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Mechanical Tools

Mechanical Tools

Shanthi Mary Creations

This is Study App for Engineering ,Mechanical Engineering ,mechanics,materials

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App Description

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This app consists of lot of Tools and study Materials for Mechanical Engineering .
Easy to understood the different mechanical tools.
This app is suitable for Engineering Related Studies:
-Mechanical Engineering.
-Aerospace Engineering.
-Maintenance Engineering.
-Aeronautical Engineering.
-Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.
-Electrical Engineering.

Topics covered in this Application:
Precision Measuring Tools
-Dial caliper
-Micro Meter
-Vernier Caliper
-Telescoping Gauge
-Dial bore Gauge
-Small hole gauge

Hand Tools
-Pipe Wrench
-Socket Wrenches
-Ratchet Extension

-Diagonal Pliers
-Duck Bill Pliers
-End cutting Pliers
-lineman's pliers
-Locking Pliers
-Needle Nose Pliers
-Parrot Nose Wrench Pliers
-Plumbers Pliers
-Slip Joint Pliers
-Thin Needle Nose Pliers
-Tongue And Groove Pliers
-Water Pump Pliers
-Wire Strippers
-Fence Pliers
-Midget Pliers
-Crimping Stripper Pliers

-Adjustable Spanner
-Basin Spanner
-Box Spanners
-Immersion Heater Spanner
-Ratchet Spanners
-Socket set
-Strap Wrenches

Torque Ratchet
-Micrometer Torque Ratchet
-Electronic Torque Ratchet
-Dial Torque Wrench
-Electric Torque Wrench

-Slotted Screwdriver
-Pozidriv Screwdriver
-screwdriver Bits
-Bit Holders
-Impact Screwdrivers
-Angled Screwdrivers
-Ratchet Screwdrivers
-Stubby Screwdrivers
-Insulated Screwdrivers

Drilling Machines
-Upright Sensitive Drill Press
-Upright Drill Press
-Radial Arm Drill Press
-Gang Drilling Machines
-Micro-drill Press
-Turret Type Drilling Machine

Hand Drill
-Breast Drill
-Miniature Hand Drill
-Joint Brace
-Push Drill
-Electric Rotary Drill
-Electric Drill
-Electric Hammer Drill
-Electric close-Quarters Drill
-D-handle Drill
-Right-Angle Drill

Riveting Tools
-Standard Riveters
-Long arm or Two handed Riveter
-Lazy Long Riveters
-Long Nose Riveters

-End mill
-Slot drill
-Rouging End mill
-Ball Nose Cutters
-slab Mill
-Side and Face Cutter
-Hobbing Cutter
-Face Mill
-Fly Cutter
-Woodruff Cutter
-Hollow Mill

All types of hammers...

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Mechanical Tools

Mechanical Tools

4.0 63 Reviews

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