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Airline Commander - A real flight experience

Airline Commander - A real flight experience


Conquer routes worldwide, fly amid real traffic and build your fleet!

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74.2% Positive Reviews

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  • by Calvin Pinto

    Looking at the games I used to play a few months ago, I thought this game would be similar n boring... But the amount of details and real life like experience it provides for the file size is so amazing. Even if this game would've been couple of dollars to buy, I would've been happily ready to even blindly purchase this game. Well built game. Just an opinion, would like more variety in beginning like full flight rather than just take off and landing, apart from that, brilliant game💯

  • Good, not great.

    by Tmooz

    Overall this is very fun to play. The flight physics are decent, I like the premise of the game, the graphics aren’t bad, and the realism is adequate... not perfect but adequate. I keep coming back for more every day, but I would like to see a few future changes. The game is very very bossy. I hate that there is no sandbox/free flight mode, not even one you could buy - I would pay a reasonable sum of money ($20 or so) to have open unlimited access to just fly, and probably pay another $20 to unlock everything, all planes. I’ve done over 300 landings and every time I land it still says “use the brakes to reduce the speed on the runway.” GEE, YOU THINK? Take off the training wheels. I’ve also experienced more rudder failures than I think have taken place in the entire history of aviation... not just commercial aviation - ALL aviation. The failures add a fun element but at the same time there have been just incidents of all engines failing on a commercial aircraft in modern aviation (not including fuel starvation) - I swear I’ve had that many in just a day in this game. It doesn’t even make sense that you can’t view your achievements or achievement progress unless you have earned one. You can’t slide the level or progress bar around to see what airports are coming up.

  • by A Google user

    Great game but just the landing is a bit unrealistic. Instead of having a pitch up attitude you always will touch the runway with the front wheels first. Which is kinda annoying. Graphics are awesome! Controls are fine and I would suggest adding military aircraft and space shuttles. And on the map of the world where you choose route you want to go to, I think the feature of those planes move in real time and showing their real time location, speed and height is a really good addition.

  • So close

    by ntm929

    This could be a really great game, but the instructional videos aren’t great and your plane will have a failure about 75% of the time. Landing in elements is hard enough without your engines failing 300 feet above the ground. Having to switch screens to restart your engines is terrible since your screen doesn’t always react as quickly as it needs to. Best case scenario a restart of your engines takes 5-8 seconds, but when your so far into the decent, your dropping speed so fast you can’t salvage it. There is also a HUGE amount of down time in this game unless you want to spend serious money on it. If you don’t want to buy your way thru you have to wait for new contracts so you can buy new planes or licenses. This game is also very hard to play on an iPhone X because many of the controls and the home bar overlap. I am constantly closing out of the app trying to hit controls, especially the engine buttons.

  • Too Controlling

    by Cary19

    Most games have a period of instruction where the tell you what to do each step of the way. I get that part it shortens the learning curve. However, at some point the game, normally, lets you find your own way, with maybe some hints. Maybe I have not gone far enough in the game I’m only at Level 5, but there is no freedom. It says you cannot fly (including older planes) until you have a certain license or you cannot fly until you buy a newer plane, even with routes open you are forced into doing things. Too much do this... now do that... I want my FREEDOM! The game is well made, I think it’s assumes we are more knowledgeable about terms like “minimums.” Great graphics too. And I like the fact, that It’s focused on the most challenging part of flying, takeoffs and landings. At some point I hope they stop forcing me to do certain things and let me make my own decisions.

  • Message for the GAME DEVELOPERS!!!

    by Jber5576

    Dear Game Developers, Please READ! Can you please raise all of the knobs in the menu that has the (auto pilot, heading, etc.) up a little? For those of us with a phone case (iPhone X OtterBox) it makes it SUPER tricky to adjust the dials as needed without it constantly swiping out of the game (buttons are right on the edge of the phone case). If you could look into this and possibly change it maybe for the next update that would be awesome and appreciated! Taking off the phone case just to play only this game is silly and is getting old. Other than that, if you are looking for a flight sim with unbelievable graphics, sound & game play... download this game! Game play is so accurate I question with all the licenses you earn, if one could really fly a real plane after!?!?

  • by Ruth Schell

    I am a certain student pilot who loves everything about aviation. So I figured, that it wouldn't be so bad in downloading a flight game where I can have some fun flying for rewards. I didn't expect too much of this game but I gave it a try. Was I ever surprised, this game really does reward you, and not only that, it's actually more fun then what I expected it to be. Good job on this game, and hay, that a350 as the thumbnail really does attract pilots.

  • Flawed yet perfect

    by stampede2233

    This game is a total godsend for me, because I was looking for a good, in-depth simulator that wasn’t as much a game. It has amazing graphics and a physics engine that was probably borrowed from a government-issue simulator. I also love the fact that you can edit your liveries and name your airline (although you should be able to change it more than once). This game does, however have a couple of flaws that I feel need to be addressed. There should be more livery options, such as Forza Horizon-like custom decal system with community decals and the ability to save livery presets and edit each part of the plane individually. This game has a glitch where the landing gear doesn’t load when you reverse thrust after landing with the Embrarer 140 on full throttle. Also, when a new license or airplane is available, you can’t do contracts, forcing you to scrounge for money using offers for other airlines. There are too few planes. You can’t unlock the famous SeaTac airport. For all its flaws, this game has five other things it gets right. you could charge money for this game and I would still gladly buy it.

  • by kelley dyke

    i have played a few sim games for flight, but never before anything like this. just amazing! love this game. thank you devs working my way up through the planes and learning the controls is a blast! i look forward to flying the real big boys!

  • by Matt Grumbler

    Once I found a full flight: take off, cruising, landing, taxing etc. It was a flight from Istanbul to Venice. If you are not good at geography, it's 2 hours of flight. Ofc I used auto pilot. During the flight I was doing different things in real life: cooking, dishwashing, you name it.. And there was one thought in my mind =\ What. If. I. Do. Smth. Stupid. In the end of the flight?! I smiled about it.2 hours past. pick up phone from the table.switch off auto pilot. forgot about calibration. GG

  • by Gaming Show

    One word to describe it: AMAZING! I always wanted to pilot a plane and couldnt find a good sim but this beats them all. Decreasing the time it takes to get a contract is a good idea devs, just saying. Overall it is a amazing and relaxing sim

  • So close, so far

    by InsanoShano

    I have played most of RORTOS’ games on the app store, and love them all. This new one is very good too, but (adding on to the issues the previous reviewer mentioned) some future tweaks/patches/add-ons will be needed to make it greater than the older RORTOS games. There is a “Coming Soon” section on the title screen that I’m guessing will be a full flight simulator, fingers crossed (as the game stands now, there aren’t full flights from one airport to another). I know it is easier said than done, but improvements to the maps and terrain (maybe even some world landmarks to fly over/explore) would be awesome. (Right now, it kind of seems like a re-release of the last game, pretty much)

  • by Bjp konect

    When we deploy full flaps while approaching and landing the aeroplanes should have a pitch up attitude while on a level flight path but the developers forgot this very vital info. Sometimes I land with the nose wheel first and get a very good soft landing remarks and scores, but it should have been the worst rated laning.. Dear developers, please note my point and make the game more realistic..

