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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor


The simplest yet the most accurate app to monitor your heart rate!

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Positive Reviews in Most Helpful

100% Positive Reviews

Out of 20 most helpful reviews

  • by Vincent Irwin

    Simple and easy. It just works. There is a small banner ad at the bottom and that is it. No biggie. Other similar apps spam you with subscription services you don't want or need.

  • by Rick Fader

    Measures heartrate just like it says. Works well, you can record results and view stats. I use it to track how I'm doing after exercise (like climbing a big hill)

  • by Susan Pearson

    Seems to work well. I haven't taken my pulse to compare but its easy to use and understand.

  • by A Google user

    Excellent! Easy to use and very accurate!

  • by Pamela Bowen

    easy to use and hasn't crashed once.

  • by A Google user

    Good app, but please allow us to turn off flash.

  • by Graham Trawin

    Great app. pretty accurate.

  • by Nazrul Islam

    Sometimes accurate and many times wrong calculation

  • by Bruce Ware

    Simple to use and very straightforward.

  • by Charles Sokolik

    have to remove phone cover to work properly

  • by Boyd Colton

    nice app to know on the go

  • by feez bell

    100% good and perfect !

  • by Choochat Bun

    Good measualing and good app thanks

  • by Steven Hudson

    Good app works well.

  • by Janice Mullins

    Very good app.

  • by Rodney Andrus

    Fast and accurate.

  • by moi lois

    Nice graft but history is limited

  • by Anne Davis

    easy and accurate

  • by Elba Zavala

    very helpful and acure

  • by Samuel Williams

    so far so good

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Nicole Rave

    Love. It! Very accurate

  • by Dem Boys

    Very accurate when used properly

  • by Joseph Jones

    Works but finger gets hot from the light.

  • by Abel Flores

    I love this app i can measure my heart rate any time any where.I check my heart rate in the morning, when I first get up i take it during my morning walk i take it after my walk. I check it after lunch and right before bed. it's great!


    Great App, does what it must and quick!

  • by Kathy Pearlman

    I found this to show how my pulse rate varied. I'm not sure if it's accurate, but it's interesting.

  • by giga KVINIKADZe


  • by Luis Lopez


  • by dinesh rathi

    very good and helpful App.

  • by Nana Hayley


  • by Keith Jones

    Works well and seems to be accurate when compared to my BP Monitor

  • by Lori Martin

    works well.

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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

4.6 24K+ Reviews