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Airline Commander - A real flight experience

Airline Commander - A real flight experience


Conquer routes worldwide, fly amid real traffic and build your fleet!

4.5 96K+ Reviews
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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

25.8% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Stephen Brown

    excellent graphics and simulation. however unfortunately it's just another one of those games that tries to squeeze you for in game purchases. you get to a stage where theres absolutely no way to progress unless you fork up cash. I refuse to do this as a matter of principle. it's perfectly right to want to make money, but there should be a charge to download the app not try and frustrate you out of your cash. poor.

  • This is not a flight simulator

    by Zerosarefun

    This is a taxiway simulator. You spend 80% of your time on the ground moving at snail speed stopping constantly for other planes, also moving at snail speed. There are no full flights apparently, unless they come later in the game, but I’ve been playing for a week so if they are in there somewhere it takes far to long to be accessible. When you do get into the air, you have seemingly reasonless engine blow outs constantly, (usually when you’re about 2 seconds from landing, which makes the landing unsalvageable, resulting in a wreck) when the landing gear fails (which is fairly rare, granted) you have very little hope of landing at all because they refuse to unlock no matter how many times you try to bypass the failure. Oh and devs, if you’re reading this i just had a waypoint marker transition in flight from 3,200 ft to 30,000 ft... directly above me. Let me tell how to aim a plane straight up and not stall out immediately. You can’t. And i failed the mission for incorrect flight path for the trying to circle up to the waypoint. With all these issues and missing components this game was not ready to be released yet.

  • by Mark Eckert

    tired of simulations ending just because. deleting the game because I just lost out on a 5k flight because the landing gear wouldn't lower so I went to go around, didn't even turn 90 degrees and it ended. sick of it. lost a 15k fought the other day, 30 min of flying then it just ended because my final turn was outside of their half assed path

  • by Ben Cole

    really fun for the first few hours. But now everytime I try to make money to buy a new airplane, it takes it all away randomly. I'll build up to 20k and then I'll do a mission that earns 6k and have only the 6k when I'm finished! so I can no longer advance without paying money!

  • It’s ok..but flaws...

    by Paintedpigeon3737

    This game is fun. But what the developers make you do if you don’t want to purchase “micro transactions” in the game is absurd. You can have 20+ routes to open, but nope better get that license. Oh you don’t have enough money for the license? Here go fly other airlines. Oh you have enough money but not enough credits? Here go buy our tickets. It’s just a shame that it literally says “go and obtain other licenses” but how can you even purchase more planes and move up if you have to keep buying licenses for the smaller planes? And on top of that can’t even earn more money for those licenses if you lock out the player even when routes are available to open. Just another typical App Store game that is really nice but makes you spend money to win. Play. To. Win. And that’s unfortunate for literally the only quality flight simulator game for mobile...

  • Unplayable

    by Zxhrdvljdrinft

    The game is great for the first 5 levels. I’m at level 8 and it freezes on every other flight now. It happens right as I’m landing or reaching my waypoint so I don’t get the money and if it’s for another airline I have to wait another 30 minutes just to do another flight. I was just doing one for 6k which I needed for the next airplane and it just froze and the app crashed. I performed the most amazing maneuver after I was requested to land after taking off, forgot to lower the landing gear and had to circle around again, felt so accomplished once I landed, and then it freezes and crashes! I just did 10 flights and literally 7 of them froze. Even the ads play and then free so what’s the point of watching them if it doesn’t knock any time off? I make about 2 flights a day now. Should only take about another year to get to the next level at that pace... game is unplayable. Don’t bother downloading.