  • No- not so close-SPOT ON

    by Swirly Pat

    FINALLYYYYYYYY THE FIRST REAL FLIGHT SIMULATOR PHONE APP I’ve been searching for years and years and years and this is the BEST game in flight simulation. Nope- not you x-plane. If you’re a fan of this genre then it’s time to just sigh of relief- we did it! We finally got a real flight simulator! It’s up to you- you don’t have to go full simulation, it’s up to you! Cause guess what???? Flight simulation is hard for beginners! And guess what? This game does everything from showing you how to taxi, take off- it teaches you controls you won’t learn in Microsoft flight simulator- absolutely LOVE this game! This is only the 2nd review I’ve ever written- it is well deserved. Bravo! I would actually put money in this game.

  • by David Thornton

    This game is quite realistic. It actually gives me confidence that in a pinch I could fly just about any plane out there. It has a few glitches but that doesn't take away from the overall experience. I give it a 9 outta 10.

  • So close to the best

    by Chi ode

    Rortos make the best flight combat simulators and I always knew they would eventual make a commercial airline sim. I love this game as close to the pc flight simulators. But still room for improvements, the planes are rather comic like , quality needs to be on par with infinite flight and look more realistic, more ground vehicles, human presence will be cool.. a Miami airport and Caribbean airport will be nice, also come on you must have a Lagos / Abuja airport . You need to fix the problem with planes crossing or flying past when you have been cleared for landing. Also the emergencies that suddenly occur when u have no hope in hell of handling ie 300 feet from landing. I love the game .

  • by Henri Hung

    It is a great game, the graphics is realistic, I can operate different types of aircrafts and in general I just enjoy playing this game. There can be improvements though. Taxiways are sometimes misleading as the game will direct you to where there is no line. It would also be great if I can see what routes I have opened, it will makes me think I have a real airline.

  • Good, can be better.

    by Rgupta91

    It’s probably one of the best flight simulators on iOS. Here’s what can make it even better: 1) Fast forward option during full flights. No one wants to realistically spend 5 hours on their device through a real-time flight. I want to experience and full-flight, but with the option to fast- forward, instead of skipping all together. Also, have more full-flights! 2) Too many failures happen once flight is under 300 ft, giving you next to nothing time to actually respond to it. 3) Taxiing is too redundant and boring. Often times, unnecessarily long when there are shorter paths. 4)A free flight option would be awesome!

  • by A Google user

    best flying game ever i have seen it is so real its fantastic i think whoever made this game real puts alot of effort in this game. just it take too long to get a new plane because for the flying you do you dont get that much money therefore you need to wait sometimes weeks to unlock a new plane other than that all things working perfectly.

  • Fun, but Repetitive.

    by NDurbin

    I like to play this game during my downtime at work, and it’s normally a lot of fun. The only real issue I have with this game is the fact that it takes so long to level up and increase your rank so you can get new planes. I’d like to be able to perform full flights, not just takeoffs and landings over, and over, and over, and over again. Also, the amount of mechanical failures is absurd. You’re virtually guaranteed a failure of some sort every other flight, and it will be anything from the loss of a nonessential instrument, to an unwarranted engine explosion. Despite these shortcomings, I will continue to play this game. I only hope the Devs listen to the community and continue to shape and improve their game.

  • by LunarAtom

    Hey developers of Rortos. first I just wanted to say that this game is really entertaining and it's a good time waster and I simply love playing it, now I just have a simple request, please, program the physics better, to act like in real life. because sometimes, when I land any plane with flare, it just bounces around. and at challenges, the top players have cheated their way because of bad physics, also wing flex would be really really nice. that's all, thanks!

  • A lot of potential, but need improvement

    by SAGM-f

    I have played many of the ROTOS Flight Engine Games, and it shows that they do maintain and improve on their games over time. I’m hoping it the a similar story with this game. Things they need to add and change include -How often your plane malfunctions (Engine failure in particular) It gets very annoying when you are 100 or less feet, from landing and it happens. -Add in a free flight mode, like in the other ROTOS games -Make contracts with flights from airport to airport -Improve the taxing system, as once, the game didn’t even give me a warning simply to be careful that other planes are around (Duh, it’s an airport), and it was followed by an airplane that decided to leave the gate when is was right there -More airplanes. While the current selection is not bad, you guys have to add a lot more, and I’m sure you will, as your other games, you have added planes over time. I love playing this game, obviously except for when the things above happen, so I beg ROTOS to improve on this game, as it has so much potential.

  • Great game!!!!!

    by TrueReveiws

    This is the most realistic flight simulator I have ever played !!!!!! At times it can be hard to make enough money to activate another route , however , every once in a while they give you the option to take on free contracts from other airlines , and the more licenses you unlock the more routes and contracts you unlock. I think it’s definitely deserves great ratings at all times for the things it teaches and the gaming experience !!!! The level of difficulty is great because it teaches how to deal with certain flight emergency situations. Again great game and I would totally recommend it !!!!!!! 😉😁

  • by A Google user

    Excellent game, you get to learn how to fly properly, almost makes me want to change course! only thing is the progression is a little slow (you have to wait for licenses to become available ect). However on the whole very enjoyable.

  • Great, but could have some improvements!

    by Triston_Rome

    I love this game, the only thing that would need to be changed is with the iPhone X the home button gets overlapped with some of the controls and I’m constantly switching apps and closing the app. As well as that I don’t want to have to wait to be able to fly, once I have an hour or 2 hour license downloading time, and I’ve already used all my flights and all the other companies flights I have nothing to do.. I would also like to see full flights.. other than that I love the logistics of the game, and I love all the different planes and airports and controls. Great job guess keep it up!

  • by A Google user

    Brilliant App. I don't normally play games but have found myself addicted to this. It's great especially since its a free app. If you're abit of a plane geek, get on it!

  • The game has been found!!!!!!!!

    by DiamondSlayer1297

    This game is like no other. This is probably as realistic as a free piloting game can get. I have been searching for a game like this for a loooooooong time I’ve downloaded so many driving, piloting, and boating. And this game is like no other it’s graphics are incredibly good for a flying game. It’s way of flying is easier then most games I’ve downloaded. Trust me there have been games where it has false advertising, no instructions, malfunctions, and even more things in the cosmos. But this game has no problem in doing what it’s supposed to do making it fun.

  • A Fun Sim

    by Darbythecat

    I’ve enjoyed this game quite a bit. It does get somewhat old spending three times as long on the ground as in the air, and there really need to be more complete flights. I’ve had it nearly a month and so far only one full flight. Oddly, my only major complaint is about the bizarre and incredibly annoying jazz music that suddenly started playing in the background today. I’ve always had sounds on/music off. No matter what I do, I can’t get that stupid snare drum to stop drowning out the noises of the plane and ATC. Please look into this. It’s awful. Otherwise I’ve had a lot of fun with this sim.

