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Unicorn Slime Maker and Simulator

Unicorn Slime Maker and Simulator

Kitchen Tale

Unicorn Slime Maker and Simulator Rainbow Satisfying App - play Release Stress

20K+ Reviews 10M+
  • 110 users said "boring"
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Review Highlights

  • boring

    in 110 reviews

    it's so easy and boring and suk bad idea to baby you now what l hate it. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • too many ads

    in 11 reviews

    it sucks it is soooo fake and tooo many ads TAKE IT DOWN!!!

App Description

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Lets learn to make slime with simple and easy steps. Go to supermarket and purchase all necessary item to make super satisfying Slime to release your stress and play with slime on your device.
Release your stress, stretch slime and squish it. Poking and stretching slime is my favorite activity. Poking slime is very satisfying.

Key Features :
Play and make your simulated slime on your phone.
Poke and stretch slime and stretch it.
Kids don’t eat slime and don’t make when alone make when your parents are present at spot.
Because making slime is ok but don’t eat slime because slime is not edible

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Unicorn Slime Maker and Simulator

Unicorn Slime Maker and Simulator

3.7 20K+ Reviews

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