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Guess The Movie & Character

Guess The Movie & Character

Guess The Movie Logo Quiz Games

Guess The Movie & Character is the most addictive movie/character guessing game.

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Editor’s Review

  1. The art lover's movie trivia game! Beautiful stylized artwork and icons to match up with the famous movie or character
  2. Get stuck on a tough level? Reach out to ask for help from friends on Facebook
  3. Enjoy minimalist art while training your brain and proving yourself master of the movie genres

Reviewed by Kaylin on April 17, 2018

Review Highlights

  • addictive

    in 126 reviews

    Once you get started its hard to stop. Its very addicting and a great tike killer

  • challenging

    in 82 reviews

    So very challenging, most characters and movies I can remember well. More of the same.

App Description

Google Play

If you've seen lots of great movies, you will definitely love this guessing game – Guess The Movie & Character. Since it can test you how many movies you can remember and recognize.
The game play is simple, what you need to do is to guess a movie’s or a character’s name based on handcrafted beautiful cartoon which left you a clue to help guess the movie.

1. Useful hints to help guess the movie/character
a)removing wrong letters,
b)reveal a correct letter,
c)showing summary information,
d)ask help from your friends via facebook
e)There are many ways in the game to get free coins to use hints. If you login the game every day, you will be award 60 coins!
2. More than 20 levels, 490 cartoon to guess
3. Beautiful UI
4. Google Play leaderboard, compare your score with your friends

If you are a movie lover and like movie trivia, then this film guessing game is for you. There are no tricky trivia questions but beautiful carton to guess and fun.
Guess The Movie & Character is a refreshing challenge from the plethora of logo quiz games out there!

But do NOT use guess the movie answers app for answers, it will lose lots of fun. You will love this movie trivia game.

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Guess The Movie & Character

Guess The Movie & Character

4.1 23K+ Reviews

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