  • by Steve P

    Fantastic simulation, superb graphics, quite realistic for a phone game. Love everything about it. On the bad side... It eats phone battery (keep it plugged in while playing) Sometimes there are no flights to run

  • Pretty realistic on my iPad

    by Bentone23

    I have logged 20+ hours in a real airplane and real flight simulator time. This game is pretty darn realistic. I have been able to fly pretty well. It starts you off like a real instructor would-take offs and landings. And take offs and landings. It slowly adds in faults and weather, wind and micro bursts. Pretty good simulator for free. I am impressed. I have done a few full flights. Like any real transport airline job, the tricky part is the landing. Take offs are fairly easy just like real life. And just as in real flying, the in between stuff is best left for auto pilot. Good job!

  • by Axak

    The "Watch Ad to skip 5 minutes" crashes the game if no ads have loaded up. And now it's not opening anymore, freezes on loading screen.

  • More realistic please...

    by trialsizealias

    I will happily give this game five stars if y’all add and change a few of these things. When taxiing on the tarmac, a real airplane steers with the rudder pedals, not the yoke. A simple slide switch will suffice, or just enable the rudder slide switch on the takeoff/landing layout. Get rid of that annoying flight attendant that tells you how crappy your landings are. I’m well aware. As well as the pilots reminding me to watch out for other planes. Derrrrrrr its an airport. Once the landing gear is down, don’t throw in a fault/error, and then magically is back up and won’t go down. Two landings were not complete because all of a sudden one of those errors showed up 1 to 2 minutes after it’s already been down without any errors. And I have also noticed that at times after takeoff, the pilot gives inaccurate information as to the true heading, which leads to points being taken away for not staying on the flight path. Who the hell am I flying for Delta? Southwest? What’s next, dead puppies in the overhead bin?

  • Won’t load

    by Loke4UI

    Like some others I’ve read, I can rarely get past the loading screen. When I actually do, it is a great game that would easily warrant a 5 star review. Update: Loading issue has been fixed. This game is a breath of fresh air because it is definitely not pay to win. From what I have seen so far, everything is available without paying anything. Sure, you can pay to speed things up but it is not a requirement. Wish some other games would follow this model.

  • Please fix the engine failures

    by TrueSlav45

    Okay I would rate this game 5 stars plus but... there is one massive problem that absolutely frustrates me it’s the fact that on every single plane I have and on almost all takeoffs and landings both engines go out and catch on fire and explode. Why? That is the dumbest thing I have ever faced and this isn’t even extreme landings. Also one more thing. My plane also sometime explodes during my taxi out to the gate. And will you add a online mode eventually but can you please fix the problem with the engines I will not play this game anymore if I have to keep facing that problem. Engines should fail only like 5% of the time not 95%!

  • Work in Progress

    by Rjcaptsean1

    Not a bad little time waster. All you do (so far is take off and land) but it is enjoyable. Funny to see so much emphasis on the taxi in. I understand that taxiing is fun in real life but here it borders on inane. Also, Devs, if you are reading this, Speed Brakes are for disrupting the lift of the wing so the aircraft has to pitch up and the increased angle of attack with the loss of lift slows the aircraft IN FLIGHT. On the ground, the same flight surfaces that spoil the lift in the air, are used to dump the lift from the wings so that the weight of the aircraft is now on the gear, making the brakes more effective. They ARE NOT used to slow the plane down while taxiing. But it’s a game, so no harm, no foul.

  • I have to agree

    by Cloverking

    This app has a lot of potential...We need better more realistic ATC and the ability to respond or make requests to atc. Your air traffic algorithm needs work we get cleared to land but right before touchdown we have a 737 crossing the threshold. We need real routes not just take off and land. We need to get atc clearance request pushback taxi clearance we need need to get altitude and vectors from atc to next air port vectors for traffic patterns. We want to fly the route! I understand your trying to make this appeal to all ages but finish this app off make it a legitimate simulator and the real aviation guys and there are many of us will gladly pay.

  • More improvements needed

    by Imperator90

    More realistic sounds for aircraft They sound too generic, needs more near-real sound quality for each individual type of aircraft, gets boring quick finally getting a new aircraft and hearing the same engine sounds as the previous aircraft More aircraft availability needed It’s too limited quantity of aircraft There are some good aircraft missing from class of aircraft in the world. Should be 5-8 aircraft for each rank. More airports needed Plain and simple, it’s too limited to the major airports, need some of the mid-majors and more euro and American airports need to be added Video time jumps should be 10m Instead of 5m More Livery options should be available More customization options, airline name and setting the hub of ops would be great Free flight mode I see great potential for this game and it’s really fun but too limited in scope... needs improvements otherwise it will get boring pretty fast...

  • Great game for anyone

    by Devin boy 392

    I just bought this game yesterday, and I must say I am impressed by it. The game uses the same, easy-to-use interface as other RORTOS games, and the visuals are also well done. The tutorials are great and the need to gain “licenses” to do certain things is a nice addition too. The choice of aircraft to use is also great, and the places to work at also are good. My only request is that players can do full-on-flights for contracts, rather than cutting them into takeoffs/landings. Definitely recommend!

  • Game blocking bug

    by ^(-.-)^

    Was really enjoying the game until it stopped letting me play! I was just about to finish the tutorial when it said something like “scanning for user” and then crashed. Now when I try to run the app, it always says “Error: There is a login problem, please try again.” No matter how many times I’ve tried it always says the same and doesn’t let me get into the game! I’ve even tried deleting and re-downloading the game but the result is the same. I left 3 stars because I enjoyed the game at first but now I can’t even play it! Is there a way to fix this problem?

  • Awesome game, but....

    by JFingers8

    This game is great! Unfortunately, there are two things that really bother me. One, as previously mentioned, when there is wind, the wind blows the plane around like it’s a piece of paper. Two, please fix your advertisement bug. Quite often after the video finishes, it just stays on a white screen and doesn’t go back into the game, or it does go back to the game and the loading circle in the top left just keeps spinning and you have to reset the game. If these two things get fixed, this game is 5 stars for me!

  • Love the game, but gestures problematic

    by i cant find nicknane not used

    I love the game. Absolutely love it. The biggest thing that needs to be improved is best described on the autopilot panel. I’m on a newer iPhone that doesn’t have a physical button so anytime I try to set a knob, like heading, the game will try to switch apps or exit because it the controls are so close to the OS gesture for navigating the iPhone. For me it makes the autopilot panel IMPOSSIBLE to utilize. Other panels have the same problem when the controls are close to the bottom gesture area. Get this improved and I’d happily give 5 stars.

  • Amazing game but...

    by Johnnycrash_

    I'm in level 8 and I'm stuck since there are no routes to make until reaching level 9. The question is how will I make it there if there are no routes to play with the planes and licenses I already have? You should open routes for the planes and routes already achieved by the pilot. Now I have to stop playing and only do the other airlines contracts which are like 3 every 30 minutes and they doesn't count as real routes. Have in mind that people would like to fly/play instead of just waiting.

  • Full Flights

    by al3x4real

    I’m enjoying this game I’ve had it for about 2 months now, it feels as if I’m actually a pilot but there is a problem I’ve been running into with autopilot settings. Such as the indicating arrow telling me to go 180 in direction and then spinning around the whole map like crazy, then I end up failing to flight because apparently I was not on route. I hope this can be fixed as well as adding more full flights after having this game for so long I’ve only gotten 3 full flights. I enjoy doing full flights there just isn’t enough of them.

