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Secret Agent Spy Game: Hotel Assassination Mission

Secret Agent Spy Game: Hotel Assassination Mission

Vinegar Games

Enter the world of special agent sheer action

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Editor’s Review

  1. Fast & exciting! Each second is filled with action-packed gameplay that provides hours of adrenaline-pumping fun
  2. Stunning visuals! Extremely crisp graphics don't only look gorgeous, but also make aiming & shooting so much more enjoyable
  3. Tons of ways to be sneaky! Shoot cameras, pick locks & disguise as the enemy to easily infiltrate any HQ

Reviewed by Antonio on May 29, 2018

Review Highlights

  • boring

    in 13 reviews

    Its a very boring and its graphic is so bad . jab game banana nahi aata to banate ku ho

  • bad controls

    in 12 reviews

    Boring and worst game ever I have downloaded bad controls and bad graphics

  • good graphics

    in 10 reviews

    Good graphics and best gameplay

App Description

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After the sheer liking and success of secret agent spy game bank robbery stealth mission here are some action games for free missions in a hotel environment. Its not about secret agent bank robbery it’s all about a secret spy who is in an American hotel with high profile targets to execute and high priority national security files stealing. Live life of secret spy who operates under the radar, Trained as sniper shooter in for stealth games in hotel assassination mission, exhibit quickly moves & sneak stealth moves. Infiltrate hotel building use your secret agent spy mission sniper shooting skills to reach the final destination. Utilize your Sniper 3D gun sniper shooting experience for stealth attack the hotel security guards. Aim and shoot to stealth shoot in one of the best first person shooting special agent game ever in hotel assassination. It’s a free game to test your stealth killing secret agent elite secret service abilities. It is time for an ultimate 3D action game for free in a hotel staff MI6 special force mission stealth game. Take down American hotel security guards & crack the high security zone 4 area using your night vision carefully survive the agent survival game. Sneak behind enemy security guards. Shoot cameras, pick locks in this fps shooting. Being a professional special agent spy get ready to execute dangerous high profile target operation.

In love with secret agent spy games? Play as hired gun and follow high profile targets in this Secret Agent Spy Game: Hotel Assassination Mission spy game. Get ready for an ultimate secret agent stealth mission game and plan assassinaton attempt being a special agent of special force. Fps shooting hasn’t been this action games for free and full of high profile targets disguise. As a special secret agent of the secret spy agency, enter hotel and become a part of hotel staff to navigate VIP guest. As you’re a famous secret spy of secret service agency & authorities don’t have any doubts on your stealth shooting abilities. Be in hotel management, fool hotel manager and security guards secret spy in this secret service agent survival game. Secret agency has hired gun you secret agent max for this high profile assassinations mission secret mission that involves stealth shooting, dodging security guards, reach the high profile target room and do not get killed or caught in this secret mission MI6 special force game.

Playing Secret Agent Spy Game: Hotel Assassination Mission is all about staying in a stealth mission mode to hide yourself from the enemies & security cameras. Fight hotel manager, hotel staff & security guards to complete sniper shooting & long range guns assignation missions. You are going to be a top-level special force highly trained secret agent assassin in secret agent game so become the contract killing expert. Just get started using your elite sneaky skills to reach hotel management and execute VIP guests being a hired gun disguise. Save your country playing secret agent assassination mission game. Enjoy one of the best secret spy games in hotel assassination mission.

Secret Agent Spy Game: Hotel Assassination Mission Features
5 secret agent missions
Realistic Grand hotel environment
Highly challenging stealth mission games for real spy
Real time sniper shooting & long range guns
A.I based VIP guest security guard’s
Intuitive FPS and 3rd Person Controls

Get best stealth spy game full of drama and intense game play available in Play Store for free. Download this game, live life of spy agent.

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Secret Agent Spy Game: Hotel Assassination Mission

Secret Agent Spy Game: Hotel Assassination Mission

4.0 7K+ Reviews

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