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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor


The simplest yet the most accurate app to monitor your heart rate!

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  • by A Google user

    I really like the app it seems to work pretty accurately. I've noticed the only time it's not it's your finger. That has a lot to do with how steady you hold your index finger on your light for it to take your pulse. If your finger is not steady on the light or is not pulsating right then it will not get an accurate reading. The best way to make sure that it is accurate is to do it two or three times. If all of them come up rather close to one another you know it's working correctly. Nice app!!

  • by Steve Klein

    I think it's fixed! (it isn't) it now says "tap to restart" after a reading (it did once and I can't replicate it). Which prevented crazy unexpected camera flashes at the gym. Flashes which made it seem like you are snapping secret photos of strangers. but the app would be perfect if it had a prompt after each reading to prevent undesired flashing. it saves your labels for ease and uniformity. and it links with Google fit. yay!

  • by X YZ

    Much better than Instant Heart Rate Monitor. It's only 1.7mb download. It's accurate. There are no annoying pop up adverts and videos. Compatible with Google Fit. Simple and intuitive. Even though I have a HRM built into my Samsung phone I don't like using the intrusive S Health app to access it. This app also wastes 150mb of storage so I removed S Health from my phone. Oh, and this app comes from my home town. For me this is the best HRM I've tried. Simplicity itself. And other positive clichés!

  • by A Google user

    Love the minimalistic design. It would have been nice if while tagging the measurement the existing tags showed up instead of us having to type them out each time. Also I want to be able to control across what span I look at history. Right now we can only do weeks and months. It would be nice if we could customise it. Great app!

  • by Nicholas Mosley

    Everybody saying it's accurate and if they say it is then I believe it. I worry about my heart rate at times and I wasn't sure if it was accurate until I read a bunch of positive reviews. I just didn't know my camera and Flash could detect my heartbeat somehow. I don't know about that technology and how it works but it sure is great and I definitely recommend it to anybody! And the ads are very non intrusive...impressive 🤘.

  • by A Google user

    This is a no nonsense app with no ads. I have compared reading with apple watch and the reading is accurate. Due to flashing it heats up and I am afraid if it can damage the camera or flash due to heat so I usually take a break between 2 readings. It's addictive for pulse check up and keeps me focused on practicing yoga and meditation for bringing the pulse rate down

  • by Saúl Fernández

    The app is great to measure cardiac frequency rate, although it would be great if you could introduce age, weight and goal (i.e. Improve your resistance, burn fat, increase potency, etc.) and the app will provide you with a personal range of frequency. On the other hand I don't know how the app makes interaction with Google fit, because the app asks for allowance to connect with..

  • by Someone You Know

    accurate if you position your dinger right.. adding.. if it doesn't do nothing it's a phone issue or you are not plqcing finger where it says to.. not nice giving a bad teview if you don't kbow how to use it.. good job guus.. I have a heart issue and this is a quick way to keep in check 1 or 2 bpm diffetence from a professiona device means this is very good.

  • by Shailesh Sahasrabuddhe

    Works reasonably correct as long as we perfect the finger touch mechanism. I don't know how many readings it can store and i wish it gave us way yo see daily trend (chart) too (not just across days). But, thanks to whoever created it and made it available for all of us to use it for free (that too without any ads).

  • by Jane Rich

    Has been very accurate when measuring heart rates below 75. Very poor with higher rates during exercising. During a stationary bike ride, I got 4 stopwatch readings between 96 & 104. In 8 readings with the app, I got 5 between 39 & 41. The other 3 looked correct between 95 & 101. Disappointing. Measurements during exercise is most important.

  • by Amanda Rose

    Excellent! Just like ronseal, this app does exactly what it says on the tin! Perfect for my needs anyway. I have an arrhythmia and have to keep an eye on my beats per min, as it were. This app is so much better than going out and spending a fortune on some posh bit of kit that does exactly what this does!

  • by Will

    Great app. Measurement matched the one in the doctors office. I wish there was more customization in history. I.e. you could see further back or separate stats by tags. That would be fantastic. It would also be nice if you could buy a 0.99 cent adless pro version. So yeah, stats and ads are my only qualms. Great simple design.

  • by Lisa Battenfield

    Very accurate. I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). This app allows me to track my symptoms and even when I should take my medications. I have not tried other apps but this gives the same readings as when I am getting my vitals checked at the Drs office and with my home blood pressure monitor. It's also come in handy to show my Cardiologist my averages and once to prove to ER Drs what my heart does!

  • by A Google user

    This hasn't been 100% accurate for me (I check my heart rate with a blood pressure cuff as well) but it gets in the ballpark and allows me to gage where I'm at throughout the day without always having to use the BP cuff. Very useful and easy to understand!

  • by Nathan Myron

    Seems ok. Kinda hard to get an accurate reading at times. But I think that is less the apps fault than the way it's reading pressures (via blood profusion through your peripheral vascular system). My wife has had similar occasional misreports from her Apple watch as well which uses the same vascular profusion method for readings.

  • by Karen Hendley

    I have high blood pressure and a high pulse rate. So, I lost a buttload of weight and started cycling. This app allows me to keep up with my heart rate. It's gone from a 90 resting pulse to a low 70s. My goal is to get my resting heart rate n down in the 60s. Thanks for such a useful product.

  • by A Google user

    Reliable app available on play store. Almost accurate when compared with fitness band and machine readings. Make sure your finger, camera lens is clean, dry before measuring the heart beat. Do not move else reading will differ. Also, take average of 2 or 3 readings. The history with tag helps for tracking purpose.

  • by Jordan Phillips

    Tends to heat up my light/camera to an uncomfortable temperature, so taking more than one measurement in a short span of time is impractical. Would like to be able to save and store the waveform image as well as the pulse value. Otherwise, a great app that works well and does what it advertises! :)

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Spec Cobb

    Seems to be pretty accurate. I like that I can keep a history to show my physician.

  • by A Google user

    Very accurate

  • by DeeDee Blanscet

    This app is very accurate. My husband was in the hospital with an afib event and he used this app several times in there and the results always matched with the hospitals monitors within no more than one or two beats difference.

  • by Jacob Gens

    great as well as accurate easy to use and a must have app thank u don't be afraid to try

  • by Renee C.

    I am really glad that I downloaded this app. It has been a help to me as my heart races at times and skips beats. Also when I have problems I can tell my doctor how high my heart rate has gotten so he is aware of changes.

  • by Heather Love

    straight forward & quick readings

  • by Estie Kretschmer

    Easy, quick, accurate.

  • by Brian Shannon

    Good for checking BPM

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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

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