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all 4 hue

all 4 hue

Rene Wahl

Best rated app for Philips Hue. No app offers more features and stability!

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App Description

Google Play

'all 4 hue' is the most sophisticated app for Philips Hue. This very complete app provides much more features and stability than all competing apps. It is the best rated Philips Hue app. “all 4 hue“ is able to fully control up to 5 hue bridges.

This app is available as free version without advertisements but with some limitations. The free version can be used for unlimited duration. It is suggested to use the free version to check if the app fits to the users needs. In case of further interest additional features can be activated via in-app purchase to enjoy the complete feature set of the app. The app is available in German and English language. The app is continously improved - since May 2015 more than 100 updates with new features (without any extra charge!) were released.

Overview (some features):
- Configure all your lights and search for new lights
- Create, edit, delete and activate static scenes. Scenes are stored in your Hue Bridge and can be accessed from all your devices. Scenes can also be activated with NFC tags.
- Work with actions and place then on your home screen as widgets (turn lights on/off, change brightness, color, scene, etc.).
- Create, edit and delete timers and alarms with a lot of different actions.
- Create, edit and delete rules with a lot of different conditions and actions. Use rules to program hue tap, dimmer, presence sensor, ambient light sensor and temperature sensor.
- Use the integrated rule wizard to create complex rule constructions really quick, e.g. switch from one scene to the next one when you press a hue tap button multiple times, etc.
- Manage your sensors: Hue tap, dimmer, presence sensor, ambient light sensor and temperature sensor supported. Generic status sensors are also supported.
- React on device events (e.g. flash lights on incoming sms or call).
- Enjoy effects based on Philips Hue Entertainment feature (disco, bonfire, colorloop).
- Call functions of this app from external other apps (e.g. Tasker).
- Access up to 5 hue bridges with this app.

- This app requires a Philips hue bridge - round (V1) and squared (V2) bridge supported.
- This app supports hue tap, dimmer, presence sensor, ambient light sensor and temperature sensor.
- This app requires some permissions in order to detect incoming calls and sms (for device events). Details about the permissions can be found in the FAQ section in the app.

- This app can only be used within the local network, because Philips does not allow remote access via Internet to the hue bridge for third party apps without a special contract. The development team of this app is in contact with Philips to clarify the contract details and provide the remote access feature until end of 2018.

Please feel free to participate in the community:

In case of any suggestions or technical problems the author would like to receive a mail instead of a bad rating. Ratings with 1 star without any reason or comment do not help to improve the app. Thank you!

What’s New

Google Play

  • 8.13

    February 15, 2019 Support of new Philips outdoor motion sensor. Display of battery level and reachability for hardware sensors supported. Usage of latest official Philips icons for equipment. Test modes for motion sensors supported (see sensor settings).
  • 8.12

    January 9, 2019 Minor bugfixes. A message indicates that this app will lose the permission -Detect incoming SMS- due to a change in Googles permission policies. Detailed online help available which can be called from the section Info and Help.
  • 8.11

    December 13, 2018 Generic memory sensors for values and flags can be used in rules, alarms and timers even if the sensors were generated with other apps. Support of HSV color model for lights, groups and scenes. Problems when saving settings for disco entertainment effect fixed. Simplified creation of new scenes with wizard possible. Support of group scenes and light scenes. Color settings for all scenes can be retrieved from the hue bridge automatically with only one click.
  • 8.10

    November 19, 2018 Improvements for rule groupings.
  • 8.9

    November 17, 2018 Rule groupings in rules section now possible. Rule groupings are stored in the hue bridge and can be edited from each device with this app. Some minor bugfixes.

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all 4 hue

all 4 hue

4.5 6K+ Reviews

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