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Learn French Vocabulary Free

Learn French Vocabulary Free

Language Course S.L.

Free Vocabulary Trainer & French travel phrases, slang, business language...

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

30% Negative Reviews

Out of 20 most helpful reviews

  • by Thomas Davis

    i downloaded the app and was asked to allow the app permission to make decisions on my phone's functioning. After that every feature the app has is curiously, and i quote, "temporarily unavailable." Every single feature i tapped on. maybe it's my luck or my phone, which i strongly doubt. But hey maybe someone else's luck will make features available after they Grant permission to an app that won't function unless you give direct access to the content of your phone's internal hard drive.

  • by Cesar Conde

    Dont know what happen with this app, I cannot get the information, words, etc, because it doesn't allow me to join all the info. It stops in the first part, then after clicking on the "continue" button, it doesn't work. Fix it to be able to download it again, and use it.

  • by Ben Samyn

    Why doesn't this app function without access to my phone and location? Edit: I don't need it to pause when I get a call, but I do not have the option to use the app while disabling it. Also, you didn't respond to the location (which I also don't need).

  • by A Google user

    This is a very bad app. I have tried to open it but it said it was loading for a very long time, even though I had perfect internet connection. So I deleted it. I got continuous emails from the app even after I deleted it. When I replied that I had deleted the app, they assumed I still had it. I have a very bad opinion of this app.

  • by Matt Michel

    In order to use the app, you have to give it permission to make a d manage phone calls using your phone. Uninstalled right there.

  • by Lukas Hohnhorst

    I downloaded the app yesterday and was quite satisfied, then opened it today and it doesn't work anymore. It's stuck in the loading screen and no matter how often I force stop the app and restart it, it still doesn't work.

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Learn French Vocabulary Free

Learn French Vocabulary Free

4.6 19K+ Reviews

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