  • Stall Warning, Low Speed

    by MoratistaXP

    This game was perfect. It is the best plane simulator game in my opinion but after getting my fourth plane something that made no sense to me happened every time where im going to land and my speed indicator tells me to lower my speed and when I’m about to land it says Stall warning, Low speed and my planes ends up failing to fly and crashes but it’s total nonsense because the nose of my plane is going towards the runway as it should and my speed indicator tells me to lower it (after that it doesn’t tell me to lower it or increase it)... I lower it and boom stall warning, I crash

  • Un-playable

    by ):6!5;;)

    Whenever you are playing and try to land the gear are just like “bye, you’ll fail without me so bye!” And it’s so annoying. Please fix this!!!!!!!!! And if you try to preform a go around it says “wrong flight path, mission failed” I can never get it to work also the engines are always blowing out! The planes are also so hard to get!, why does it need to be so hard it’s an airline sim you should be able to get whatever you want if you have enough money, you shouldn’t have to go through regional the short haul the medium haul then long hall. Also the planes will randomly fall out of the sky for no reason. If anyone in dev is reading you need to fix this!

  • Engine Malfunctions

    by Ranipete

    So far I have loved this game and have played it nonstop for a few days! I love the idea of the game but please add a mode that allows us to not have to taxi as well as have no engine malfunctions.. It seems like every other flight one of my engines will blow up shortly before the runway which gives me no time to adjust therefore causing me to crash due to the sharp bank or stall because I was already going slow to land.. Other than that the app is great! I would pay good money for these options as well as a free flight option. Thanks!

  • Good, but could change somethings

    by SupercellGamesGamer

    It is a really great “flight” simulator, because you spend more time on the ground than in the air. Graphics wise, it is Ok, it could add some more buildings (depending on which phone you are using) could have mountains, and the airports could be redesigned to be a little bit more “realistic”. And, having the possibility to pilot a entire flight, like going from one city from another etc. But it is still a good game, that could have been better.

  • Watching ads doesn’t always pay

    by OROCKS

    The ad function to gain the 30% more always doesn’t work. The ad plays and then a white screen shows up. When the white screen comes up you have to force close and then relaunch and watch another ad. Other than that it’s a super fun game! Controls can be a little difficult and I wish they had an option to calibrate the phone on the flights screens instead of the actual in flight.

  • Really great game

    by Ja¡Wølf

    Latest update 12/9 is crashing alot! Older: Two criticisms: 1. Changing between screens is tough. Many have the same controls but since they are located in a different spot or are a different size, it becomes difficult to toggle thru. 2. The expectation to advance thru the licenses and buy new planes is too quick. I would like to get experience at the lower levels and build my airline at a slower pace. Other than that it is a wonderful game.

  • Fun but needs more!

    by 502ss

    It’s fun but starting to get boring. I am at level 8 now and my ability to fly has slowed way down as I have to wait a long time to gather money to buy licenses. There also needs to be longer routes! I realize that takeoff and landings are the most challenging but I want to take off and climb to 35,000 feet, not 3300 feet. I also want to have to land from 35,000 feet where the airport isn’t even visible! It’s a very fun game but needs more! Also a lot of potential with atc. I hear the same audio clip over and over again!

  • Amazing game

    by dancingpickle52

    This game is amazing 10 out of 10 I would very much recommend game to a friend the only thing is me loving to do random stuff is ability for free flight if I could add one thing that’s what it would be. if the developer reads these I would ask him to put this in the game when two planes crash into each other they should blow up in a huge mushroom cloud now that would make the game superb.

  • I was going to take off and then it crash

    by Suqe

    Ok ok when I do the rest off the plane it was good all of the landing and take-off was good but the embarer airplane was terrible only just taking off not landing I was talking about the embarer airplane and speaking of which this game is bad and second thing is really badly is like this* 1. Landing: Vote for 5 And this part is not 2.take-off: it was terrible until it hit the runaway and boom vote for -3 * soo thats why

  • Excellent

    by PressF

    Amazing game. Never played any game like this one. Other games lack of graphic or plan control such as engine on or off and throttle. Just one problem is that this app doesn’t turn side from orientation of phone is unlock. Please make flight trip longer or when plan fly then flight should go all the way until landing and also add free mode so we can test and learn each plan individually thx

  • Best game ever

    by usmcrecon0621

    I’ve played and have all the games made by the company at have to say this is the best ever. A few things though, would be nice to be able do a full flight no just take of land. Also eventually more planes, and it would be awesome to have a see plane and helicopters. But over all I’m in love with this game it’s a must have, and I have been recommending this game to everyone I know and posting on facebook.

  • :)

    by Subharu

    It’s a good game, I like the fact you don’t have to use real money to buy planes. I also like the part where you have to earn licenses and work up. The only downfall in the game is some levels you can’t even pass without your plane crashing when taking off. You can’t even get you plane to altitude level and your at the speed you should be going when taking off. Is there a secret to that or else then a fault in the game?

  • No support

    by Jamesthunderheart

    So Ive tried repeatedly to get support for this wonderfully looking game, with little to no help. I have an IPad 5, using touch controls that are working, but hardly in response to sensitivity. I try to turn, it takes forever, same with up down, and have looked for, sent emails, nothing. Maybe a bit of a poopy review will get s response? I love what Ive seen of the game, but the support is terrible.

  • Great Game!

    by RamizTheGreat

    For a phone flight simulator, the game is amazing! I love the full takeoff and full landings, it’s such an amazing experience. Make the game have us fly the entire route. That’s the only thing the game is missing. If we can get the full pilot experience from takeoff to landing, that would make it 10X better. Maybe even have some sort of animation showing the planes being loaded up and also unloaded. Thanks!

  • Almost perfect

    by math teaher

    It’s amazing but I can’t handle too much time using this app this doesn’t have free flight and it’s horrible to buy a airplane because it’s cost too much money so I use ac credits which actually made me have low credits which is not enough to buy a license if I have too enough money not lucky I hope you find more bug to find to fix it and it’s all I hope you will add more features too have a good day!!!!

  • Gets frustrating after a while

    by Skeeter_A

    This game has the potential to be 5 plus stars. What’s frustrating is the further along you get dumber things happen that cause you to crash and lose contracts which cost you money in the game. The lack of Full Flights stinks too, and when you get one it’s 3 hours. The game could be much better if it was more of a simulation with less crazy accidents and some shorter full flights more frequently. Good game, but could be great!

  • Very realistic 10/10

    by Gays sue.Neighbor_AKA_Nick

    As an actual pilot, this game is probably the funniest prospective on airline operations and just aviation in general. It’s a what I imagine any random passenger with little to no aviation experience thinks how airlines work. I love, only 5 minutes into the silly game, theres a clearance for a standard terminal arrival route from “ATC” on like a 5 mile final, the SAAB can make 250 indicated at like 3000 AGL easily, and the phraseology is adorable: “approved to land”

  • Another crash grab

    by Noghri87

    Once you get the hang of the controls, this is a fun game, with some decent simulation. Engine malfunctions are a bit over the top, and there are a couple bugs (got hit by another airplane from behind on final), but overall enjoyable. That said, like so many others, it’s heavily time/money gated after the first hour. You have to wait or use the premium currency. You also can’t replay any older routes that you might have liked. Won’t be continuing to play.

