shows the same exact commercials as it is showing on the TV just as I said 45 seconds behind so the app is great if you’re on the go and you’re watching TV it will feel like you are at home with a real feel of watch I recommend download!!!!
  • Please fix the problems! Jan 16, 2019

    By barrsurf
    The app is ok when it works. I’m using it on Apple TV and it’s got a couple of very annoying issues. First, if you stop watching an archived program before it’s over and choose the resume option later, it always goes back to the beginning and won’t let you fast forward. Either fix the resume option or enable fast forward option in all archived content. Second, in those archived programs that let you fast forward if you try to go to where you left off you’ll often get up to 3 minutes of commercials even if it just played them a few minutes ago. They increase the amount of commercials the farther you get into the program. Just do 2 commercials every break and not one the first break building up to 5+ by the end of the program. Third, almost every commercial is played a ridiculous amount of times during a program. I will not purchase anything from any advertisement that is forced upon me endlessly. It could be a good app with even a modicum of investment.
  • Love & hate Jun 6, 2020

    By Ms 241
    I normally don’t write negative reviews becau