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🔥Efectum – Slow Motion, Reverse Cam, Fast Video

🔥Efectum – Slow Motion, Reverse Cam, Fast Video

Craigpark Limited

Video editor with Slow & Fast Motion, Stop Motion, Reverse Video! Add music

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Video & Screenshots

Editor’s Review

  1. Rewind feature lets you quickly go back in the video so you can make more specific adjustments as needed
  2. Turn sound on or off for a custom edit that's entirely up to you! Make the video quality your prime focus
  3. View your videos at multiple speeds - all in HD quality! You'll feel like a professional editor in no time

Reviewed by Katelyn on June 8, 2018

Review Highlights

  • useful

    in 110 reviews

    Nice app especially very useful for tik tok for Android users 😂💙 anyway loved

  • easy to use

    in 94 reviews

    Omg thx so much best slowmotion app i downloaded i really like it and easy to use 😊😊

  • too many ads

    in 24 reviews

    It was terrible it used the wrong video and it has too many ads and it kept freezing.

  • best editor

    in 19 reviews

    I love it so much!! works for anything speed wise it's the best editing app I have used.!

  • boring

    in 12 reviews

    very boring experience. with it most kidding and worst editing app who the hell made this

App Description

Google Play

Create awesome videos with Fast Motion, Slow Motion and Reverse Video edits!

Efectum – Video Editor App allows you to edit videos from your gallery or capture from the app and publish on Android.

How does it work? Simply slow down the video or speed it up. Watch your video become something completely different. Control the video frame rate and add your favorite music.

- SLO-MO, FAST-MO, REVERSE (REWIND VIDEO), TIMELAPSE video effects (Multiple speeds)
- Add your favourite music (Turn sound on/off)
- Cut/trip videos (Video cutter)

- Make you friends laugh with recording their talking, dancing or eating
- Your pet failing at that trick or perhaps excelling at it
- Weather changes, snow storms, heavy rains, lightnings... Stay safe!
- Fire, lighters
- Water balloons
- Popping popcorn
- Waves
- Busy streets, Downtown
- Playing pool
And more!

We welcome feedback so if you have any suggestions or problems with the app, contact us at:

Create and make the world a little more fun ;)

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🔥Efectum – Slow Motion, Reverse Cam, Fast Video

🔥Efectum – Slow Motion, Reverse Cam, Fast Video

4.1 92K+ Reviews

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