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Fanatical Football

Fanatical Football

Mouse Games

Fanatical Football delivers the #1 authentic football experience to date.

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

30% Negative Reviews

Out of 20 most helpful reviews

  • by A Google user

    I played this game when it was launched by makers and comparing with it after the updating this game is one of worst game in my list of view. from the graphics to other things I enjoyed in old version that I can't find it in new version. I wish that please keep old version and graphics back while are far better than new one.

  • by lewis patchett

    this game is a fix, it says tilt to steer your player yet you can spin your phone right round and he doesnt move, and every time the other team are defense they can be about 100 yards away from you an dive an still tackle you 🤔🤔 this game is horrendous. poor controls, fake teams and a fake game!!!!!

  • by Colt Mccoy

    sloppy controls, can't sprint and turn at the same time. game makes so sense why one down is 1st and 45 then another down is 1st and 16. the defense always lines up in such a mess where you're always far away from the line which is bad if it's a run play. having the same only three plays on offense it's ridiculous. you can't choose a defensive play its all the same. poor graphics of character standing around shaking their head. very very sloppy

  • by MiniMix Animation

    The gameplay is awful. hate the moving device to move. Honestly if you're looking for a good football game then stick to Madden.

  • by Matthew Reynolds

    game is ok, but it needs alot of work. First after I make a first down completion it will say I'm 2 and 47 and the movement is very choppy and if I make a touchdown it says ball turned over on downs. FIX IT and then I will reconsider changing my status.


    You take the Randy Moss event out for the Christmas tree and I only needed to complete the last one to get he boss Randy and now I can't get it because u guys took it out plz bring it back so I can complete it plzzzzzzzzzz I only need the last event cause now I have the 1 collectible from the 93 Moss and have nothing to do with it

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Tiasha Tate

    i love this game

  • by Narlyn Menez

    this game trash!!!

  • by Jimmy Moore

    Wont Work

  • by Viliamu Lafaele


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Fanatical Football

Fanatical Football

4.2 434K+ Reviews