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Oz Interactive

AI-based assistant app for all mobile games. Always free & help you play better.

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Review Highlights

  • helpful

    in 585 reviews

    I've had 0 issues and is extremely helpful for clash royale and clash of clans

  • easy to use

    in 67 reviews

    very smooth and easy to use,i use it for PUBG Mobile and it tells me spots to land etc.

  • great help

    in 22 reviews

    he is a great help in pubg Mobil and im getting alot of kills and i rate him five stars

  • great idea

    in 18 reviews

    Good app,,great idea,,really helpfull

App Description

Google Play

Bigfoot is a safe, accurate, simple-to-use, and free online game assistant for all games. It’s also a useful in-game assist tool that can improve gamer’s performance and help everyone play better.

Bigfoot delivers build-in assistant for all games, which include but not limited to online shooting games, war games, AR games and all other kinds. Among all these fun games, Bigfoot also offers specific functions for some battle royal games, such as pubg mobile, coc, cr, etc. More customized functions for more games will be added. Please keep the focus on Bigfoot and its future updates.

Highlight Features:

🚩 Accurate Resource Map & Customized Crosshair
Bigfoot assists battle royal players to find the best loot locations and get exclusive armories. With Bigfoot, you will overcome the difficulty of unknown battlegrounds and get familiar with all maps, and you can directly see a loot guide showing where legendary loots are whenever you open the battlefield map. Accurate loot markers enable you to know the loot layouts clearly. In addition, Bigfoot provides you free custom crosshair styles, which can improve your aim and fire accuracy for shooting.

🗺️ HD Base Maps & One-Click to Copy
Bigfoot offers various clan base maps. These HD maps are the collections of new layouts from professional top players, including strategy, clash defense, and farming maps. Moreover, you can easily access all clan maps and viewing details of each map by a floating window without exiting the game. Just choose and copy the most suitable one by a click, you will build strong clans and win in any clash with Bigfoot assistant.

👑 Deck Recommendation & Chest Tracker
Bigfoot provides several decks based on each gamer’s level in clash games. You can view cards layout and detailed info about each recommended deck or learn more via a video guide. Then you can use the most satisfied one by just a click. Besides, chest tracker is available for free after linking your game account to Bigfoot. The order of chest drop in clash games is fixed so Bigfoot will tell you what are the upcoming chests and how many more until the next royal chest.

🗃️ Pokedex, IV Calculator, and detailed information
For AR games, like pokemon and harry potter, a full index and info about monsters and wizards are provided in Bigfoot. Go to pokedex, every player will get to know full information of all genies, including basic info, CP stats, evolution, and skills, etc. Bigfoot also adds pokemon IV calculator which directly covers on the game via image recognition. So unite with Bigfoot, gamers could make a comparison to find out stronger ones to evolve without leaving the game easily and safely.

🎥 Screen Recorder & Screenshot
Bigfoot screen recorder and screenshot functions capture your game by just a tap. Especially for brawl games, there is auto screen recorder so that you can replay the whole battle log and highlight moments without trophies & stars limitation. Moreover, the floating button is always on the screen and let you pin your favorite moment so you will never miss it anymore. Video edit function is also available. You can make simple revision and share game videos or screenshots to your friends or your fandom on any social networks.

Bigfoot is a free game assistant app which aims to help you win and have fun in all games by providing corresponding helpful functions. Use Bigfoot game assistant whenever you play games. Prepare for battle! Download Bigfoot now on Google Play for free!

Disclaimer: Bigfoot is a game assistant app for entertainment purposes only. Bigfoot is not associated or affiliated with any games. All games and related details are created by their respective owners who do not provide any guarantee, sponsorship or special permission, nor take any responsibility for it.

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