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A Journey Towards Jesus

A Journey Towards Jesus

Learn more about the Bible with this Christian game for young all ages

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Review Highlights

  • challenging

    in 157 reviews

    I really love the concept of the game, with its challenging tasks and questions

  • educational

    in 86 reviews

    An educational and entertaining game! Tests your knowledge and also increases it

  • helpful

    in 28 reviews

    It's like opening the bible and reading it. It's very helpful, love it!🙌🙌

  • addictive

    in 22 reviews

    Really addictive. Im newer in faith and am learning so much

  • good questions

    in 10 reviews

    My favorite topic! so many good questions and helpfull ways to get through it all

App Description

Google Play

Play for free to 'A Journey Towards Jesus' and enjoy learning more about the Bible with this new Christian game for young all ages!

Eliab's sister, Sara, is sick and after spending all their savings on medicines and doctors, their only hope is to find a preacher named Jesus. Some believe he is the expected Messiah. Others think he is only a fake. For Eliab, the main character of this game, the clock is ticking. Will he overcome his fears and be able to find HIM before is too late? Does Jesus know about Eliab? Discover and chills with the story behind this exciting Christian game for smartphones and tablets.

‘A Journey towards Jesus’ has 5 worlds full of surprises, characters to interact and speak with and challenges that the main character will have to complete with your help to find Jesus.

• Travel the paths where Jesus was (Galilee, Samaria, etc.).
• More than 2.000 questions and exciting challenges that will test your knowledge of the Bible.
• Mini-games with hundreds of categories will put you to the test.
• Don't forget to grab the items needed for this journey, as they will help you when you need them the most.
• Obtain Stars with each level completed according to your skills and exchange them for valuable items in the market. A wise choice of your items can make a big difference.

#AJTJ: Prove everyone that you are the master of the Bible in this new and free Christian game for smartphones and tablets in which you will learn more about Jesus while you walk through different levels in this great adventure in a journey towards Jesus. Download it for free!

Many thanks to those who play 'A Journey Towards Jesus' (a.k.a 'En Busca de Jesús'). Thanks to your comments we will keep creating new Christians game like this one. We would love to read your opinion about this game. Please, contact us through our website:

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A Journey Towards Jesus

A Journey Towards Jesus

4.8 72K+ Reviews

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