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Whiteboard - Draw, Sketch and Paint

Whiteboard - Draw, Sketch and Paint

Sharda Gohil

A simple whiteboard

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Editor’s Review

  1. Explore your creativity with endless brushes, colors, and effects. Easily erase and undo mistakes, and customize your canvas colour
  2. Relax with a simple interface and intuitive controls, with flexible portrait and landscape support. Pick up where you left off with autosave
  3. Easily share your creations with friends through social media circles. Annotate photos, create new memes and more

Reviewed by JordanW on March 27, 2018

Review Highlights

  • easy to use

    in 27 reviews

    easy to use and u can see other peoples drawings. thank you for the amazing drawing app.

  • useful

    in 26 reviews

    It does what you expect it to. Useful app for practicing Chinese.

App Description

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Pure and clean easy to use Whiteboard or you can also say blackboard or whiteboard to put your mind forward to draw/sketch or paint what you like.
Very useful for personal use, office use or school use like math or circuit draw. You can do all kind of free hands activities(doodles) or painting or sketching and show your drawing capabilities on whiteboard free app. Put out your thoughts clearly and show them to others. You can combine various colors and effects to make your amazing drawing of specious whiteboard screen. There are infinite number of selection of brush colors you can choose from along with few useful on hand colors. This is a drawing app for all age’s easy-to-use painting on canvas or pictures or any type of free sketch.
Whiteboard app is good for kids too as it can be used as painting app. Kids can draw and paint various shapes. It will help kids to learn painting and develop their brain.

Whiteboard Application Features

✓ Very clean and elegant design
✓ Infinite colors of choice for brush(pen)
✓ Stylize your pen(brush) stroke by making it blur or emboss
✓ Very special and important feature to undo your drawing step by step or redo
✓ Eraser to erase and correct particular part of drawing
✓ Pen(Brush) stoke width is variable and you can choose
✓ Clear your your screen in one click
✓ Share and save your drawing with friends over social media
✓ Supports different screen orientations(vertical or horizontal)
✓ Don't worry, if you forgot to save your drawing, when you start your application, it will load it again
✓ Open previously unsaved image on app start
✓ Easy access to important menu functions
✓ Toggle eraser to go into drawing mode again
✓ Change background color

Nothing but just pure for fun and learn drawing/sketching free whiteboard or blackboard. You can also call it as smart-board or pocket-board which can be carries wherever you go.

If you think this app is great, please don't forget to rate and comment on it. Also you can write me directly for your suggestions or any new feature you want to add.

Whiteboard is not just your drawings but you can see amazing arts or drawing created by others as well. You can also upload and share your drawing with other using whiteboard free app.

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Whiteboard - Draw, Sketch and Paint

Whiteboard - Draw, Sketch and Paint

4.0 6K+ Reviews

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