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Tools for Wechat

Tools for Wechat


Scan files received from Wechat and Clean them

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App Description

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A experimental app from a fresh start of Java and Android app development.

Since the files from Wechat are very personal so I will not consider existing (if there is any) apps that requires a internet connection. Also I need such app for myself and it will be a good practice to learn how to write Android apps.

- App will scan Wechat data folder for images/videos/audios.
- Newly received files will not automatically show in scan results, they will need to be scanned again in order show in results.
- The scan result will be saved for later use. So every time you come back to the app you can browse the results instantly without scan again.
- Scanned images/videos can be saved to other places.
- Scanned files can be removed to release the huge amount of space Wechat is taken.

Unfinished work:
- Audios can not be played and saved. Wechat used Silk format which is not supported by Android. I haven't got time to read related stuff and study the NDK in order to compile Silk source code and use it in Java.
- Root mode is not supported yet. Which is required to read chat logs from Wechat in order to categorize files to contacts.

Required Permissions:
- Read/write external storage to scan Wechat files and copy desired files.
- Read phone IMEI for decoding Wechat message database(future version)

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Tools for Wechat

Tools for Wechat

4.0 31 Reviews

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