  • by bob blue

    was hoping this was good based on the rating but i found the instructions were not clear. I had no idea how to stear the plane at first and the control was very touchyvat first. then when i landed the first extra route i had no idea how to open it. i was taking the third exam and it crashed my phone. sorry but see ya

  • by A Google user

    After the update, I can't use any aircraft. Once I start the engine, and apply power. Any aircraft I use, turns around in a constant circle and the rudder doesn't do anything. I've recalibrated and restarted the game hundreds of times and that does nothing

  • Horrible simulator !

    by spaniard4evr

    Don’t waste your time and money..... Graphics are decent to great, that’s about it. The game is not realistic at all..... the control tower and the pilots contradict each other constantly, to get any great planes you have to pay money(trust me, I have paid a lot already) so I can attest to this. The weather is not realistic and when you are examining, there’s no instruction as to what we need to do. While on the tarmac, traffic control will make you taxi to the most far runway or gate possible, wasting tons of time...... That’s just some of the things that are wrong here!! Oh and when you contact customer service they tell you to do basic stuff and then never contact you again if your problem is not resolved. Too bad

  • Fun but annoying

    by joeseffb

    This game is fun. However it has a few quirks. First of all the biggest and worst issue is the game crashes all the time. With things being timed based it’s hard to get the game to reload and get back to it before a contract will expire. This game also emphasizes micro transactions which I hate. More people are willing to pay a couple bucks for a game if they don’t have stupid transactions. Also as others have posted the layouts for things seem strange. And it would also be helpful if you didn’t have that annoying guy pop up and say start you engine. When know you need to start an engine in order to make the plane go.

  • Needs work

    by Flyboy111

    iPhone X users, be warned there are buttons at the bottom by the swipe up that you have to hit as you advance that will then close the app. I can’t tolerate apps that don’t update to major devices a year plus still after release. Otherwise it’s got a lot of potential, many other users have stated good points of improvement... like how about not have a airliner taxi across the threshold every time we are at 300ft and still get a perfect score for landing. That isn’t realistic. If you want realist have an airliner lift off at the end of the runway when your 500 from touchdown or something to that affect.

  • Not realistic

    by scottttttyC

    To add to the litany of complaints about the constant emergencies and mechanical problems: Boeing states that fleet wide they experience landing gear failure 10 to 12 times a year. I also found statistics that engine failure occurs less than one time in one million flights. How often do they occur in game? We all know - you look at your plane sideways and it might explode. Some nonsense happens on the majority of flights. Seriously, it isn’t fun or interesting. It is just a distraction and boringly repetitive. And yes, you need free flight desperately so you can do whatever crazy thing you want just for the fun of it.

  • Impossible situations.

    by Baldie1946

    You have to be kidding me. On some landings, I land perfectly, throttle down, and apply the brakes fully. But something happens and it seems like the landing gear collapses and the plane is wrecked. Another landing my engines fail and I go to restart them but I sink like a rock.......straight down! Now in reality a winged plane should GLIDE.....not drop straight down! Some landings have you going about 250 knots and about a mile from the strip. You have to get to 197 knots to drop the landing gear. Then you are going too slow and about to stall, so you have to speed up. Then the landing strip is there and you must land......QUICKLY! A bit unrealistic. Should fix these unlikely scenarios.

  • Subpar

    by Nicky nick the nickster

    The good news first, when you have actual missions the game play is rather entertaining however it can get repetitive. As for the bad news, you are constantly have to “test” for a new license because you are always upgrading to a better plan (the game forces you to upgrade.) Typically upgrading and having to “test” isn’t a big deal expect for the fact that you have nothing to do(literally) except watch adds to help pass the time. Seems like they started making a great game and halfway through they just gave up.

  • Not amazing at all.

    by SmiteMatter

    Barely a flight sim and mostly just a lot of waiting around to do something that takes a couple minutes. What are they that noting here? There are so many fun killing road blocks I don’t know where to begin? You can just fly, and have to go through tedious take offs or landings that get progressively dumber not harder. Lots of engine malfunctions .....oh All of the scenery is arbitrary and random lacking any feeling of authenticity whatsoever. The requirements to pay for your lessons and then be forced to wait and or pay again is beyond stupid. Oh my gawd just sell me the app.... anything but this crud. It’s just a cash grabbing waste of time poorly disguised as a flight sim or airline manager. RORTOS blew it again. It’s a real shame desperately needs more legit flight sims, but all we ever get are pitiful freemium apps with so many built in limitations that end up cursing the app to permanent grounding. Booooooo!

