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Live Traffic Route Finder

Live Traffic Route Finder


Perfect Routes🛣️, Directions and Live Traffic🚦Maps with GPS Navigation

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App Description

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Be a smart driver and go anywhere with no worries at all. A smarter more genuine more user friendly live traffic maps app is now giving you real time traffic updates and directions for your ease.
Know which roads are more crowdy with traffic which routes are more suitable to drive free from traffic all in one live traffic app for easy route finders. Get to the school, bus station, banks and hospitals on time with live traffic maps and navigations.
Get concise traffic info, search different routes, nearby favorite places and share it with your friends. A user-friendly route finder, just enter your destination and start navigating the place where you want to go and reach early avoiding the heavy traffic.
Know all the traffic in your area with dedicated red, green and orange lines. The red lines show the slow traffic in a certain area, the orange lines show medium traffic and green lines will tell you where is fast traffic at the moment so you could make right decision to change your current route to a more appropriate route.
You just name the place you need to reach; the Live Traffic Route Finder will help you reach your destination on time. Whether its hospitals, hotels, mosques, restaurants, airports or banks, now find the easiest route with live traffic maps to guide you safely and timely on your desired destinations.
All the ATMs, post offices, schools, universities, fire stations and parking areas are now in your reach with a simple tap on your phones and tabs. Now no need to find a certain café and its fastest possible route. Enjoy all your quick stops and transits with live traffic maps to see all the traffic around you making you more powerful and commanding to reach your destinations on your own terms.

Live Traffic Route Finder:
- Slow Traffic: Red Lines
- Medium Traffic: Orange Lines
- Fast Traffic: Green Lines
Key Features of Live Traffic Route Finder
- Traffic Information
- Search Places
- My Location
- Find Route
- Save Favorite Places
- Nearby Locations

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Live Traffic Route Finder

Live Traffic Route Finder

3.8 451 Reviews

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