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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor


The simplest yet the most accurate app to monitor your heart rate!

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  • by Prasad VSP

    Most of the times I need to measure repeatedly, maybe for 2 mins for the app to even show a number. Its important to record the heart rate right when I finish workout. but by the time I manage to get it to show me the rate, the rate would have gone down by at least 5 bpm. Hopefully this is fixed soon I use an Mi A1 running on the latest Andrid version

  • by Sandy Carr

    Have app on 2 phones. They measure significantly differently (one e.g., 85 vs 98) when taken one right after the other, often the slower rate first (both under same circumstances). Frustrating since I have to worry about heart rate due to ICD that goes off when rate goes too high.

  • by Kris Drummond

    Can't speak to the accuracy but the flash was so intense it burnt my finger and the battery dropped 3%. As much as I'd like to support this app I can't. I'm using a note 9 I'm not sure if it's a bug in the app but it's dangerous. If an app can actually cause someone injury it should probably be removed until its fixed.

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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

4.5 29K+ Reviews

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