  • Fun at first

    by Monde m

    Fun at first, but clearly the creator wanted a lot of money because this game is AD driven unless you spend a lot of money... also the taking off and landing gets old, they need to make a “free play” where you can choose what airport you want to depart from and what airport you want to land at... I’m sure down the road you get some longer routes but I’ve put an hour and thirty minutes in this game and I’m still just “taking off and landing”. This game could easily be a 5 star game if the problems I’ve stated were fixed.

  • Crashes with new update

    by JSmoe

    The new update from 2 days ago now causes the app to crash. I understand long taxis but when you spend a lot of time taxing around ORD just to have it crash before you get paid. Then when you try and quickly reload only t find the contract “time” has expired and you cannot collect, well I will not pay actual funds for something that will not let me advance. Never had a crash until the last update, I have tried on multiple devices. Let’s see how well you respond with a fix.

  • Weak simulation

    by sha_avi

    You earn very low amounts of money in the game and it’s hard to purchase new airplanes and also you just pop in middle of flight trying to land a plane or just on the runway trying to take off. Weak simulation you experience in the game and also it could be better if there was real airline names instead of something like a.b.c airlines or other names that doesn’t exist and also if there was real plane logos and livery it was way better. Hope to see a brand new update with changes

  • Just another wait or pay game

    by underoath0902

    I can’t vouch for the gameplay past the first level because I deleted the app as soon as I realized it was a wait or pay-to-skip game. These games are plaguing the industry and I want nothing to do with them. I’m okay with DLC, paid-for apps, ads, and most other styles of earning money off a game. But don’t make me wait 5 minutes between levels or pay to skip that time. I just want to pass time waiting for my train. If you refuse to let your app fill that need without repeated payment, I’ll simply spend my time elsewhere.

  • HUGE amount of downtime (waiting)

    by T231543

    I really like this game. But it seems that I spend more time waiting for new contracts to come up before I can fly my own planes. I understand they’re trying to make money by having us watch videos (to reduce the downtime) but the wait periods are ridiculous. Otherwise, a really fun game Addition to my previous note: I’m on level 16 now and it’s just getting boring. You spent about $60k-$100k to get a new license and then can only make 3 flights before the routes close. Then you fly other airlines that only pay $300-$3500. That’s A LOT of flying to get $100k in mit net. In addition you only do landings and take offs. I’ve only had three full flights booked offered but they take 2-3 hours to play (not sure anyone has that kind of time). Could be a really awesome game with some modifications

  • Game blows likes the engine

    by Adub22

    The develop probably hates flying or trying to make people fear getting on a plane because every mission involves some sort of engine stall or blow out. My favorite is an engine blow out on your approach, seconds from landing, you got the plane down safely but the dumb dumb flight attendant pop up with a message “rough landing”. Not to mention with your busted up engine, you still need to navigate to your gate instead of being met by emergency crew cause you know, your freaking engine blew upon landing approach! Game is b.s...not worth your time or in game currency.

  • Kinda stuck here...

    by DrunkPanda6

    Ok so I was having quite a good time with this app until trying to obtain license D for the CRJ900. I have no idea how to complete it, the speed and altitude sensors are no problem for me as I’m able to get the landing gear down and land safely. But the problem is that the landing gear keep just ‘breaking’ when I land on the runway. They disappear every single time with a noise signifying that it broke. Then it crashes the plane and I end up losing the license. I even managed to break the gears and fly up again, trying to do the same procedure when there’s a malfunction with the gears but that doesn’t work. It says absolutely nothing about how to avoid this, I can’t go on the other runway, and I’m basically forced to skip the license and buy it with AC Credits instead. It’s really annoying, please fix it!

