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A Guide For Both Parent & Child Containing Prayers For Numerous Topics.

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App Description

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Children are a gift - an amazing blessing from God. If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher, or mentor in the life of a child, then you have the power to make a difference in the world through their precious lives. Whether our children are still in diapers or have already graduated from college, we hold this incredible opportunity to encourage, equip, and cover them in our prayers.As parents, we can’t see everything, be everywhere, or know all that goes on each day in our children’s lives, but God can. He sees, He knows, and is there. And we can be assured that He is able to care for our loved ones even better than we can.

In the midst of our busy lives, we have to ask ourselves: Are we doing prayers for children specifically ? Are we praying, powerful, promise-filed, hope-inspired prayers? Are we praying God’s Word and promises over their lives? We are challenged each and every day to pray more, particularly for those who we care about most. The Enemy is a trickster and he will use any tactic he can to break your family down and destroy your relationships with each other. It’s important that you recognize that there is a battle over families today, and that we should do everything in our power to protect those we hold dear in our lives. Prayer should be your starting place. It is essential that we pray over our children and families, so that we may stay alert, aware and are able to discern God’s voice against any force trying to destroy us. You can begin today by lifting up powerful blessings to pray over your children.

In this guide we also feature teaching your kids to pray, its a great way to introduce them to Jesus Christ and reinforce their relationship with God.These simple prayers for children will help your kids learn to talk with God directly. As they grow more comfortable with prayer, they will discover that God is always close by their side and ready to listen.

Included In This App:

- 5 Tips On How to Pray for Your Children.
- 7 Things to Pray for Your Children.
- Praying For Protection Over Our Children.
- Prayers for Concerned Parents.
- Important Payers For Your Children This School Year.
- Christian Children's Prayers to Teach Your Kids.
- 10 Children's Prayers - Simple and Easy for Kids to Pray.
---And More.

To reinforce prayer as a natural part of life, start teaching your kids as early as possible, and encourage them to pray throughout the day as often as possible.
Here you'll find a variety of prayers for your children you can teach to say in the morning, in the evening, and for protection anytime.

App Features:

- In-Depth Guide & Explanations
- Easy To Read
- Simple Navigation
- Sharable Content

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