  • Finally One Worth Playing!

    by derekllee

    I've played a lot of the flight simulator games available and this one is the best so far! The way that the licenses are earned gives someone at a beginner's level a chance to actually learn the basics without being overwhelming. The only drawback to me so far is that the don't seem to be any ways to fly practice (without the tips) once you've mastered a plane... Only contracts. Other than that, awesome game!

  • 10/10 Love it so much!!!

    by The Green Bird

    I’m a teen but love this so much. I’m turkey fascinated by planes and this game is so amazing, the graphics are great, the game is realistic, and there so many levels. I see some people don’t get that to get to more levels you can change your plane then play all those levels to level up your plane and play even more levels!! Overall amazing game!!!!

  • Great game could be better

    by brandonak

    Let me start by saying this, I love this game but full flights, I hope you have 5+ hours to kill, because if you want to get the full reward you will have to fly the full time. I wish there was a shorter time without losing out on the money. That’s my only real issue with the game. Also I wish there was a helicopter version just like this that would be amazing

  • Best flight sim ever

    by CMDRO

    This game is amazing. The amount of detail is incredible, and the variety of planes is also great. So far, I’ve had a lot of fun with this game. If you could, could you try to add a full flight option and more ways to make money? Other than that, there is really not much more things needed to be improved.

  • Almost realistic

    by Tracecarey1

    I have been play this game for over a week now and I can say this close to real life flying. The only few things that bother me is the approximate attitude alert system for airbus planes is used for every plane that is and is not airbus. Also some of the details on plane for example the 717 looks like the 727 or the md-80. I wish the game had all the airports that airlines used available in a free flight mode where you don’t have to do the campaign.

  • 🤔

    by Sc : macdaddysavage

    I highly recommend this game to anyone interested in aviation flight. I love love love this game. It literally is a real life experience but in a game? I wish that I could just free play around when I’m bored instead of doing missions. And I also think making the flights longer would be a good update in the game 😌. But yasssssa over all, its great.

  • Good but not as expected

    by NoT_Swiss001

    I really like the fact where you can unlock all the planes without spending money and all the other games you have to spend money. But I don’t like it so much because there are no full flights or where you can make your own flight plan. You should have the free flight option like Extreme Landings have, but without the price.

  • It’s awesome but...

    by Prb7285

    The things that I see could be improved is 1. While taxing ATC always keeping things moving. I should not have to completely stop to let another plane that is already waiting to come across my taxiway. 2 I have an iPhone X and using the autopilot is hard because it closes the app. These are just some things that I have found need improving. Thanks great game!

  • Excellent Game. Some Suggestions.

    by Tiberius-Maximus

    This game is hands-down fantastic. However, licenses seem to take just a little too long. So I am suggesting adding a “free-fly” mode, where you aren’t restricted to a contract or a drill, while you wait for you license to process. In addition, a multi-player mode, if possible. I feel that would make the game more worth sharing with friends. Thanks for reading.

  • Needs more updated

    by Yoyo109384756

    I love this game, but there are some things that just make me exit out of it. Like when I’m playing, and I’m about to land, the engine goes out at 300 ft when I’m about to land and messes up everything. Also, when I land I do exactly what it says, I yield the gas and pull on the brakes, and the wheels on the plane just disappear and there you go, my plane crashes. It just makes me mad because I fail almost every landing I attempt

  • Absolutely amazing!

    by Slayin money

    The game itself is an amazing concept that’s you guys have brought to life in an amazing way. The waiting is fine considering it’s free to play. There are a good amount of planes in the game but there are many more that can be added and many areas that can be improved on. The game in its current state is amazingly well done. Enjoy the game!

  • Flight sim lover

    by hjn84

    I like this flight sim very much. I wish though that when I would play it would give me options to talk to the control tower for takeoff or landing. I also wish you could have different views of the plane like inside the cabin or landing gear or wing view. Also, like the idea of flying longer routes from different locations and also maybe having an interactive co pilot calling out speeds. Just a suggestion! Thanks Nate

  • Jealousy of flight attendants

    by jurielle dadivas

    Okay the most annoying attendant is the one that comforts the passengers but once I land the attendance becomes worried about landing my plane softly this is what I call jealous and also it looks like my engineer is also jealous by the way I’m taxing and be careful around incoming planes please creators update this game and make the attendances of the plane less jealous

  • Login Issue

    by #applegenius

    This game was great for the first day I played it, but then as soon as I left it and tried to get back in, it said there was a login issue and I couldn’t proceed. I hit the try again button, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t log back in. I even tried to delete the game, restart my device and completely edit the game, but nothing worked. Please help fix this issue so I can play the game again!

  • Amazing game!

    by AirTomato

    I absolutely love this game. I love playing it, and I especially love how there's full airports with air traffic. There's just one thing though. I also have Extreme Landings, and I bought the flight simulator. I love making full flights to and from. If you could add that into this game, then that would make it 1000% percent better.

  • This is dope

    by James brown, the

    I was looking for a flight simulator thinking I’d fly it around some scenes or something and that’s not what this is. This is like simulating being a pilot cruising around the airport taking off, then taking her down smoothly. That’s about all there is too it, but it is a hell of a lot of fun, very well done. “I just want you to whisper sweet nothings into my ear.”

  • Amazing Game

    by Turn NATO lover 26

    This game is beyond amazing. It has come to me that there is no market for good plane games on mobile, but this game changes that opinion. Cockpit Graphics, Overall Graphics, Controls, and stability. All for the price of nothing. The only reason this games get’s a 4/5 for me is because of the glitch where your engine constantly fails or your plane hits something.

  • Good but needs work

    by PESGamepro

    The game and the graphics are great but I really think you should add some kind of FreeFlight mode one you can fly from one place to another while still doing the taxiing, takeoff, flight ( with a few plane problems to keep us alert ), landing, and taxiing to the gate where the passengers get off.

  • Awesome

    by Frecciarossa EX

    I’ve always been a fan of Rortos with their extreme landings pro and other flying related games but this one tops everything. Of course it needs work. It’s only 2 months old but I believe you guys can make this even better with all the feedback that has been given. Great work!

  • Fun

    by Your boi EAW

    This game is fun... the only thing is the engine. The thing blows which is kinda cool, but you just continue like it never happened. You need to put in like some emergency crews or something. Give a little more missions to do too. They are what makes this game fun but you have to get a new license a lot. But all in all fun.

  • Okay flight simulator.

    by BurnStatus

    I like the games concept, but it now tells me it having connection issues. Hopefully it’s only overloaded with downloads and the servers are function properly. The licenses are an excellent tutorial. However I hoped it would allow more flight between take off and landing to simulate flying from on airport to another.

  • Wow best flight game.

    by vaporouswalk689

    Now I have played a lot of flight simulator games like even flight sim x and this game has some even more quality realistic and I just can't stop again the sounds are beautiful just try to give each plane more of a unique sound. Thank you.

