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  • Jul 6, 2020

    By Mridhul nanda
    I just love playing this game.Not only word game,but other puzzling games too which helps to gain diamonds.I also love dictionary,daily puzzle and less ads.Also,helps in learning new words.Just add-Profile feature where we can access our rank(Beginner,Trainee,Hustler,Semi-Pro, Pro,Champion,King)and score based on words found,levels played and daily puzzles....This would enchance this game.You can also add achievements(From Find first five 5 words,Play 10 levels to Cross 100 levels etc).. :)
  • Jun 9, 2020

    By Ennovia Lintang
    I played it for 1 years and it suddenly sto working alllll the time. I had 53.000 gems and in 15xx level. I unsinstalled it and it's all gone. MY GAME FOR 1 YEARS. When I installed it again and reach level 140 in one night, this morning it doesnt work anymore. Are u kidding me? Should I play over and over again? I already lost my 53.000 gems that I collect for 1 years, for God sake...
  • Jun 23, 2020