  • Very confused game

    by pmzdj

    1. The user interface is a travesty. It is extremely bizarre, disorganized, and unnecessarily complicated. The game itself is rather simplistic, but you wouldn’t know it trying to navigate the interface. 2. The missions, or whatever they are, are indescribably boring. Taxi for 5 minutes to get to a runway, take off, and then...mission over. What? What am I playing this for? Do we ever get to fly the aircraft, or is it just endless taxi missions? I have no idea where the high ratings for this game come from because it is a joke and an absolute chore to play.


    by WillBeStudios

    Delusione totale, basta con questo orribile sistema di in app purchase. Preferirei pagare anche 10/15$ per il gioco completo invece he buttare via i soldi. Ingiocabile, siete diventati feccia come tutti. Apprezzavo i vostri titoli in passato. Adios! Total disappointment, this in-app purchase system make the game unplayable and unbelievably frustrating to play. I would willing to pay 10/15$ for an actual complete game, in this way the player will be obliged to spend (and waste) lot of real money. You became a bad company like most of others big brand here. I was used to like your past games and I was a vivid support. Well, not anymore! BYE!

  • Lots of Wasted Potential

    by A_Chicken_Once_Ate_A_Dolphin

    This game has beautiful graphics (for a mobile game), solid physics, and lots of nice planes. Unfortunately, the gameplay is hampered by incessant advertising, tedious amounts of taxiing, AI aircraft that only seem to exist to make you randomly stop on taxiways, random engine failures when you’re on the last leg of final, and extremely slow progression designed to lure you to purchase the in game cash. No thanks: I’d rather spend $80 on XPlane or Flight Simulator than this poorly executed game.


    by spongebobislife

    I downloaded it thinking it would be fun when I went looking for something to do, the first time I tried to load it up it crashed, then a second try and it worked. The whole idea is great but poorly executed. These controls are hard to use when there is instructions popping up at the same time as your trying to not crash the plane. It might be more fun if the controls were easier to use for as of for now I just can’t stand this game. If I could give no stars I would.

  • It’s irritating

    by bosmali

    The game is pretty cool I like it but freaks out meaning by that it will freeze up when I turn my phone off it will freeze up when I land it will freeze up switch your plane it will freeze up and it will stay frozen the only week you can continue play if you uninstall the game and install it again but that’s getting irritating Every single time I had to do that if you guys can fix this game will be amazing

  • flight

    by captain622

    I agree this is not a flight simulator are you spend your time just taxi or taking off or landing you never travel to any airport just just spent your time ground taxing or landing or taking off even as a captain I can add mitt Building structure Are great detail detail the most flights simulator in flight simulators you can travel but there's no buildings or control tower this is the best game ever the flying needs to improve to make it a traveling game from one airport to another all you do is land or take off or taxing.

  • Just plain boring- flight engine now a MLM

    by Jimmbones

    SO much taxiing. So many incentive to pay real money. I just want to fly. I don’t want to be penalized with real money and have to watch advertisements to play. Tortoise used to be so exciting. Now torrid is just trying to make money. I miss the old exciting apps where you could create your own adventure and test the limits of the planes. But they aren’t innovating. Same algorithms, same graphics, but more restrictions. And then the taxiing. Over and over with the taxiing. Jesus. I’m deleting this game now.

  • Great game... too bad it doesn’t load

    by Missy602

    My game freezes every 24 hours forcing me to un/reinstall to play it. Also since there’s no way to skip the intro tutorial I have to play through that every time I want to play the game. The game itself has good graphics and fairly simple control; with a decent amount of things to do for a free game. There is a lot of screen switching and might be difficult for people with smaller phones.

