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Learn French Free: Conversation, Vocabulary Course

Learn French Free: Conversation, Vocabulary Course

MosaLingua Crea

Learn French and speak quickly with MosaLingua's SRS method

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Editor’s Review

  1. Based on Spaced Repetition System that helps the brain to absorb a large quantity of data in a short time period
  2. Used by more than 3,000,000 people worldwide thanks to its short but effective 10-minute courses
  3. All 37 dialogues are highly entertaining & focus on typical everyday situations that you’re bound to find yourself in

Reviewed by Laura S on January 8, 2018

App Description

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So, you want to learn French in no time? You need MosaLingua!
Innovative, easy and effective, our SRS-based application has helped more than 3,000,000 people all over the world learn languages in only 10 minutes per day - with actual results!

Popular on app stores, MosaLingua Learn French also comes highly recommended by the media and many specialized blogs:
--- one of the best applications ---
--- It really works ---
--- MosaLingua isn't just a success, it's a revolution ---

Learn more about MosaLingua Learn French app and its effective SRS system by watching the demonstration video on

Feel free to try our smartphone application Learn French for free: you'll see for yourself how well it works! It's a powerful, easy and effective tool - ideal for people who want to speak French in no time, without taking long, boring language courses or a French translator.

It's useful in any situation: our method can help you learning French quickly while you travel in France or Paris, in the workplace, and in everyday life with our courses that suit your language needs.

1) Useful, practical content to learn French words, French verbs, and French pronunciation
Don't waste your time with notions, courses, or a French dictionary that won't help you learning French. Instead, learn the 20% of the language that you'll use 80% of the time in France or Paris. Better than using a French translator!

2) An innovative method based on scientific research
Our international team is made up of expert polyglots who've used the most modern and proven learning, memorization and consolidation techniques (SRS, active recall, metacognition, etc.).

3) Coaching throughout the learning process
To succeed, you can count on our review sessions that consolidate what you've learned, our mini French lessons, and our advice for better understanding French vocabulary, French verbs, and French pronunciation.

4) Learn French words quickly and have fun at the same time!
Achieve great results and have fun doing so: your progress will boost your MOTIVATION, which is key to any learning plan.

Our French app includes all these add-ons and features:
★ +3000 flash cards: useful phrases and words for communicating and comprehending native French speakers.
★ Audio pronunciation: our French learning app include phrases and words pronounced by native French speakers.
★ 37 dialogues: our French app contains 37 dialogues that depict common occurrences that happen during everyday life, professional situations and travel.
★ Tips and tricks for learning French: to progress your learning level faster and more efficiently.
★ Essential grammar: pronouns, connectors, and soon to be added on the list–mini grammar lessons!

Using MosaLingua’s highly addictive and effective method to learn French, you will be able to memorize a large amount of key phrases and vocabulary in no time

Improve your communication skills with our Learn French free app even when you’re extremely busy! To learn French, download MosaLingua now - you won't regret it!

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Learn French Free: Conversation, Vocabulary Course

Learn French Free: Conversation, Vocabulary Course

4.5 9K+ Reviews

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