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Pipeline - connect the pipes

Pipeline - connect the pipes

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Pipeline - play in your favorite game (plumber), connect pipes and solve puzzles

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Editor’s Review

  1. Levels increase from simple to difficult so you can improve your problem-solving abilities and witness your improvement from start to finish
  2. With absolutely no time limits, you can take as long as you need to in order to find the solution for each puzzle
  3. Love brain teasers? Then you'll love the way Pipeline puts your task solving skills to the ultimate test

Reviewed by Katelyn on June 29, 2018

Review Highlights

  • addictive

    in 96 reviews

    Highly addictive! It's my go-to game now whenever I have a few minutes (or more) to kill

  • challenging

    in 73 reviews

    Edit: I'm much further along. Addictive little puzzle. Some are quite challenging

  • relaxing

    in 40 reviews

    It is so very soothing and relaxing to play. Highly recommended for the mind.

  • great brain game

    in 24 reviews

    Great brain game!

  • good time killer

    in 17 reviews

    It is a good time passer

  • easy to play

    in 10 reviews

    Pretty easy to play

App Description

Google Play

Pipeline - is one of the best brain-teasers in this genre. If you like puzzles, you must know that plumber - is one of the best free puzzles. It is a well-known and favorite game in a new modern design with a rather absorbing storyline. We guarantee interesting tasks and exciting amusement.

Peculiar features of the "Pipeline" game:

- more than 100 free levels - from simple to complicated
- completely suitable for everyone - puzzles for adults, puzzles for children
- there are no time limits for you, but you are provided with a limited number of moves in -
each round, this will give you an opportunity to reveal all your skills and start up the brain
game without the Internet - play wherever and whenever you want
- task solving - is useful and always exciting

The main aim of the game is to plumb the pipeline. You just turn different pipes and plumb the pipeline. At first glance everything is very simply and easily, but a right decision may appear not so simple among the entanglements of various pipes, branchings, taps and pressure sensors.

The genre of the plumber game can be qualified as the best puzzle games for the brain, but at the same time, this is a puzzle adventure, a puzzle for adults and a family puzzle. That is why we are offering you our game, it does not only train your brain but also helps to spend time easily, like the games in the genre of "Match 3" or Physics Puzzles.

We have prepared superb missions for you to be able to apply all your skills to the puzzles solving. So the game requires working out a strategy to plumb the pipeline by spending as less moves as possible. And then you will become the best plumber in the Plumbers Rating! Develop a clear plumbing strategy before you start to work with the pipes. A smart strategy is very important! The success of the mission depends on how you plumb the pipeline and how many moves you use.

Find a real enjoyment in the plumber game.

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Pipeline - connect the pipes

Pipeline - connect the pipes

4.5 32K+ Reviews

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