  • Fun, but too difficult to move up without $$$$

    by Cecsix

    I love a lot about the game play, landing is especially fun, and I actually like the emergencies. I give the app two stars because of how it limits the number of routes that can be opened between levels. Like, I just want to play without spending a bunch of real money to buy planes and complete training. Am I missing something? I realize you need to encourage in app spending, but this is excessive. Also, I agree with the other reviewer regarding taxiing. Way too much game time is spent NOT FLYING. If one chooses to skip taxiing, the amount earned is greatly diminished. This game has so much potential, but I just achieved first officer rank, and now to buy the next plane I will have to shell out more cash. I’m done with it for now, until and if this is upgraded.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by A Google user

    this game is not working when i open it game open but only black screen comes

  • Great idea, implementation is not great.

    by Cheezewize

    This is a fun way to get into flight simulators and the challenges are enjoyable however there are far too many advertisements required and far too much downtime waiting to proceed. I suppose you can shell out a few bucks to bypass these advertisements and waiting requirements but they don’t even make that easy. It’s a really bad pricing model. And for that reason I have ditched the app but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed using it for as long as I could tolerate it. So I think they are onto something but they just are not doing it properly. Also some of the ratings did not present the proposed challenge. For example the wind rating I couldn’t tell there was any wind at all. Same for the turbulence rating and same for a few of the other ratings but the emergency procedures ratings were very good and challenging. I would love to give this app five stars as many others have done but I just can’t use it any longer because of all of the ads and downtime. After completing a new rating you’re supposed to have access to the contracts that are available for each aircraft but you only have access to one or two before it times out and tells you that you have to get another rating and wait another hour or so. Same for the partner flights, you have to wait on most of them or view ads. That’s a game I’m not interested in playing so I have said goodbye for now.

  • Time waster and money hungry

    by alanmoo123

    The requires a lot of down time without any reward. 90% of the game is grinding. This constitutes landing or taking off at the same airport over and over again with until you unlock the next airport or plane. The taxiways and movement is predictable and repetitive. To get licenses to continue on in the game, some take multiple hours of waiting to unlock. Meanwhile, you have menial tasks that barely give you any coins. This is a GAME. Not a simulator. If you want a realistic and enjoyable experience head for X Plane or infinite flight.

  • Not worth it and also kicks me out of game

    by Conset54617

    I have been waiting hours to download this game and it downloaded successfully! But I went in the app it kicked me out so many times it never worked so I deleted the game and never play the game again

  • I am stuck

    by astar175

    I am a trainee but I can’t open more routes until I get more planes, but I can’t get more planes until I rank up which requires me to open more routes. How can I progress?

  • Too much instructions

    by None_of_your_buissness

    For the first hour you play the game its literally telling you what to click

  • Disappointing

    by jrenn1982

    I was going to give this game a fairly rating BUT since I downloaded I got to play 2 flights and the game froze up and then I’ve never been able to connect to the server not allowing me to access the game. Oh well I guess.... 😕

  • Login error 1000

    by stjaine

    I played for about 5 minutes and it was amazing, however it quickly exited and will not let me log back on, keeps saying login error 1000. I noticed the developer wrote a note to someone else in the reviews experiencing the same issue, they recommended I delete it, restart my device and redone load but I’ve tried it so many times and it still won’t work. Help please.

  • Not bad but not great

    by EmeraldMastor24

    I keep going in circles for the first thing

  • Way to many bugs!

    by Lovesimulators

    This game is great in concept but there are WAY to many bugs. You finish a flight it kicks you out of the program, you lose AC points and money you would have gained on the flight. Developer is obviously only interested in the money that he makes on the ads. Locks up constantly. Freezes up. Do not spend any money on this game. Very frustrating to play!!!