  • Amazing

    by SSB3414

    They always are pushing the boundaries. With this game here, they did just that. I’m very happy with gameplay overall. Would be cool to have more ways to get credits during “waiting time” for exams; something more of completing daily objectives. Would be cool to see people and ground traffic at airports.

  • Missing Free Flight

    by Hdhdjeudh

    This game is the most realistic free flight sim out on mobile and it functions almost flawlessly. The only thing that it is missing that would make it perfect is the option to fly around freely. The addition of this feature would definitely warrant a five star rating from me.

  • Loved this game

    by Dumboigdtfji

    I have been playing this game for about 2 weeks and last night I tried opening the app but it froze on the first loading screen and wouldn't do anything else. I restarted my phone. Then deleted and redownloaded the game but still nothing!! Please fix! If not for this issue I would have have a 5 star review! Fix it and I'll change my review!

  • This game is sooo awesome but...

    by the confused man

    Your probably thinking I’m going to say something bad about it. Well the answer is no. Im just going to suggest something. You know, I love the missions in all, but ever airplane game needs a free flight mode, you know? So can you guys PLEASE! Make a free flight mode! Thanks for reading my suggestions

  • Amazing but could be improved

    by 22-89

    The game is the most realistic airplane simulator that I ever played on the iOS platform. But there’re many airports could be added, like Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport in the United States, Changsha Huanghua International Airport in China, and so on. In one sentence, the game is amazing, but the airports should not limit to the most famous one on the world.

  • Has potential

    by sun_is_flat

    Has great potential, but it gets a little boring to only be able to take off and land. Would be so much better if you could actually fly a route. I would also be more than willing to shell out money if the game had a multiplayer mode, so a real person can control ATC, and other cool stuff like that. This game just needs some tweaking.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by A Google user

    love the graphics and realism..esp full flights!!!!

  • by A Google user


  • by Mirugina jumbo Mirugina jumbo

    nice very nice

  • by A Google user

    Love the game but the game constantly crashes every about 20 minutes. Other than that this is a great game and I would rate it 5 stars if you patch this.

  • by Juan Potgieter

    a fun simulation

  • by Blake Gertner

    pretty sweet!

  • Gosh, so cool!

    by max12545

    Guys, to everyone who wants to become commercial pilot I recommend this game. It has autopilot, flaps, real airports, and any type of weather. It is very cool to play this game!

  • The game is perfect

    by iBulter

    But there are some changes they need to make they should make the graphics better I like the game. That's the only thing I can say

  • Set flight sim out of all available!

    by Flaaaaaaapoooppy

    I never write reviews but I love this flight sim. Very accurate and it is truly free so far and I’m 15+ hours into it. You can spend money to make it go faster but you don’t have to at all to keep going. Love it

  • Where has this been all my life?!

    by DS1720

    Airline Commander is excellent. Always wanted a VS like this, very hard to find. Not to mention a free software. Very realistic and engaging! Planes and controls are identical to actual thing. Great game!

  • Bad update

    by Ramin.G

    In the latest update you messed it up ,now the full flights aren't really full flight,they are just take off and landings with less money ,and also another bug,the wheels crash easily in this update.why?!!!

  • Great but why internet

    by ree1255


  • Too controlling but fun

    by gsjerg17

    This is a fun app, and nice to play since it tries to make it as realistic as possible. However, it makes you have to purchase a plane or another license to do more flights...please stop that! I and others like to have control of our flight plans, especially when we have 20 flights waiting for us but the app blocks you from doing it until you get a new plane, etc. Also, the flight attendant is the most annoying person on this app, everything else (controls, flight commander, etc) is really great. She lowers how much you get paid based on how you land, which is dumb. As a pilot, one should be able to land as best they can in weather conditions especially.

  • Full flight travel time

    by Glen Yu

    I understand the concept of full flight, but are you really expecting people holding their phone for 2-3 hours just watching airplane flyer? it would be do able on PC/MAC, definitely not on phone. By pressing skips key which you will looses points, and money. I have to say that unless I am extremely boring otherwise I will not consider play full flight at all. Although just landing/take off is making me starts feel boring. Anyway, it is a good game, but needs more refine, and please consider this.

  • Perfect

    by Zeusboltt


  • Review from Scott

    by 602scotty

    I am having such a fun time playing this game, thank you

  • Nice game

    by bxmuff

    Like real life

  • AWESOME!!!!

    by Mar_sodope

    I love planes games so this game fits every aspect of a actual pilot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • this game is not bad

    by iliketoeatpizzayoooo

    I wish you could fly in the air longer when you first start.In my opinion , when you first start you should get a 727Airplane

  • Good game but the daily challenges are hacked

    by Strapples (

    A good flight simulator and a lot of fun to land planes and receive the grades on landing quality. Nonetheless the daily challenges are a complete hack job. It is clear that people use cheat tools to get perfect hit the point scores that are humanly impossible. Words of caution. There can be days where the sim servers toss you a ton of terrible flights that are near impossible to land. My advice, go play another game for a few hours and wait for different contracts to show up. I’ve even had it where it’ll go sour the entire day. Usually waiting a day or two will let the servers know you’re not happy and they’ll give a few easy flights in good conditions to get you back on the rails. All this said, this is a stellar creation that I hope the developers continue to expand. I’ve played Infinite Flight and frankly though this game is mostly scenario based currently with a few full length flights at the time, I enjoy it much more because of the flight grading and feedback at the end of each. I hope to see a full global mode and ability to plot your own flight plans in the future. It would also be nice to see an anti cheat system in the daily challenges. I’d happily pay to own this game. Amazing enough it’s totally free. In app purchases aren’t necessary and I never feel tempted to make one because of the continuous and smooth story progression.

  • Almost

    by Winnerwinnerckndinr

    There are tons of good things about the game, but a few minor changes would make a huge difference. The obvious notes in the corner “use the brakes to stop” get old. It would be nice to have the option to turn those off. Takeoffs have become especially redundant. You never have to get above 3,600 ft. Often times is 1,800 or 600 ft for 8.0 nautical miles. What commercial flight takes off, gets 3,600 (or even 600) ft and just flies at that heights. It’s far too unrealistic. The full takeoffs and landings always have the exact same places for you to stop while taxiing too. They could use an update and some variety. The game also “locks you out” of certain things if you don’t have money or don’t have tickets. It can get a bit frustrating. The game has some great, realistic qualities too it but with a few minor changes, it could be so much better.

  • Please add B727

    by Alii…

    Perfect Game, but please add B727

  • Great game

    by Dodododo#9

    Best game ever !!!!!!!!!!

  • Good game, but...

    by exergy_

    some graphics issues (duplicate engines when landing some aircraft), and landings stat does not display properly in profile. engaging and informative game, otherwise.




  • Good way to waste time

    by Virgilallen141

    Overall it’s a decent game. It has good graphics and decent controls. It’s a great way to waste a little time, but that brings me to my first complaint, which is that it takes so long to unlock anything and the game forces you along a particular path. In itself that’s not an issue but it would be nice to see the other contracts come a little quicker so you can earn the credits you need. Took me three days to earn enough to get a license required to open more contracts because the outside contracts take so long to open back up. My only other complaint is that sometimes when flying on the outside view, the game automatically shifts the view a bit sometimes which changes up the controls and messes up the flight path and sometimes can cause a failure of the current goal. Otherwise, great game.

