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Streaks - Simple, Easy to use, Daily Habit Tracker

Streaks - Simple, Easy to use, Daily Habit Tracker


Simple Habit Tracker. Helps you build and sustain good Habits for free; Have fun

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Editor’s Review

  1. Build a success score! Create a powerful chain of successful activities & motivate yourself by scoring big
  2. Keep the momentum going! Quickly mark tasks done straight from the home screen & instantly start completing a new one
  3. Intuitive task list! Always puts unfinished tasks on the top for a super quick overview

Reviewed by Antonio on May 24, 2018

App Description

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Want to get those amazing abs? How about losing some weight? Or reaching enlightenment through meditation?

You know how you can achieve these things?

By exercising everyday. By going to the gym every day. By meditating every single day!

Streaks a simple to use habit tracker which tracks when you've completed tasks which builds up your habit. For the ones who tend to forget, Streaks reminds you every day to complete your tasks.

It allows you track five habits for free and works offline as well.

Accomplish your habits

Streaks is a habit tracker that will keep a track of days you've completed your tasks for you. Just don't break the chain and you've built and you're set to build habits! 👊

Set a reminder time

You can set a time when you want the app to remind you to complete a task. After you've completed the task, you can simply press Yes from notification itself. No need to wait for the app to load to build your habits! ✋

Chain length

Streaks is based on Jerry Seinfeld's productivity hack where he asks you to get a calendar and mark the date everyday when you complete a task. After some days, you'll have a chain. All you will then need to do is not break the chain and see yourself building better habits. 😇

Compete against yourself with your best score

You can look at your highest continuous streak and strive to break them. One upping your previous streaks helps you build your habits faster! 😎

Exclusively for Android

Yes, the app is exclusively for Android. It also has all the Material Design goodness you deserve! 👻


•  Streak counter for each habit which tells you how long you've maintained the habit streak

•  Track multiple habits, daily to do's, or goals, each one in its own calendar.

•  Simple Yes/No option in notifications

•  Reminders which remind daily, whenever you wish to.

•  Free for 5 tasks!

•  Online backup and multi-device sync.

•  Automatically surfaces the incomplete tasks for the day to the top so you know exactly what to focus on next

All this and it is still less than 4MB. Isn't that great? 😄

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Streaks - Simple, Easy to use, Daily Habit Tracker

Streaks - Simple, Easy to use, Daily Habit Tracker

4.1 585 Reviews

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