  • Game is glitchy

    by joshflippind

    First glitch: As taxing out the the runway it has asked me to stop and hold. While doing this I get ran over by what appears to be a 737 plane. At first I brush it off as maybe this is a one time issue so I move onto my next contract and it happens again. It happen for about 10 contracts straight on a full take off. Second glitch: On a full landing I touch down and begin to slow down as soon as I slow down enough for it to begin the taxi portion of the full landing I am passing an off lane for the main run way instead of having my proceed to the next off lane it wants me to turn around on an active runway and use that specific off lane. Turning around is almost impossible in this game due to there not being a control for the nose gear. Third glitch: While proceeding towards the gate that it is requesting me to end at I am following the yellow guide line as you are supposed to and it always me I am not following the taxi path which is in the dirt/grass. I didn’t want to take a chance at failing the contract by damaging the plane so I follow the yellow guide line. About 5 seconds of ignoring the taxi arrows it fails the contract. I could easily go on naming off more examples of the glitches that I have been seeing but as to not wast time I will leave you with this. The game will need major improvements to be noteworthy and/or accurate.

  • Worst

    by 20196

    It doesn’t work on my iPhone but it does work on LG

  • Straight up money grab

    by Snaker60543

    Another game where they give you a little piece and then if you’re not paying you ain’t playing Just charge people $8 to play unlimited

  • not a work

    by 39470

    this app work not my phone iphone xs error code 1000

  • Crash on startup

    by CL Smith 405

    On my iPhone X this just crashes on startup. I’ve email the developer screenshots of the error (license error) but I never got a response. Waste of money..

  • This game needs an update ASAP! Need the feature as “Extreme Landing”

    by Riz3m

    This is one of the great flight simulator game for mobile. Being that said, unfortunately the “Full flight” routes under “Offers from other Airlines” need some updates ASAP. To make some money I’ve tried “full flight” multiple times, but I’ve encountered below issues all those times in the game. 1. It takes a long time to complete the full flight! yeah it is realistic but who got time to sit and fly for 2 - 6 hours on a game! You can’t even pause for a long time, next time you try to open the game , game would restart and you would lose the full flight flying you’ve done before pausing. 2. Even if you set the auto pilot and watch the game once in a while, game would crash if a call comes in the middle of the flight or if an alert pops up! Literally I’ve wasted hours of playtimes because of app crashing! Once after a 4 hours flight, while landing got a phone call and game crashed!! Wasted all those hours I spent playing. I have some suggestions for the developers. 1. If this game could get a feature to fast forward the full flight same as in “Extreme Landing” game (by the same developer RORTOS SRL) this game will be a 5⭐️ rated game for sure. It looks if the developers need to add that feature it’s not much work for them. They already have a full working game with that feature already. **Please add fast forward feature for full flight. 2. Please add more full flights in the game. 3. Please reduce the time of taxing! It is boring after a while. 4. After certain level remove the suggestions, add and option to turn it off ie: “apply break to reduce speed after landing ” (even after 87 hours of flying!)

  • Not good

    by Reinkejohn4

    Auto pilot controls are very difficult to adjust mainly the altitude and heading: what happens is when I try to turn the knobs by swiping my finger on the knobs to the left or right, it keeps moving too many "units" more than what I want, for example, when I try to set the altitude at 3,300 feet, it moves several hundred feet up or down when I release my finger from the knob on the screen, also, touching the autopilot knobs keeps activating the pause game which is highly irritating, why it does this? I don't know. I am using iphone Xs max. What else is highly annoying is all the "rotros" games do not change orientation when the phone is flipped opposite. You see there is this "notch" on one side of the screen on Sx max and it cuts off part of the game screen and I cannot flip my phone for a more desirable view because your poorly designed game does not "reorientate" when the position of the phone is flipped. Also... The full flights, when I do a "full flight", I get to do the taxi prior to takeoff, the takeoff, then it skips the flight! and goes right to landing, upon landing it skips the taxi to the finger. This game needs help

  • Bad

    by Koublik

    Wonder, how this game has almost 5stars rating. Graphics are terrible. The only thing u do is taking off and landing. All the airports looks same , i mean, what the heck?