  • Airline commander game

    by PaulWall08

    Best mobile airline game ever.

  • Good

    by ychengtx

    I guess it will be good

  • Most amazing game

    by Sonicboomr

    There is so much to do. I can’t stop picking up my iPad and tapping on this very app.

  • Stuck 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😐🤔😑😐😑😶😐

    by Ipad.cuo

    Crash in the air!add all airplanes and the Learjet 60 merry Christmas too!🥳

  • Airline commander

    by sssasssasssasssasssasssa

    Love it

  • Thanks!

    by Big-tow

    Your game is very cool, awesome, and rad!!!! Don’t change anything please! I love it sooo much. This is the best game ever!!! Thanks and keep up the good work! ✈️

  • Great but needs something

    by thehero12345678910

    The game is great. Almost everything is realistic. But for a Suggestion could you please add a test flight for aircraft?

  • Good but Login failed?

    by MarineStrykes

    The game is awesome overall but it won’t let me back in when I load in and it keeps saying login failed 1000

  • From Josue

    by josuemessi10c

    Keep up the good work 😃😁😎

  • A lot of fun, but the grind gets to ya

    by TalbotFarwell

    I’m having a lot of fun with this, but my major concern is that it takes too long to accumulate the needed $ to buy new planes and unlock new license tests. I wish that you could make more $ off the “fly for other airlines feature”, I know they want to sell AC CREDITS but I can’t afford them at the moment. My other big suggestion? More vintage airliners! My wish list includes: the Boeing 707, the McDonnell Douglas DC-8 and DC-10/MD-10, and the MD-11, the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, the Ilyushin Il-86, the Vickers VC-10, the Sud Caravelle, and even the really old-school DeHaviland Comet. We want more vintage and oddball airliners! Imagine how awesome it would be to have the Concorde…

  • Great

    by fkhgfkuyfkuyxjgftdthkfskdxu

    I think this is a amazing game with really realistic graphics and controls

  • Awesome game, but one problem that would be awesome if it were fixed.

    by Chrissy Pissy Wissy

    I love this game and I feel like everything is pretty cool. There some minor bugs that could be fixed but here is one that I notice a lot (as if for right now) when I land, especially smooth landings. For some reason the airplane gear fly up into the air causing the plane to jump up. It makes the plane seem like it’s on a trampoline and would be great if it was fixed. I see it most often on the DHC-8 plane when it lands. But the other feature that I would love to be implanted is the entire landing be recorded to see at the end. It’s a very small thin which I think shouldn’t be too focused on but I hope it can be fixed. Thank you guys anyway. I rly hope the game bugs get fixed and new planes get added in the future.

  • Good game

    by Yan Lin Theik

    I well like to play that .

  • Holy Balls

    by Satisfied Music Lover.

    This simulator is awesome. I love it; very entertaining.

  • Amazing!

    by Bill Hunkens

    When I played this I thought it was going to be one of those weird simulators with bad graphics, BUT NO! It was even better then x-plane app (that weird simulator). I am very surprised about the graphics and the accuracy of how a plane works. Thank you

  • Some work to make it real good

    by Diamondspawn

    Overall the game is fun but as many mentioned there is too much down time. You can run 3-5 takeoffs or landings and then you have to upgrade your plane and wait 30+ minutes to play another mission. Very realistic and fun. One other complaint is you get points and $ for landings and if you don’t land perfect you get dinged. That sounds fair until you have your right wheel not come down and you get docked because the passengers said it was a rough landing. They should be happy to be alive and give me bonus points!!!

  • Great game

    by ddeville05

    This is one of the best airline games on the app store to date, but there could be a few changes. There should be a free flight mode for those who just want to sit back and explore the world on their own, taking to the skies with some of the most amazingly designed aircraft in a game. Also, I don’t like the fact that I keep being told the most basic things when I’m landing, such as “Reduce flaps and lower the landing gear” or “Use the brakes to reduce speed on the runway.” I’ve seen those same messages a hundred or so times, so one would think I’d know by now to lower the landing gear before I hit the runway. Anyways, great game overall. Keep up the good work.

  • Bug.

    by Mr.Fluffers7

    Just to let you know. This is an AMAZING game. When I try to change my name. The app crashes. I’ve tried multiple times, it crashes every time.

  • First thing

    by towsent

    So I was doing the lever thing in the first level and it did not let me touch it

  • Free play?

    by SNL2609

    I’ve been playing this game for a little over 4 months. I enjoy the missions and being able to experience “real life” situations at times but feel there should be an option for free play. I would enjoy being able to fly take off and land where I please, maybe on the next update?

  • Very well done

    by AsylumX

    This game is very well done. I love flying these planes all over the world. Controls are pretty good for only using a tablet or phone! They throw some pretty interesting challenges at you early on, be ready!

  • Fun game

    by Cup cake eater

    It’s a fun game I like the cotpit it is my favorite and the airbus planes

  • Great physics.

    by Gregsdsu

    I just got into this game yesterday and I’m already addicted to it. The physics are the best part of the game. Even though you get an engine failure most of the time, they at least teach you with all the lessons they show you. Overall, it is a decent game.

  • No, not a sim. Still fun.

    by smcassara

    For those of you looking for a real flight sim, this isn’t it. That doesn’t mean it’s not a fun game. Great game for playing around with flight controls while trying to level up. Play with sound on, too.. nice representations. Update the res to support new iPads, and it’ll earn a fifth star.

  • Best flight sim I’ve played on mobile

    by $AM757

    Best flight sim I’ve played on mobile

  • Game

    by Kdutktkck

    Its a good game but after i spent money buying extreme landings pro i feel like you could of just put the new stuff in that game because they are basically the same thing

  • Good

    by jfdhmZmnfjfjz

    how do you change language?

  • Long time game

    by thy n

    This game is great except you need to be patient. Unlocking new planes takes time. Next, this game needs a flight simulator for the coming soon section of the games That is still under renovation

  • Fine

    by von rosty

    It’s a vary good game but I can not get over that every time I play the “easy mode” the game takes control of your speed and I can’t change it, 6/10 times my plane hits the grass and not runway!

  • I love it

    by 33zeze kodak

    The games graphics are good but some of the game I sometimes I don’t understand but it’s a good game

  • Good

    by Hdgjaka$3$:&:

    The best graphics I’ve seen and pretty realistic besides you can only take off and land no flying in between

  • Great game

    by ate Te ate


  • My Opinion

    by gage.griffin

    This game is wonderful! I fell like I’m actually flying a real plane! This game is so advanced I think a real captian might have made it. This teaches you how to start a plane, emergency landings, engine failure and what to do in rough conditions. This is the best simulator on the market!

  • Ksmuve98

    by Kev the Gentleman

    Excellent game, great challenges the practice alone is enjoyable. I’ve really enjoyed this game.

