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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor


The simplest yet the most accurate app to monitor your heart rate!

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  • by Maya Nielsen

    My therapist told me i should look into the symptoms of dysautonomia so i downloaded this app and it made me realize I'm pretty sure i have POTS. if this is as accurate as everyone else in the reviews is saying, then i can definitely use this to talk to my doctor about tachycardia. 5 stars for sure. minimalistic, easy to understand, no disruptive ads. the light gets a little hot sometimes but that just means you gotta wait a minute for it to cool down.

  • by Sovereign of Sabers

    I love the simplicity and quickness of this app. Measurements are accurate and start as soon as you open the app. Keeping track of the measurements is also important. I had this downloaded on another phone too. I love to see my pulse charted too. I can really see how my health has improved over the months. I also use this when I am feeling unwell in the middle of the night and I can know quickly and without hassle, if I need to take extra medication or not. Very great app.

  • by Michael Richards

    I am in afib with rapid heartbeat, so I needed to monitor my heartrate periodicaly. I had read this app was OK, with tolerance of about + or - 10 so I thought it OK to get an idea of where I was at. At every opportunity I checked the apps readings against the medical tools my physicians were using, only to find the app was absolutely accurate. I did this at least 10 times. Needless to say am very happy and impressed with this app, it has been a great help.

  • by Roger Paul

    Folks, very impressive after taking my pulse with this app I used a professional o2 with heart rate the kind nurses use at hospitals and this app is the most accurate app I have ever used. Forget a five star, this app I'd rate a TEN easily...This app is a must... Very good work to the folks that created this app...WELL DONE! I got a new BP machine and still this is a quick goto app. I know this one is as good as it gets.

  • by nedra francis

    Does well with monitoring heart rate but you have to place your finger in the right place exactly over the light or you won't get any measure. I like that it exports data to Google fit. Sent a question to developer by email but no response yet. I wasn't getting any measurements after holding my finger for 15 - 30 secs over the ligh so I uninstalled and reinstalled and repositioned my finger -- all is well!!

  • by Anna H.

    I don't understand how people keep burning themselves with the flashlight... when the app clearly says to hold the finger to the CAMERA. no where does it say to burn yourself with the flashlight... it measured accurately every time I put my finger on the lens (my flashlight is beside the lens on my phone) I was wearing a heart rate monitor every time I measured and it was maybe off by 1-2 beats.

  • by Robert Nordeen

    This works great. I can read my heart rate with no problem. just tap the screen one time. Then put finger over LED and over the camera. presto it turns on illuminating your finger so the camera can read your heart rate inside your finger. thats cool. I cant burn my finger on this Led, no way no how, impossible!!

  • by Jessica Roucoulet

    I'm very tachycardic even while at rest due to blood clots to each lung and one that went through the right side of my heart. I'm simply laying in bed with a heart rate of 118. I appreciate this app because I'm able to monitor my heart rate and see where I'm at while at rest, in motion, etc. Thank you! 🙏

  • by REYNIS

    this app is so helpful to me, I have had dilated cardiomyopathy w/ an implanted pacemaker since I was 2 6yrs old, i can't find my normal heart rate thingy so this app is handy for me to keep track of my heart rate, n share it with diff docs, especially if I'm on the go!

  • by Adina Gojnea

    The app used to work properly and loved it so much for its functionality, but since a few days ago it doesn't measure my heartbeat. It turns the flash on for about 2 seconds and then off and restarts the measuring in a loop! What can I do?

  • by Steve Klein

    I think it's fixed! (it isn't) it now says "tap to restart" after a reading (it did once and I can't replicate it). Which prevented crazy unexpected camera flashes at the gym. Flashes which made it seem like you are snapping secret photos of strangers. but the app would be perfect if it had a prompt after each reading to prevent undesired flashing. it saves your labels for ease and uniformity. and it links with Google fit. yay! But still makes you look like a creeper if you use it in public.

  • by mack chambers

    It used to work fine but i think its a bit weird at times. It was detecting my resting heartrate at 65 to 75 this morning but just a couple hours later it was reading my resting heart rate as 91 to 100. Such a big jump from what it was when i first checked.

  • by Sarah Hull

    Does what youd expect it to do very well. Easy to use. Nice looking aesthetics. My only reccomendation would be that it would be nice if the app gave some info about normal ranges, and perhaps suggestions on whether you need to improve your health or even see a doctor if your pulses are considtently outside the normal range for the activity you are doing? So, perhaps being able to actually pick from pre-existing categories rather than judt labelling each reading?

  • by Escanor - Sin of pride

    It measured my heart rate but please be specific about where to put the finger. Initially I kept my finger touched to the flash and my fingers burnt. But when I kept my fingers away at certain distant then it worked. Please mention this to the new users.

  • by Kari Smith

    it seems pretty accurate however, when you have an irregular heartbeat it does not tell you anything. at does not pick anything up. You can see the heartbeat at different heights but it's unclear what it means. it would be nice if it told you that the beat was irregular

  • by lydia Bradbury

    this app saved my life. i downloaded it for fun but when my weed was spiked i overdosed and i had a heartrate of 198bpm . i swear i was having a heart attack - i went to the hospital. with out this app i would probably be in much worse state

  • by John Waters

    Info goes into Google Fit ... Great way to monitor Heart Rate along with steps. I have a separate blood pressure/heart rate device. This app measurements are accurate. Still using the app, excellent way to be informed on the spot plus results can be integrated with Google Fit. i

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Ruby Dead

    It helps me to know when my heartbeat is going too fast or too slow or normal range during my panic attacks.

  • by Tom Bauman

    Easy to use.

  • by Edward Rodriguez

    Nice app



  • by Dilruba Jumor

    Most accurate app


    Great app but today wasn't very accurate because it gave me 64 in the first measurement but in the second measurement it gave me 96

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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

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