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DMV Permit Practice, Drivers Test & Traffic Signs

DMV Permit Practice, Drivers Test & Traffic Signs

Drive Buzz

Dmv Permit Practice with all Traffic Signs, Signals, Road Signs, & drivers test

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  • by Kristin Tucker

    Its cool but I didn't like being timed on the exam because it made me nervous. The ads weren't that bad I've seen worse and everyone has to be used to ads by now because they are everywhere. Its free and it has just about the same questions as a paid version. So give it a try I've downloaded a couple of free ones and this seems to be the best by far.

  • by DaBGurl Candy

    Great app I like how the app gives us questions that will be relative to the actual questions on the test. It is very helpful in knowing the signs and signals and traffic lights while also helping with the scenarios given that could reflect the scenarios in the actual test giving me a better sense of choosing the right answer

  • by Pamela a Cannon

    Practice makes perfect, I love practicing on my first time permits test. Like I said before practice makes perfectly, experience for me and my family to learn more about DMV permit before we goes into and really take da regular basis tests. Will first time taking da DMV permit test I miss a couple of questions so I can just keeps trying until I can Max it's out to pass it.

  • by Avleen Waraich

    The app gives amazing practice, but the only thing I really have a problem with is the fact that when you take the exam more than once you always get the same questions. Other than that thanks to whoever made this app it is a great study tool.

  • by Bionca Rawlins

    This app is awesome. Being that I took the test before and knows some of the questions and answer it helps alot. It makes me feel I was taking the actual test. I recommend this app 💯

  • by Tina Wech

    Great tool for learning the content you need. Just wish there were less ads, but all in all it's a much better option than the paper study booklet.

  • by Juanita Hammonds

    Very good app. Studying for license change. Haven't taken a drivers test sence I got my license many years ago. Better than the DMV book. Thank you!

  • by Derek Sharp Fish

    I loved this app. I was able to heart the ones i got wrong study practice tests and the exam. Made it easy and simple to learn what i was rusty on.

  • by Alan Banos

    Very very helpful with all types of driver's ed Education study's its Perfect App, I Give It Five stars Cause its Useful To Me With Driving Education Question & And Driving Studys...($$$Thank You!)

  • by robert tinney

    This App is so much easier and better than trying to read. Thank you for making this App. It's greatly appreciated!!

  • by R.t.m_03 88

    Helps alot with studying and remembering what to know for your tests. Great app. All though the ads are a little bit annoying.

  • by vivian jackson

    It's great when you wanna practice for a driving test but it's even more help if you start having this app at the age of 14 or 15 to remember all of the information they give you

  • by Sardorbek Mamazhanov

    Great app with a big question base. Helped me a lot on practicing traffic law in the US.

  • by Ruth Rodriguez

    This app was a great help for me during the test I review it and then took it was very fun and learned more the information

  • by Tony Lee

    It is great for practing. There are pop ups, but there not that bad at with my experience.

  • by Marina Grishko

    I like it a lot it works very well. This app had thought me which one was right and wrong and I cant wait to have my permit!


    I feel confident when studying for my driver's license. It has notifications that will bug you until you make the time to study, if you're a person like me and need that notification that will stop what you are doing on your phone to get studying done well it's here. It also has the capability of sharing results, so if the person who is helping you with your license or their car for the license wanted to see a progress in the academic part of driving before they let you use their car.

  • by Joan Manuel Reynoso

    Excelent app, it has many options to test your knowledge of the driving laws.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Timah X

    Thank you teacher🤓🤗 thank you I got my permit. I would recommend this app for anyone who hate reading their driving book.


    Omg thank yall so much i passed the exam and i now have my permit thankyou guys much love <3

  • by Savannah Hemp

    I is great practice

  • by I am Groot

    Amazing permit test practice!!!

  • by Jasemine Means


  • by Leandre Elydje

    Nice and interesting

  • by Gentossj5

    Pretty nice I'm using it to study for the summer when I go take my perm and that stuff

  • by Jerry Cooper

    I passed the test

  • by Alisha Nichole Jackson

    Nice app

  • by katie schmucker

    It's good

  • by Eulalia Hendrickson

    This a good app, as this is very much considered informative and well pleasing to prepare me for the future driving, and keeps me aware of the different question that made have not been familiar. Now I am sometimes not sure of sudden questions, that may stomp me on the test, so it help me a lot so let my response to say this; "I really appreciate it thank~you for this"

  • by Unknown sleek

    I found this app to be very Helpful.

  • by katina Jones

    Im loving this app

  • by Arvind Singh

    Great app

  • by A Google user

    Great app

  • by David


  • by Kendall Robbins

    really helpful

  • by Nathaliiaaa Tv


  • by Roberta Harris

    It is fun to learn how to drive

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DMV Permit Practice, Drivers Test & Traffic Signs

DMV Permit Practice, Drivers Test & Traffic Signs

4.7 20K+ Reviews

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