  • Needs improvement for iPhone XS Max

    by nmiller1378

    Had a iphone 8 plus and it was perfect. Controls were the right size. Maybe I just need to adjust, but id like the controls to be the same size as before. Theyre way too small for the XS max

  • Very good game

    by jtl 93473$$

    I got this game on Saturday and so far so good I am flying a embracer 140 like the controls missions are pretty good plus I like how they have a map of real life planes flying that’s pretty cool. Although some of the planes look a little weird like But other than that love the game

  • Excelente

    by Jorge Santos Jr

    Me gustaría que los vuelos fueran totalmente completos y sin pausas de un punto A a un Punto B

  • It’s a good game with some downfalls

    by Yeet Gamer

    Good game but... It takes WiFi. Why?


    by IB-Bob

    The game is too slow due to having to watch too many ad’s. You have to watch the ad’s(I don’t watch them since they are repeated over & over) in order to advance in the game. It just makes me want to quit playing the game. I can see having to watch some ad’s but this is ridiculous.

  • Real Airports, but no real Airlines?

    by 12alph25

    I would say if you want cash coming in at a fast rate, I would suggest that you add real airlines for “coming soon” update. It seems like every flight simulator game out there in app stores/google play has either or; one game has real airports, but no real airlines, then the other flight game has real airlines, but no real airports. Been waiting for a game to have both. Sure, Infinite Flight has both, but they’re asking for too much on a subscription plan, and plus their prices are ridiculous. I understand devs have to make money, but we customers need money too, so you have to meet with us halfway! Overpricing aircrafts? it’s just a game for crying out loud! But with Airline Commander, I see potential. Simply because they have an open world edition coming up soon. With real airlines added, this will increase the high-replay value! The closest game I can think of with an open world feature is Flight World Simulator (App Store). However, that game is outdated, and I’ve tried many times to reach out to the developer, only to receive nothing. With Airline Commander, I’m willing to pay $100 and more, to unlock everything; but that’s if real airlines are added. Guaranteed customer. 💰💯 My rating for now? 4/5 ⭐️ Good •Real World Airports •Open World Graphics •Detailed Aircrafts •Training Simulations •Weather Effects •Customizable Aircrafts Bad (Needed/Change) •Real Airlines •More camera options (Wing/Engine view) •Engine sounds 5/5 ⭐️if my request is considered.

  • Love the game

    by imbadatvideogames

    I love this game and the graphics are good. Can you guys also give us unlimited times to change our username

  • Great game

    by hsocb

    Now to think about it, it is good. Maybe add more access to airports. Please just add a flight simulator, the extreme landings one is not that good and don't make us pay for it. Please. Also add more ATC stuff. Lots of planes to have fun with, that's y I want a simulator because it's unique. One thing I don't like is the crashing, make it more realistic like don't just have wheels come off and boom ur dead. I forgot about this, can we make our own livery?

  • Lowe dog

    by Fintstonefeet

    Real ,, let you What plots Go Threw to keep us , Safe in Air,, Hat’’s Of them , God Bess 🙏

  • Nice!

    by Erwincano

    After being ripped off from another flight app requiring a ridiculous subscription price I began to look around and found this one. I wasn’t sure this would be any good, but I was desperate. But man, was I wrong. I’m pretty impressed with it. Graphics are ok. I like the fact that you can move up the ranks, unlocking different airports, licenses, different scenarios, and etc. The only issue I wish was better, was trying to fly and set up altitudes, rate of climb, and etc. I always find myself in a hard turn or dive trying to do that on the phone or iPad. Maybe a quick pause or something that’ll allow you to do it would be nice. Anyway, all in all, good job!

  • It’s amazing!

    by sgtjarot

    Small issues but great game I would like to start in a Cessna caravan Or something but it’s basically perfect

  • Fun but plenty of room for improvement.

    by ryntendo

    In the two months or so that I’ve had this game installed I’ve logged quite a few hours, get up to level 21 so far so needless to say I enjoy it however, there is plenty that could make it even better. I think all of my thoughts have already been mentioned, but I’ll say them as well in the hope that the devs take note and improve the game! As others have noted, the number of failures that the player encounters is absurd, I wouldn’t fault someone thinking that the airplanes were some of the most unreliable machines ever created. The failures are not just numerous but happen at ridiculous times as well. I can’t count the number of engine failures/explosions or rudder failures and more that I’ve experienced moments before I’m supposed to land. This wouldn’t be such an issue if it could easily be handled but the player has to move their hand to swipe over to a different control panel to access the necessary controls thus making the likelihood of losing control all the higher. Also as other have mentioned, there is no free flight option. The player can only fly the specified plane at the specified airport for the specified activity one time and the activity must be completed in a certain period of time. Almost all activities are takeoffs or landings but there is the occasional “full flight” later in the game. However, full flight is really just a full takeoff and full landing combined into a single activity usually jumping to the landing procedure shortly after reaching 3300ft after takeoff. I have completed numerous licences for using the autopilot but so far its use for the contract flights is limited. There is little to no AI in the game. The planes that the player will have to stop and wait for during taxiing can be seen from far across the airfield, waiting until the player approaches. I have also been rear ended by an npc plane as well when coming to a stop for one of the above mentioned planes. It seems that the actual taxiing planes are a totally different mechanic to the stationary ones that are only there to make the player stop. Speaking of taxiing, it is dull and boring. The player simply follows the marked course along the taxiways to/from the runway (usually stopping several times for the above mentioned stationary planes). It would be cool if the taxiways were labelled as they actually are (IRL) and being directed by the control tower audibly (again, as it is IRL. Then having to navigate and stop for a dynamic flow of traffic) instead of just following a set breadcrumb trail. Being a free to play game, it’s based on micro transactions but you can absolutely play it with out paying a cent as I have. I am more than happy to pay but I’m reluctant to prop up the micro transaction model. Ultimately, this is still a really fun game and I will continue to play it I just hope that there are some exciting new developments coming in the future!

  • Great game

    by con bond

    This game tech you how to fly and what’s it like in real life great game you will love this game trust me you will like it if you are in to airplanes.

  • Deserved 5 stars except

    by chubbs19

    To much taxing in this game usually takes longer than the actual taking and landing

  • 🤔

    by Sc : macdaddysavage

    I highly recommend this game to anyone interested in aviation flight. I love love love this game. It literally is a real life experience but in a game? I wish that I could just free play around when I’m bored instead of doing missions. And I also think making the flights longer would be a good update in the game 😌. But yasssssa over all, its great.

  • Really great game

    by Ja¡Wølf

    Latest update 12/9 is crashing alot! Older: Two criticisms: 1. Changing between screens is tough. Many have the same controls but since they are located in a different spot or are a different size, it becomes difficult to toggle thru. 2. The expectation to advance thru the licenses and buy new planes is too quick. I would like to get experience at the lower levels and build my airline at a slower pace. Other than that it is a wonderful game.

  • Gets frustrating after a while

    by Skeeter_A

    This game has the potential to be 5 plus stars. What’s frustrating is the further along you get dumber things happen that cause you to crash and lose contracts which cost you money in the game. The lack of Full Flights stinks too, and when you get one it’s 3 hours. The game could be much better if it was more of a simulation with less crazy accidents and some shorter full flights more frequently. Good game, but could be great!

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