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Face Reading - Age Face, Signs

Face Reading - Age Face, Signs

Face Read Lab

Face Reading - Show how you look like when you are old👵🏻🧔🏼

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  • 38 users said "boring"
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Review Highlights

  • boring

    in 38 reviews

    This app was so boring. this app waste my lots of time. I hate this app😤😤😡😡 Loseless

  • useful

    in 27 reviews

    Verry useful app for your unexpected filtered future.

  • bad experience

    in 10 reviews

    very bad experience... free trial also needed to be pay.. this is doing a lot of problem

  • easy to use

    in 10 reviews

    eh its a five star really easy to use and a fun game

App Description

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Face tells a lot about you – your characteristics, your beauty, your love, your health, your wealth, etc

⚠️Help you to avoid bad luck and make the wisest decision.

🌟Face Reading embraces the latest face detection technology, which combines professional machine learning and powerful artificial intelligence to pursuit the accuracy of facial analysis results.
🌟 After scanning every detailed feature of your face, Face Reading will provide you with a customized report to help you deeply understand your personalities, your relationship, and your future. 


👵AGING CAMERA:What will you look like when you’re 50, 70 or even 90?
👋PALM:Scan your palm prints to help you reveal your destiny!
🧒FUTURE BABY:Want to know what your future baby looks like?
🧙FACE READING:When will you meet your Mr. Right? What is your face telling about your love, baby, career, fortune?
👯‍♀️BEAUTY COMPETITION:Have some fun with your friends and find out who is more beautiful. Get the result now!


What your big eyes tell about you? Face Reading helps you to analyze your characters and your life based on your facial features. Your eyes, your nose, your forehead, your face shape all tell something about you. And detailed report will be offered including analysis about your career, your health, your love and your wealth.

What will you look like when you’re 50, 70 or even 90?

Our reports have some summarized information for certain groups of people but each individual is unique. Please follow your heart to make any decisions. This app can’t guarantee 100% accurate, considering it for entertaining purpose.
Enjoy it and thank you! 

If you have any suggestions, Please contact us:

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Face Reading - Age Face, Signs

Face Reading - Age Face, Signs

3.4 78K+ Reviews

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