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Pony Candy Puzzles : Little Speed Puzzle

Pony Candy Puzzles : Little Speed Puzzle

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App Description

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Pony Animal Puzzles little sis is a puzzle game with over 200 beautiful animal pictures. A real game of the brain.

This application has a wide variety of pony pictures of Equestriagirls animals! Choose your favorite mlp games puzzle. For example,
Domestic pony, horses,
cats and dogs. But also monkeys and other pony creators.
They are all available Fluttershy :.

This application is designed for Girls Friendship families. For adults and for your youngest children pony makeover.
You can adjust the difficulty level yourself.

How it works;
1. Choose the category (animals) of your choice (eg Dress UP pony hair Girls Friendship)
2. Choose the photo you prefer ponyville
3. Choose the level of difficulty and start playing touching pony!

- horses
- pony girls style
- Rainbow
- Applejacks Dash
- fish
-Pinkie Pie
- unicorn
- pets, raritys
- sunsets puzzle
- and more.


• More than 500 beautiful high quality animal puzzle pictures canterlot.
• Difficulty level settings: 6 to 200 pieces! (Depending on the size of your screen)
• difficulty level option; Rotation of the part and magnetic grid
• Create custom puzzles from your own sweetgreen photo collection.
• Gather all the puzzles of the day!
• Designed for all ages; Adults and children, Equestriagirls style.
• New puzzle packs are added regularly!
• Different puzzle pieces for each puzzle.
• Magnifying glass for small pieces

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Pony Candy Puzzles : Little Speed Puzzle

Pony Candy Puzzles : Little Speed Puzzle

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