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Bike Computer - GPS Cycling Tracker

Bike Computer - GPS Cycling Tracker

Turn your phone into a powerful bike computer - GPS cycling fitness tracker !

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Editor’s Review

  1. Turn your smartphone into a powerful bike computer! Determine calorie count, distance, speed, elevation gain and more to help on your fitness journey
  2. Like riding at night? Includes special Dark Mode to keep all your info visible and conserve battery
  3. Not just for bicycling! Super useful in hiking, running, jogging, backpacking and many other outdoor activities

Reviewed by Kaylin on July 9, 2018

Review Highlights

  • easy to use

    in 143 reviews

    The app works as described. Easy to use, gives a trip overview, and maps your route

  • useful

    in 54 reviews

    This is a very well put together app. It is simple and clean. The map is very useful

App Description

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GPS Bike Computer Cycling fitness app is an app that will provide you with statistics of your bicicleta track.
Main features of the app are following:
* Graphic speedometer and power meter
* Switch between metric and imperial units
* Current cycling speed based on GPS reciever
* Maximum cycling speed
* Total duration of the bike track
* Altitude provided by GPS
* Bike ( bicicleta ) distance
* Average moving speed
* Tracking your rout
* Saves your bike bicicleta tracks
* Export GPX and KML of your tracks
* Auto Pause: you do not need to manually pause ,start or stop tracks during signal loss or breaks.
* Calorie count
* Google Maps - all the details of your current location in your bicycle riding app
* Configuring display - you can choose the values that are shown during your ride
* Dark theme and Google Map night styles will help you save your phone's battery life -
Dark Theme will bring you convinience during night rides, and will significantly improve
battery life during the day.
With graphic speedometer and power meter your fitness activities will be fun and fruitful.
This GPS bike bicicleta fitness app will let you track your cycling routes and save them in My Tracks.
With its simple interface bike computer will provide the best experience for your fitness and other outdoor activities. You can track the amount of calories burned the app will also provide you with the data like bike track length,total duration of the track and etc. that could be usefull in planning your next track.
Bike computer app can also be usefull in hiking , running ,cycling , backpacking and in other outdoor activities.

* We do not use altitude (due to its extreme inaccuracy) in calorie count and power meter formulas.

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Bike Computer - GPS Cycling Tracker

Bike Computer - GPS Cycling Tracker

4.3 28K+ Reviews

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