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ASL Dictionary, NTID: Modified

ASL Dictionary, NTID: Modified

Rochester Institute of Technology

This modified version of the NTID ASL Dictionary is safe for younger users.

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App Description

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This is a modification for younger users of the popular ASL Video Dictionary and Inflection Guide from National Technical Institute for the Deaf. It does NOT include the Socially Restricted and Substance Abuse signs that many parents and school officials view as inappropriate for children and teenagers.

The program shows 2,700 signs and 650 sentences that demonstrate how signs change, or “inflect”, to convey different meanings. For example, modifications in hand movements and facial expressions can change the sign for “help” to mean help me, help them, help for a long time, etc. “Afternoon” can change to mean all afternoon, late afternoon or every afternoon. The sentences also show the full range of ASL grammar.

There is an option to show signs grouped into 24 categories: Countries, Animals, Numbers, States, Money, etc. As a self-test, users also have an option to choose when they see the English sentences – simultaneously with the ASL sentences, or afterwards.

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ASL Dictionary, NTID: Modified

ASL Dictionary, NTID: Modified

4.1 59 Reviews

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