  • Ok game. Needs free flight mode.

    by thager35

    The game is ok. Physics are good. Can get a lot free by playing the game and flying routes. But... after the first 8 or 10 licenses you get it’s seems to pretty much be the same thing over and over. There isn’t much flying involved at all. It’s all taking off and landing. And when you have to do full take offs and landing you spend 3/4 of the time driving under 40 knots which is a snails pace (if you exceed 40 you get alarms until you slow down and it cost you points) and it takes soooo long. The it take 2 or 3 minutes to take off and fly. Or 2 or 3 minutes to land then slow drive forever back to park. It was pretty fun at first. The simulation is fairly real with the cockpit features. Autopilot and such.. I’m about done playing it though because there’s no free flight where you can take off and fly around and land somewhere else wherever you want. There isn’t even a full flight where you take off, fly to a destination and land there. It’s either take off and once you reach altitude the game ends. Or you start on final approach and land. And that’s it. I’m up to level 9, have 6 or 7 planes, and it’s the same things over and over. It has potential to be a great game! But not in its current state.

  • !!READ THIS!!!!

    by Murphy Perphy


  • Trash

    by lllllllkgdffuvdrcg

    This game is just you moving planes.

  • Was good, but.l

    by chris1738281

    It was good, recently just keep promoting to login to fb, and just loop through fb page, and won’t let me get into the game.

  • Total crap

    by hate ya game

    This game looks like a flight version of pack man like what.

  • Not worth it.

    by Ricktd1

    You will spend 75% of your time taxiing, most of your flights will have a mechanical failure. You’ll go around in circles in the airport to reach your gate. You’ll see planes landing at the same as you are, weird tower instructions. Make you spend a lot of money purchasing licenses and planes. Other than that good quick for takeoff and landings.

  • Spent $99 on this game so far! WASTE OF MONEY

    by jojochicago18

    Game basically tries to make you spend money. To think, when you spend $99 dollars so you don't have to wait to play missions only to find out once that runs out you have to spend more is just wrong. Don't waste your money on this game the developers are greedy. I had high hopes for this game and to have them shattered by greedy developers that rip people off.

  • Too much missions.

    by MarkDheniel

    The game is great, controls, calibrations, etc, however the missions are too long. Anxious to fly the bigger planes. The fact it’s consuming too much time the games gets boring. It’s just the same play over and over again. That’s what degrades me to this game. Lower missions please. UPDATE.

  • Yeah so....

    by Craft Killer

    This game is good except for the constant issues with planes. Every time I try to land BOOM my engine fails. I stall and crash and fail the mission. This is super annoying because this happens EVERY TIME. Also, it is impossible to advance.

  • It’s ok..but flaws...

    by Paintedpigeon3737

    This game is fun. But what the developers make you do if you don’t want to purchase “micro transactions” in the game is absurd. You can have 20+ routes to open, but nope better get that license. Oh you don’t have enough money for the license? Here go fly other airlines. Oh you have enough money but not enough credits? Here go buy our tickets. It’s just a shame that it literally says “go and obtain other licenses” but how can you even purchase more planes and move up if you have to keep buying licenses for the smaller planes? And on top of that can’t even earn more money for those licenses if you lock out the player even when routes are available to open. Just another typical App Store game that is really nice but makes you spend money to win. Play. To. Win. And that’s unfortunate for literally the only quality flight simulator game for mobile...

  • Poorly thought out... no real advancement

    by goodking 15564677-0

    The first few levels are fun. The problem is that it repeats the same thing forever. No advances to free or full flights. There are two scenarios - 1) taxi, take off, fly for a 90 seconds, end. 2) near final approach, drop gear, flaps, land, end flight. Why? Hundreds of repeats. Nothing ever changes. No additional activities, no nav, no specific challenges, I’m at Level 15 with a dozen planes. Whop-de-do....

  • Won’t let me login

    by zackattak_2x

    This game will not let me login I have redownloaded it and everything you could fix bugs but please fix this one and reply with what o could do to prevent this from happening again

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