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Fanatical Football

Fanatical Football

Mouse Games

Fanatical Football delivers the #1 authentic football experience to date.

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80% Positive Reviews

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  • by Brian Isaacs

    This game is fun. It's six man football, not what I expected but fun. You can play individual games or a playoff format, there's no season play. Controls take some getting used to but are pretty good. The game clock needs to be formatted better and not sure about the stats posted at the end of the game but those are minor complaints.

  • by Sara de la Cruz

    It's a good game but a times i wish we could just do whatever and maybe even stay as the same person for a more realistic scene but i still love it so keep up the good work :))

  • by Mega Orange The Youtuber

    JUST LIKE THE MADDEN NFL GAMES but BETTER!! This is the easiest, Coolest and BEST Football game I've ever played! The fact that it is only 14 MB of Storage (Very little space Needed) is Amazing cuz I'm running on low on device storage, But this amazing Game dosent need much Space to Install! For those who say this game is Bad, try Uninstalling it the Install it again. Best football Game ever!

  • by Isaiah Griffin

    I realy like this game. when I have no wifi this is the only other game I can play. but when I play it I just get sucked into it. its awsome.

  • by Jennifer Giovanniello

    Great game! love it so much! It's such a good gama and I deffintly reccomed downloading the game!

  • by Keisha Burns

    i looks like it was so cool I've never played this before8deo3 still cool you need to play this game this game is so cool


    the only things i dont like aubout this game is that the graphics are assssssssss and the controls are the worse controls ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Nice game but the only problem is that we can't steer when it is in speed. I only request to solve this problem.

  • by Ratu Isikeli Sawailau

    finely done. If rugby could be in this type of app ( fanatical 10s rugby) five stars.

  • by AnneMarie Jacques

    this game is so easy and it's easy to make a touchdown cuz everytime you can just use a bunch of spins

  • by Akinola Francis

    the game is dope improve on ur graphics and pls can u add a passing button to the controls 😣it's a lil difficult to pass the opponents without passing 😧

  • by Jeff Stephens

    Sooooooo unrealistic and u get tackled even when u are like miles away from the person and the Jukes dont even work

  • by Dean Bolding

    I think this app is good , I like Madden but this is a good second

  • by Samkimkim Kimkim

    good game ...but it would be more intresting if u could play with friends

  • by Pedro Soto

    this is so fun you can go to a 🏆you also Can get a tutorial of how to 🎮the game

  • by Vince Davi

    This game is so good it's like Madden I play with my friends and they love it.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Khloee M

    Your awesome

  • by Jaxson Hawthorne

    this is a very fun game if you wanting a football this could be one to get

  • by Alexander Chambers

    Like it

  • by Ashok Dhiman

  • by Omair Caya

    I like this Game I love it ☺☺☺☺

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Fanatical Football

Fanatical Football

4.2 434K+ Reviews

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