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Cardiac diagnosis (heart rate, arrhythmia)

Cardiac diagnosis (heart rate, arrhythmia)


This app inform you about heart rate, arrhythmia and heart pulse wave monitor.

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Editor’s Review

  1. Simply place your finger on the camera lens & instantly measure your heart rate
  2. Quickly detect early signs of arrhythmia, bradycardia and tachycardia! 3 different signs indicate if the heart health is normal, caution or danger
  3. Detailed graphs for each heart disease to easily pinpoint anomalies such as premature contraction or atrial fibrillation

Reviewed by Antonio on February 22, 2018

App Description

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If the measurement result is abnormal, please recommend an electrocardiogram(EKG,ECG) test.

[Guide to Access Permission for Using Cardiac Diagnosis App]

1. Camera (required)
- It is necessary to detect the blood circulation of the measurement site.

2. Storage space (required)
- It is necessary to save the measurement result.

3. Microphone (required)
- It is necessary to use recording function in real time measurement.

This app can detect heart rate and arrhythmia(Atrial fibrillation (AF or Afib)).
So arrhythmia, bradycardia, and tachycardia are detected to show the state of the heart as normal, caution, and danger.
If the arrhythmia is detected recommends an overhaul in the hospital.

If the arrhythmia is detected,Get treatment.
Share the application with many people around you.
Even if the results come out as normal you can help prevent the disease should be checked regularly.

How to use -
1. Gently place the tip of your finger on the camera lens
2. Click start button.

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Cardiac diagnosis (heart rate, arrhythmia)

Cardiac diagnosis (heart rate, arrhythmia)

4.2 7K+ Reviews

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