Amazon A to Z

Amazon A to Z

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Amazon A to Z is the place to manage your work-life at Amazon.

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Amazon A to Z is the place to manage your work-life at Amazon.
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  • Average May 25, 2020

    By CoochMcGooch
    I’m writing this review while taking a poopie :D
  • Apr 30, 2020

    By Andrew Barber
    Inside the app functions well enough, but why do I have to login, verify my identity over text message and re-enter my password every time I want to use the app even when I select the "Remember This Device" option. The old website system works better. Also, functionality options to allow me to request vacation time or PTO would be awesome. Tremendously annoying to have to be on-site to make these requests.
  • Awesome May 31, 2020

    By hvyrocker
    Shoes schedule updates, let’s you request time off and update time clock punches
  • Jun 12, 2020

    By adam b
    Works fine when connected to wifi, and have been able to do and check what I need. However when using on mobile data I can't access the app it at all, even on chrome or internet explorer the a to z site doesn't load up. Is there an issue at the moment with using mobile data with the app and site?
  • Language!!! May 2, 2020

    By uniquemoee
    How can I change my language on the app