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Gratitude Tipping

Gratitude Tipping

Gratitude App

Understand local tipping customs and tip accurately around the world.

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App Description

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Gratitude takes the fuss out of tipping across the globe. Using your location to identify the country's acceptable tipping range, Gratitude will calculate your total bill, inclusive of the tip, based upon the service you've received and the size of your group. It will also split the bill so that you and your friends can share the cost.

Using an inbuilt algorithm, Gratitude will pick up on subtle changes from country to country and even tell you when not to tip! It's a tip calculator which will do the hard work for you!

The app includes a mini travel guide for each country helping you with basic dialect, informing you of tourist hotspots and hidden gems and providing basic facts about your location.

What's special about Gratitude?

- Location services pick up on your location and assigns a tipping range
- Don't want to turn location services on? Gratitude works offline too
- Inbuilt algorithm has knowledge of every country's tipping custom
- Each country features a mini travel guide via the info icon
- Each country has language tips to help you on your way
- You can choose between food, drink, taxi and porter services, each having its bespoke tipping range assigned.
- Create an account and see you average star rating and the number of countries you've visited.
- Most importantly... Gratitude is quick, easy and accurate to use. And it's free!

Don't just take our word for it...

Some of Gratitude's 5 star ratings have come from some leading travel bloggers:

- "Really handy app to have on you" -
- "Great Travel App" -
- "An Essential Travel App" -

Not to mention some great press:

- "Saves the embarrassment of under-tipping someone and saves you money from over-tipping too!" -
- "Truly is well designed with the traveller in mind" -
- "The well designed and user friendly app does all the work" -

Please leave feedback via the comments and review section and let us know of any improvements you would like to see!

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Gratitude Tipping

Gratitude Tipping

4.9 88 Reviews

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